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packages/++DFB.git Advanced version of C++ binding for DirectFB
packages/0ad.git Free, Open-Source, cross-platform RTS game of ancient...
packages/0verkill.git 0verkill - ASCII-art multiplayer game
packages/2UTF.git Translates char-sets and decodes MIME
packages/389-admin-console.git 389 Admin Server Management Console
packages/389-admin.git 389 Administration Server (admin)
packages/389-adminutil.git Utility library for 389 administration
packages/389-ds-base.git 389 Directory Server (base)
packages/3DKit.git GNU 3DKit - set of libraries based on OpenGL and GNUstep
packages/3DLDF.git Three-dimensional drawing with MetaPost output
packages/3DM2-7000.git 3DM2 Management Utility
packages/3DM2-9650SE.git 3DM2 Management Utility
packages/3c5x9setup.git Configuration and diagnostic utils for 3Com 5x9 cards
packages/3ddesktop.git An OpenGL virtual desktop switching program
packages/3dfb.git 3D file manager
packages/3dfx_tvtool.git The 3dfx TV Out Tool - GUI on setting the BT869 chip...
packages/3dwm.git 3D user environment
packages/3proxy.git 3APA3A 3proxy tiny proxy server
packages/3store.git 3store RDF engine
packages/3store3.git 3store RDF engine
packages/4pane.git A multi-pane, detailed-list file manager
packages/4store.git Fast RDF quad store
packages/54321.git Preety puzzle games for one player
packages/6tunnel.git Simple tunneling for applications that don't speak...
packages/7plus.git Application to split binary files - used widely by...
packages/855resolution.git Change the resolution of an available vbios mode for...
packages/8Kingdoms.git 8 Kingdoms is a 3D turn-based fantasy strategic game
packages/915resolution.git Change the resolution of an available vbios mode
packages/9base.git Port of original Plan 9 userland tools to Unix
packages/9wm.git An X window manager resembling the Plan 9 (8-1/2) interface
packages/A3Com.git A3Com - manipulation of 3Com SuperStack II
packages/AMD.git AMD: Approximate Minimum Degree
packages/AVT_GigE_SDK.git Prosilica GigE Vision Gigabit Ethernet cameras support
packages/Addresses.git Contact manager for GNUstep
packages/Affiche.git Application allowing to "stick little notes" on desktop
packages/AfterStep-APPS.git Applets you can use with AfterStep and compatible windo...
packages/AfterStep.git AfterStep Window Manager
packages/AfterStep10.git Old version of AfterStep Window Manager (NeXTalike)
packages/AnotherLevel.git A customized configuration of the fvwm2 window manager
packages/Apache-Gallery.git An Apache module for creating an online gallery
packages/ApacheDirectoryStudio.git Apache Directory Studio - LDAP tooling platform
packages/ApacheJServ.git Servlet engine with support for the leading web server
packages/AppStream.git AppStream-Core library and tools
packages/ArX.git ArX version control system
packages/Arkhart.git Arkhart - A multiplayer roleplaying game
packages/AsmEdit.git AsmEdit - editor written in assembler
packages/Atari800-rom.git ROM files for Atari 800 Emulator
packages/Atari800.git Atari 800 Emulator
packages/Atlas-C++.git C++ reference implementation of the Atlas protocol
packages/AutoNap.git Napster/OpenNap client written in Perl
packages/Autodia.git Autodia - producing an XML documents from source code...
packages/Azureus.git Azureus - Java BitTorrent client
packages/BMRT.git BMRT - Blue Moon Rendering Tools
packages/BNFC.git BNF Converter
packages/BTF.git BTF: permutation to block triangular form
packages/Backbone.git GNUstep backbone apps, including Preferences
packages/BackupPC.git A high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up
packages/BasiliskII.git A software emulation of the Apple Macintosh
packages/BillardGL.git 3D billard simulation using OpenGL
packages/BitTornado.git BitTornado - an improved bittorrent client
packages/BitTorrent.git BitTorrent - a tool for distributing files
packages/BitchX.git Improved color IRC client with built-in scripts
packages/Blackmagic_DeckLink_SDK.git Blackmagic Design DeckLink SDK
packages/BloGTK.git BloGTK - a weblog client
packages/Bugzilla-Guide.git LDP Bugzilla Guide
packages/BuildStream.git Framework for modelling build pipelines in YAML
packages/C++2LaTeX.git Pretty-printer for converting C/C++ code to a LaTeX...
