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- unset LINGUAS in %%prep %%build and %%install (conflict with gettext)
[packages/rpm.git] / rpm.spec
52c10eff 1#
2# TODO:
fdb91f11 3# - detected Requires lists are not printed at the end of build (Provides etc. are)
7e0d9839 4# - fix pythondeps detection (*.py[co] should belong to python class; autodetect P(abi))
5# - consider using system libmagic not internal libfmagic
6# (but internal has different method of passing output)
24123ddd 7# - after ac drop amd64 patch and make x86_64 generic arch + subarchs amd64 and ia32e
1d5ec46b 8#
89427592 9# Conditional build:
91eb535c 10%bcond_with distver # build with distversion field
4adb7d05 11%bcond_with static # build static rpmi (not supported at the moment)
b2ae427d 12%bcond_without apidocs # don't generate documentation with doxygen
31f4a5bc 13%bcond_without pkgnameinautoreq # don't put package name in autogenerated dependancy
80b8a1f9 14%bcond_without python # don't build python bindings
c6abc173 15%bcond_without selinux # dont enable selinux support
16# force_cc - force using __cc other than "%{_target_cpu}-pld-linux-gcc"
17# force_cxx - force using __cxx other than "%{_target_cpu}-pld-linux-g++"
18# force_cpp - force using __cpp other than "%{_target_cpu}-pld-linux-gcc -E"
54bfdf99 19
f3eddcc0 20%define snap 20041121
003a039e 21# versions of required libraries
d6d0bf8f 22%define reqdb_ver 4.2.50-1
2065c1cd 23%define reqpopt_ver 1.10.1
0931d8ae 24%define beecrypt_ver 2:4.1.0
63f8d6d2 25%define rpm_macros_rev 1.188
26Summary: RPM Package Manager
27Summary(de): RPM Packet-Manager
313a4d1a 28Summary(es): Gestor de paquetes RPM
609cc585 29