- updated _noauto for new wrappers, cosmetics
[packages/perl-libwww.git] / perl-libwww.spec
5a01b76e 1#
2# Conditional build:
3# _with_tests - perform "make test"
2128e5d3 5%include /usr/lib/rpm/macros.perl
6e7e9804 6%define pdir WWW
7%define pnam libwww-perl
5a01b76e 8Summary: libwww-perl - a simple and consistent API to the World-Wide Web
44760cc9 9Summary(pl): libwww-perl - prosty i logiczny API do WWW
9c46f5b6 10Name: perl-libwww
eb95e2cf 11Version: 5.69
9dae4cd2 12Release: 2
e1f80c87 13License: GPL
2128e5d3 14Group: Development/Languages/Perl
eff3bef2 15Source0: http://www.cpan.org/modules/by-module/%{pdir}/%{pnam}-%{version}.tar.gz
44760cc9 16# Source0-md5: b4567b6fae2b1733415a746956826e0c
44760cc9 17BuildRequires: perl(Net::FTP) >= 2.58
18BuildRequires: perl-Digest-MD5
19BuildRequires: perl-HTML-Parser
2128e5d3 20BuildRequires: perl-MIME-Base64
e8073fb4 21BuildRequires: perl-URI
60f953d0 22BuildRequires: perl-devel >= 5.6
2128e5d3 23BuildRequires: perl-libnet
9dae4cd2 24BuildRequires: rpm-perlprov >= 4.1-13
fdae6112 25BuildArch: noarch
af046231 26BuildRoot: %{tmpdir}/%{name}-%{version}-root-%(id -u -n)
89340d22 27Obsoletes: perl-libwww-perl
03d3a68a 28
11092ec3 29# modules not always required
60f953d0 30%define _noautoreq 'perl(HTML::Parse)' 'perl(HTML::FormatPS)' 'perl(HTML::FormatText)' 'perl(HTTP::GHTTP)' 'perl(IO::Socket::SSL)' 'perl(Mail::Internet)' 'perl(Authen::NTLM)'
11092ec3 31
03d3a68a 32%description
5a01b76e 33The libwww-perl collection is a set of Perl modules which provides a
34simple and consistent application programming interface to the World-Wide
35Web. The main focus of the library is to provide classes and functions
36that allow you to write WWW clients. The library also contain modules
37that are of more general use and even classes that help you implement
38simple HTTP servers.
03d3a68a 39
1574779f 40%description -l pl
5a01b76e 41