packages/CAMD.git CAMD: Constrainted Approximate Minimum Degree
packages/CCOLAMD.git CCOLAMD: constrained column approximate minimum degree
packages/CCfits.git Object oriented C++ interface to CFITSIO library
packages/CEGUI.git CEGUI - a free library providing windowing and widgets
packages/CGAL.git Computational Geometry Algorithms Library
packages/CHOLMOD.git CHOLMOD: sparse supernodal Cholesky factorization and...
packages/CImg.git C++ Template Image Processing Library
packages/COLAMD.git COLAMD: column approximate minimum degree
packages/CPU-X.git Gathers information on CPU, motherboard and more
packages/CSSC.git GNU Project's replacement for SCCS
packages/CUnit.git Automated testing framework for C
packages/CWB.git The Edinburgh Concurrency Workbench
packages/CXSparse.git CXSparse: extended version of a concise sparse matrix...
packages/Cadence.git Set of tools useful for audio production
packages/Camaelon.git Theme bundle for GNUstep
packages/Camera.git GNUstep Camera app
packages/Canna.git Japanese input system
packages/CapOver.git Capability Override LSM
packages/Carla.git Audio plugin host
packages/ChakraCore.git ChakraCore is the core part of the Chakra JavaScript...
packages/CharLS.git An optimized implementation of the JPEG-LS standard
packages/Charmap.git Character map for GNUstep
packages/CiaoDE.git The Ciao Prolog development environment
packages/ClanLib.git ClanLib, the platform independent game SDK
packages/CmdTool2.git CmdTool2 SAS RAID Management Utility
packages/CocoR.git Parser and lexer generator
packages/CodeEditor.git Code Editor for Objective C
packages/CodeIgniter-lib-smarty.git Use smarty template engine in CodeIgniter
packages/CodeIgniter.git A powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint
packages/Coin.git High-level, retained-mode toolkit for effective 3D...
packages/CoinDataNetlib.git COIN-OR Netlib models
packages/CoinOsi.git COIN-OR Osi - Open Solver Interface library
packages/CoinUtils.git COIN-OR Utilities library
packages/Collage.git Cross-platform C++ network library
packages/ConferenceRoom.git ConferenceRoom IRC Server
packages/ConsoleKit.git ConsoleKit for PolicyKit
packages/ConsoleKit2.git ConsoleKit2 is a framework for defining and tracking...
packages/Cowpatty.git Tool designed to audit PSK selection for WPA
packages/CriticalMass.git Critical Mass - space shoot'em up game
packages/CuraEngine.git Engine for processing 3D models into G-code instruction...
packages/DFB++.git C++ binding for DirectFB
packages/DFBKana.git DFBKana - learning Japanese kana
packages/DFBPoint.git DFBPoint - a presentation viewer using DirectFB
packages/DFBSee.git DirectFBSee - an image viewer and video player for...
packages/DFBTerm.git DFBTerm - terminal application for DirectFB
packages/DISTRHO-Ports.git DISTRHO audio plugins
packages/DJabberd.git DJabberd - scalable, extensible Jabber/XMPP server
packages/DVDAuthorWizard.git KDE DVD Authoring Wizard
packages/DVDStyler.git DVDStyler is a cross-platform DVD authoring System
packages/DenyHosts.git Script to help thwart SSH server attacks
packages/DevIL.git Full featured image library
packages/DeviceKit.git Device Enumeration Framework
packages/DexterQuad.git Dexter Quad - 2D top-down scrolling game
packages/DiVine.git DirectFB Virtual Input extension
packages/DirectFB-examples.git DirectFB example programs (demos)
packages/DirectFB-extra.git Additional providers and drivers for DirectFB
packages/DirectFB-flux.git flux - interface description language used by DirectFB
packages/DirectFB.git DirectFB - Hardware graphics acceleration
packages/E-Forecast.git Shows an icon with the current weather forecast
packages/ELFkickers.git Tools to manipulate ELF files
packages/EMCpower.git EMC PowerPath - multi-path with fail-over and load...
packages/ESBTL.git Easy Structural Biology Template Library
packages/ETL.git Voria Extended Class and Template Library
packages/EasyBMP.git EasyBMP library
packages/ElectricFence.git A debugger which detects memory allocation violations
packages/Electrum-LTC.git Litecoin Wallet
packages/Equalizer.git Equalizer - parallel rendering framework
packages/Eterm.git Terminal for Enlightenment
packages/EternalTerminal.git Re-Connectable secure remote shell
packages/ExtSub.git Substract subtitles from VOBs
packages/Eyescale-CMake.git CMake common macros for Eyescale projects
packages/FAQ-OMatic.git Faq-O-Matic - a CGI-based system that automates the...
packages/FHS-doc.git FHS (File Hierarchy Standard) %{version} documentation
packages/FHS.git Basic FHS 3.0 filesystem layout
packages/FSViewer.git FSViewer is a NeXT FileViewer lookalike for Window...
packages/FaRetSys.git Extensible image recognition systems modelling program
packages/Field3D.git Field3D - open source library for storing voxel data
packages/FileZilla.git FTP client for X Window
packages/FinalSolution.git A distrubuted, multithreaded, multiprotocol password...
packages/Firebird-rfunc.git rFunc - UDF Library for InterBase/Firebird server
packages/Firebird.git Firebird SQL Database Server and Client tools
packages/FlightGear.git Free Flight Simulator
packages/FreeIconsProject.git Very nice 3D icons
packages/FreeImage.git Library for handling different graphics files formats
packages/FreeMat.git FreeMat - an environment for rapid engineering and...
packages/FreeMe2.git Remove wm-drm protection from wmv/asf/wma files
packages/FreeWnn.git FreeWnn Japanese Input System
packages/Frodo.git Commodore 64 emulator
packages/FusionDale.git FusionDale - applied Fusion, collection of services...
packages/FusionInventory-Agent.git FusionInventory agent
packages/FusionSound.git Audio sub system for multiple applications
packages/GConf2.git GNOME2 configuration database system
packages/GLE.git Graphics scripting language designed for creating publi...
packages/GLM.git OpenGL Mathematics (GLM) - C++ mathematics library...
packages/GLStats.git Generic OpenGL overlay statistics renderer
packages/GLee.git OpenGL Easy Extension library
packages/GNS3.git A graphical frontend for dynamips Cisco 7200 Simulator
packages/GNUMail.git Mail application for GNUstep
packages/GNUSim8085.git Graphical simulator for the Intel 8085 microprocessor
packages/GNUnet.git An anonymous distributed secure network
packages/GPI2.git GPI-2 - API for asynchronous communication
packages/GPuTTY.git Remembers telnet and SSH sessions
packages/GREYCstoration.git Open source algorithms for image denoising and interpol...
packages/GSDock.git Dock for GNUstep
packages/GTKstereograph.git GTKstereograph, an advanced stereogram generator
packages/GTKsubtitler.git Tool for editing and converting subtitles for DivX...
packages/GTLDesigner.git Graphics Transfomation Languages Designer
packages/GTagger.git ID3Tag editor
packages/GUIlib.git Simple GUI framework for use with SDL
packages/GUatu.git Comic book viewer
packages/GWorkspace.git Workspace manager for GNUstep
packages/GXedit.git A multi-function text editor using GTK+
packages/Gauche.git Scheme script interpreter with multibyte character...
packages/GeoIP-db-City.git GeoLite City - City database for GeoIP
packages/GeoIP-db-Country.git GeoLite Country - Country database for GeoIP
packages/GeoIP-db-IPASNum.git GeoLite IPASNum - IP to AS number translation database...
packages/GeoIP.git Library to find what country an IP address or hostnames...
packages/GeoLite2-db-City.git GeoLite2 City - City database for GeoIP
packages/GeoLite2-db-Country.git GeoLite2 Country - Country database for GeoIP
packages/Gforecast.git A weather forecasting applet for the GNOME Panel
packages/GiGi.git GUI Library for OpenGL
packages/GiNaC.git C++ class library for symbolic calculations
packages/Glide_V2.git Glide runtime for 3Dfx Voodoo2 boards
packages/Glide_V3-DRI.git Glide runtime for 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee and Voodoo3 boards
packages/Glide_V3.git Glide runtime for 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee and Voodoo3 boards
packages/Glide_V5-DRI.git Glide runtime for 3Dfx Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 boards
packages/Glide_VG.git Glide runtime for 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics boards
packages/Gorm.git Graphic Object Relationship modeler
packages/GraphBLAS.git SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS - complete implementation of...
packages/GraphicsMagick.git Image display, conversion, and manipulation under X
packages/GtkScintilla2.git GtkScintilla2 - A GTK+2 wrapper for Scintilla editing...
packages/Guppi.git Guppi - GNOME Plotting Engine
packages/GwifiMeter.git GwifiMeter - frontend GUI for wireless-tools
packages/GxPlugins.lv2.git A set of extra lv2 plugins from the Guitarix project
packages/HElliZER.git HElliZER - SDL demo
packages/HEsetroot.git Esetroot with "H" prion
packages/HdrHistogram_c.git C port of High Dynamic Range (HDR) histogram
packages/Heimdall.git Flash firmware on to Samsung Galaxy S devices
packages/HelpViewer.git Online help viewer for GNUstep
packages/Hermes.git HERMES pixel format conversion library
packages/IRRToolSet.git IRRToolSet is a suite of policy analysis tools
packages/ImageMagick.git Image display, conversion, and manipulation under X
packages/ImageViewer.git Simple image viewer for GNUstep
packages/Imath.git High dynamic-range (HDR) image file format support...
packages/InDependence.git RPM Dependency Tracker
packages/InfoBox.git InfoBox - notification tool
packages/Insignia.git Insignia - DirectFB conformance test suite
packages/Isearch.git Isearch text search engine
packages/JADE.git Java Agent DEvelopment Framework
packages/JPrologEditor.git J Prolog Editor - an editor (written in Java) for SWI...
packages/JXplorer.git LDAP browser
packages/KLU.git KLU: sparse LU factorization, for circuit simulation
packages/KVisualBoyAdvance.git KVisualBoyAdvance - simple graphical frontend to the...
packages/KXL.git KXL - a visual & sound library
packages/Katalog.git CD Catalog utility
packages/KoboDeluxe.git A third person scrolling 2D shooter
packages/Komodo-Edit.git Editor for dynamic languages including Perl, PHP, Pytho...
packages/LADR.git Library for Automated Deduction Research
packages/LAGII.git Interprets and runs AGI games
packages/LANChat.git LANChat - network-chatting program
packages/LDL.git LDL: a simple LDL^T factorization for sparse matrices
packages/LDP-Author-Guide.git LDP Author Guide
packages/LDP-base.git Base directory for LDP documents
packages/LDP-lame.git LDP Linux System Administration Made Easy
packages/LFS.git LDP Linux From Scratch
packages/LIB.git LIB - yet another (Polish) roguelike game
packages/LPRng.git A next-generation printing system for UNIX
packages/LPRngTool.git LPRngTool - printer configuration, monitoring and manag...
packages/LTI-Lib.git LTI-Lib - computer vision library
packages/LabPlot.git Function and Data Plotter
packages/LeakTracer.git A tool for trace and analyze memory leaks in C++ programs
packages/LiDIA.git C++ library for number theoretical computations
packages/LiTE.git LiTE is a Toolkit Engine
packages/LiVES.git LiVES - the Linux Video Editing System
packages/Limba.git Experimental software installation system
packages/LinNeighborhood.git GUI for a Network Neighborhood in LINUX
packages/LinPopUp.git Linux enhanced port of winpopup
packages/LinWSJT.git JT44 and FSK441 for Linux
packages/LinuxUpdate.git PLD automatic update notification and upgrade wizard
packages/LunarGLASS.git LLVM IR and optimizer for shaders, including front...
packages/Lunchbox.git Lunchbox - C++ library for multi-threading programming
packages/LuserNET.git GNUstep news reader
packages/MACS.git Model-based Analysis for ChIP-Seq
packages/MAKEDEV.git Program to make and update /dev entries
packages/MHonArc.git An Email-to-HTML converter
packages/MToolsFM.git Graphical frontend to mtools - easy access to floppies
packages/Maelstrom-1980.git Rockin' asteroids game - 1980 theme
packages/Maelstrom-Star_Trek.git Rockin' asteroids game - Star Trek theme
packages/Maelstrom-Star_Wars.git Rockin' asteroids game - Star Wars theme
packages/Maelstrom-sounds-AoD.git Rockin' asteroids game - extra sounds
packages/Maelstrom-sounds-BB.git Rockin' asteroids game - extra sounds
packages/Maelstrom-sounds-Funky.git Rockin' asteroids game - extra sounds
packages/Maelstrom-sounds-Martin.git Rockin' asteroids game - extra sounds
packages/Maelstrom-sounds-Simpsons.git Rockin' asteroids game - extra sounds
packages/Maelstrom-sounds-Stooges.git Rockin' asteroids game - extra sounds
packages/Maelstrom.git Rockin' asteroids game
packages/MathJax.git JavaScript display engine for mathematics
packages/MathPlanner.git A Program for calculating many kind of things
packages/MathReader.git Mathematica Notebook Reader
packages/MathReader4.git Mathematica Notebook Reader
packages/Maverik.git A VR micro-Kernel
packages/MayaVi.git MayaVi is easy to use scientific data visualizer
packages/Mesa-legacy-classic.git Free OpenGL implementation
packages/Mesa-legacy-dri1.git Free OpenGL implementation - legacy version for DRI1...
packages/Mesa-libGLU.git SGI implementation of libGLU OpenGL library
packages/Mesa-libGLw.git SGI OpenGL Xt widgets library
packages/Mesa-libXvMC.git Free OpenGL implementation - XvMC drivers
packages/Mesa-vulkan-icd-intel.git Vulkan driver for Intel GPUs
packages/Mesa.git Free OpenGL implementation
packages/MigrationTools.git LDAP Migration Tools
packages/Mird.git Mird - low-level database library
packages/Mis.git GUI for poldek package manager
packages/Mixer.app.git A Window Maker dock app with mixer
packages/Mliteraki.git Polish version of Mliteraki game
packages/ModemManager.git Mobile broadband modem management service
packages/Moldy.git General-purpose molecular dynamics simulation program
packages/MonetDB.git Fast database engine
packages/Mowitz.git This is the Mowitz ("More widgets") library
packages/MyODBC.git MyODBC: an ODBC driver for MySQL
packages/MyPasswordSafe.git Password Safe - a password database utility
packages/NVrec.git New Video Recorder
packages/Narval-autodoc.git Autodoc extension for Narval
packages/Narval-bugnicar.git Assistant that manages bugs
packages/Narval-infopal.git Information pal
packages/Narval-negociation.git Negociation extensions for Narval
packages/Narval-pda.git Personal Digital Asistant
packages/Narval-pia.git Personal information assistant
packages/Narval-selftest.git Narval selftest module
packages/Narval.git Python XMLTools
packages/NaturalDocs.git Multi-language documentation generator
packages/NetworkManager-applet.git Network Manager for GNOME
packages/NetworkManager-fortisslvpn.git NetworkManager VPN integration for Fortinet SSLVPN
packages/NetworkManager-iodine.git NetworkManager VPN integration for iodine
packages/NetworkManager-libreswan.git NetworkManager VPN integration for libreswan
packages/NetworkManager-openconnect.git NetworkManager VPN integration for openconnect
packages/NetworkManager-openswan.git NetworkManager VPN integration for openswan
packages/NetworkManager-openvpn.git NetworkManager VPN integration for OpenVPN
packages/NetworkManager-pptp.git NetworkManager VPN integration for PPTP
packages/NetworkManager-sstp.git NetworkManager VPN integration for SSTP
packages/NetworkManager-vpnc.git NetworkManager VPN integration for vpnc
packages/NetworkManager.git Network Manager for GNOME
packages/NewsCache.git News Cache
packages/NewsFeed.git A reader and aggregator for RSS/RDF/Atom feeds in Python/Tk
packages/NuSMV.git New Symbolic Model Verifier
packages/NuppelVideo.git Fast movie recorder and player for Linux
packages/OCE.git OpenCASCADE Community Edition
packages/OGLFT.git OpenGL-FreeType Library
packages/ORBit2.git High-performance CORBA Object Request Broker
packages/OSPToolkit.git Implementation of the ETSI OSP VoIP Peering protocol
packages/OffiX-Clipboard.git A drag and drop clipboard patch for xclipboard
packages/OilWar.git Very simple mouse shooting game
packages/OpenAL++.git An object oriented wrapper for OpenAL
packages/OpenAL.git Open Audio Library
packages/OpenArena.git OpenArena - a completely free game for the foss Quake...
packages/OpenCASCADE.git OpenCASCADE CAE platform
packages/OpenCOLLADA.git 3DS Max / Maya scenes exporter to COLLADA format
packages/OpenCaster.git MPEG transport stream generation and management tools
packages/OpenColorIO.git Complete color management solution
packages/OpenEXR.git High dynamic-range (HDR) image file format support...
packages/OpenGL-doc.git OpenGL Programmers Documentation - manuals
packages/OpenGTL.git Graphics Transformation Languages
packages/OpenICC-config.git OpenICC configuration database
packages/OpenIPMI.git IPMI abstraction layer
packages/OpenImageIO.git Library for reading and writing images
packages/OpenNI-sensor-PrimeSense.git PrimeSense Sensor Module for OpenNI framework
packages/OpenNI.git OpenNI framework for Natural Interaction devices
packages/OpenNI2.git OpenNI2 framework for Natural Interaction devices
packages/OpenPBS.git Portable Batch System
packages/OpenPTC-GGI.git OpenPTC for GGI
packages/OpenPTC-x11.git OpenPTC for X11
packages/OpenSceneGraph.git Open Scene Graph - real-time visualization library
packages/OpenSubdiv.git Open-Source subdivision surface library
packages/OpenThreads.git A minimal & complete Object-Oriented (OO) thread interface
packages/OpenXR.git OpenXR loader and validation layers implementation
packages/PDCurses.git Public Domain Curses
packages/PHP-nuke.git Slashdot-like webnews site written in php, easy to...
packages/PHP2XMI.git Produces XMI 1.3 schemes (UML) from PHP files
packages/PHPTAL.git PHPTAL is an implementation of Zope Page Templates...
packages/PLDSetupAssistant.git PLD Setup Assistant
packages/PPerl.git A persistent Perl interpreter system, designed to speed...
packages/PackageKit-qt2.git packagekit-qt2 library
packages/PackageKit-qt5.git Qt 5 bindings for PackageKit
packages/PackageKit.git System daemon that is a D-Bus abstraction layer for...
packages/Pantomime.git MIME library for GNUstep
packages/Par.git Filter for reformatting paragraphs
packages/ParaView.git Parallel visualization application
packages/PerlPanel.git Panel program written in Perl
packages/Perlbal.git Perlbal - Reverse-proxy load balancer and webserver
packages/PhotoClip.git Simple image viewer for GNUstep
packages/PicasaWebDownloader.git PicasaWeb Downloader
packages/Plagger.git Plagger - Pluggable RSS/Atom Aggregator
packages/PlayOnLinux.git GUI for managing Windows and DOS programs under linux
packages/Pmw.git Python toolkit for building compound Tkinter widgets
packages/PolicyKit-gnome.git GNOME dialogs for PolicyKit
packages/PolicyKit-kde.git PolicyKit-kde
packages/PolicyKit.git A framework for defining policy for system-wide components
packages/PowerChutePlus.git UPS management software for APC UPS models
packages/Pression.git C++ library for compression and CPU-GPU data transfer...
packages/Producer.git Cross-platform library for OpenGL rendering
packages/ProjectCenter.git ProjectCenter - the GNUstep IDE
packages/PyAuthD.git PyAuthD - authentication daemon which implements a...
packages/PyCXX.git Set of classes to help create extensions of Python...
packages/PyFileServer.git A WebDAV server in Python
packages/PyICQt.git Python ICQ Jabber transport
packages/PyMSNt.git Python MSN Jabber transport
packages/PyPE.git Python Programmers' Editor
packages/PySolFC-Cardsets.git Various cardsets for PySolFC
packages/PySolFC-Music.git Music for PySolFC
packages/PySolFC.git A collection of solitare card games
packages/PythonCAD.git An open-source CAD package built designed around Python
packages/QATzip.git Intel QuickAssist Technology (QAT) QATzip library
packages/QCustomPlot.git Qt widget for plotting and data visualization
packages/QLandkarte.git Garmin's MapSource clone for Linux
packages/QMTest.git Testing tool
packages/Qt5Keychain.git Qt API to store passwords and other secret data securely
packages/Qt5Qml-module-accounts.git Ubuntu OnlineAccounts QML API
packages/QtADB.git Android Debug Bridge GUI
packages/QtCurve.git A free and corrected port of Red Hat's GTK+/Qt theme
packages/QtIOCompressor.git QtIOCompressor - a QIODevice that compresses data streams
packages/QtKeychain.git Qt API to store passwords and other secret data securely
packages/QtLockedFile.git QFile extension with advisory locking functions
packages/QtSingleApplication.git Qt 4 library to start applications only once per user
packages/Quotient.git A conversation server built using Twisted
packages/R-ALL.git A data package
packages/R-AffyTiling.git Easy extraction of individual probes in Affymetrix...
packages/R-AnnotationDbi.git Annotation Database Interface
packages/R-BSgenome.Hsapiens.UCSC.hg19.git Homo sapiens (Human) full genome (UCSC version hg19)
packages/R-BSgenome.git Infrastructure for Biostrings-based genome data packages
packages/R-Biobase.git Base functions for Bioconductor
packages/R-BiocGenerics.git Generic functions for Bioconductor
packages/R-Biostrings.git String objects representing biological sequences
packages/R-DESeq.git Differential gene expression analysis based on the...
packages/R-DynDoc.git Functions for dynamic documents
packages/R-GO.db.git A set of annotation maps describing the entire Gene...
packages/R-GenomicFeatures.git Tools for making and manipulating transcript centric...
packages/R-GenomicRanges.git Representation and manipulation of genomic intervals
packages/R-Gviz.git Plotting data and annotation information along genomic...
packages/R-IRanges.git Low-level containers for storing sets of integer ranges
packages/R-KEGG.db.git A set of annotation maps for KEGG
packages/R-RBGL.git An interface to the BOOST graph library
packages/R-ROC.git Utilities for ROC, with uarray focus
packages/R-Rgraphviz.git Plotting capabilities for R graph objects
packages/R-Rsamtools.git Binary alignment (BAM), variant call (BCF), or tabix...
packages/R-XVector.git Representation and manpulation of external sequences
packages/R-affxparser.git Affymetrix File Parsing SDK
packages/R-affy.git Methods for Affymetrix Oligonucleotide Arrays
packages/R-affyPLM.git Methods for fitting probe-level models
packages/R-affyQCReport.git QC Report Generation for affyBatch objects
packages/R-affycomp.git Graphics Toolbox for Assessment of Affymetrix Expressio...
packages/R-affydata.git Affymetrix data for demonstration purpose
packages/R-affyio.git Tools for parsing Affymetrix data files
packages/R-annaffy.git Annotation tools for Affymetrix biological metadata
packages/R-annotate.git Graphics related functions for Bioconductor
packages/R-ath1121501.db.git Affymetrix Arabidopsis ATH1 Genome Array annotation...
packages/R-biomaRt.git R Interface to BioMart databases
packages/R-biovizBase.git Basic graphic utilities for visualization of genomic...
packages/R-cran-DBI.git R Database Interface
packages/R-cran-Formula.git Extended Model Formulas
packages/R-cran-Hmisc.git Harrell Miscellaneous
packages/R-cran-RColorBrewer.git ColorBrewer palettes
packages/R-cran-RCurl.git General network (HTTP/FTP/...) client interface for R
packages/R-cran-RPostgreSQL.git R PostgreSQL Database Interface
packages/R-cran-RSQLite.git SQLite interface for R
packages/R-cran-RUnit.git R Unit test framework
packages/R-cran-SparseM.git Sparse Linear Algebra
packages/R-cran-XML.git Tools for parsing and generating XML within R and S...
packages/R-cran-abind.git Combine multi-dimensional arrays
packages/R-cran-acepack.git ace() and avas() for selecting regression transformations
packages/R-cran-bigmemory.git Massive matrices creation, access and manipulation
packages/R-cran-bitops.git Functions for Bitwise operations
packages/R-cran-colorspace.git Color Space Manipulation
packages/R-cran-date.git Functions for handling dates
packages/R-cran-dichromat.git Color Schemes for Dichromats
packages/R-cran-digest.git Create cryptographic hash digests of R objects
packages/R-cran-e1071.git Misc Functions of the Department of Statistics (e1071...
packages/R-cran-effects.git Effect Displays for Linear and Generalized Linear Models
packages/R-cran-fastcluster.git Fast hierarchical clustering routines for R and Python
packages/R-cran-fracdiff.git Fractionally differenced ARIMA (p,d,q) models
packages/R-cran-gee.git Generalized Estimation Equation solver
packages/R-cran-ggplot2.git Fast hierarchical clustering routines for R and Python
packages/R-cran-gtable.git Arrange grobs in tables
packages/R-cran-labeling.git Axis Labeling
packages/R-cran-latticeExtra.git Extra Graphical Utilities Based on Lattice
packages/R-cran-leaps.git Regression subset selection
packages/R-cran-locfit.git Local regression, likelihood and density estimation
packages/R-cran-mlbench.git Machine Learning Benchmark Problems
packages/R-cran-munsell.git Munsell colour system
packages/R-cran-oz.git Plot the Australian coastline and states
packages/R-cran-plyr.git Tools for splitting, applying and combining data
packages/R-cran-polynom.git A collection of functions to implement a class for...
packages/R-cran-princurve.git Fits a Principal Curve in Arbitrary Dimension
packages/R-cran-proto.git Prototype object-based programming
packages/R-cran-quadprog.git Functions to solve Quadratic Programming Problems
packages/R-cran-rJava.git Low-level R to Java interface
packages/R-cran-reshape2.git Flexibly reshape data: a reboot of the reshape package
packages/R-cran-rgl.git 3D visualization device system (OpenGL)
packages/R-cran-rjags.git Interface to the JAGS MCMC library
packages/R-cran-scales.git Scale functions for graphics
packages/R-cran-sma.git Statistical Microarray Analysis
packages/R-cran-stringr.git Make it easier to work with strings
packages/R-cran-vcd.git Visualizing Categorical Data
packages/R-cran-xgobi.git Interface to the XGobi and XGvis programs for graphical...
packages/R-cran-xtable.git Coerce data to LaTeX and HTML tables
packages/R-cummeRbund.git Analysis, exploration, manipulation, and visualization...
packages/R-edgeR.git Empirical analysis of digital gene expression data...
packages/R-fibroEset.git exprSet for Karaman et al. (2003) fibroblasts data
packages/R-gcrma.git Background Adjustment Using Sequence Information
packages/R-genefilter.git Methods for filtering genes from microarray experiments
packages/R-geneplotter.git Graphics related functions for Bioconductor
packages/R-graph.git A package to handle graph data structures
packages/R-hgu133a.db.git Affymetrix Human Genome U133 Set annotation data (chip...
packages/R-hgu133acdf.git HG-U133A.cdf data file
packages/R-hgu95av2.db.git Affymetrix Human Genome U95 Set annotation data (chip...
packages/R-hgu95av2cdf.git HG_U95Av2.CDF data file
packages/R-hgu95av2probe.git Probe sequence data for microarrays of type hgu95av2
packages/R-hu6800.db.git Affymetrix HuGeneFL Genome Array annotation data (chip...
packages/R-limma.git Linear Models for Microarray Data
packages/R-limmaGUI.git GUI for R-limma
packages/R-makecdfenv.git CDF Environment Maker
packages/R-marray.git Exploratory analysis for two-color spotted microarray...
packages/R-multtest.git Multiple hypothesis testing library from Bioconductor
packages/R-org.At.tair.db.git Genome wide annotation for Arabidopsis
packages/R-org.Hs.eg.db.git Genome wide annotation for Human
packages/R-preprocessCore.git A collection of pre-processing functions
packages/R-rtracklayer.git R interface to genome browsers and their annotation...
packages/R-simpleaffy.git Very simple high level analysis of Affymetrix data
packages/R-tkWidgets.git Widgets to provide user interfaces from bioconductor
packages/R-vsn.git Variance stabilization and calibration for microarray...
packages/R-widgetTools.git Bioconductor tools to support tcltk widgets
packages/R.git A language for data analysis and graphics
packages/RBio.git RBio: read/write matrices in Rutherford/Boeing format
packages/Radiance.git Radiance 3D Photo-Realistic Renderer
packages/RakNet.git Networking engine for game programmers
packages/RasMol.git Molecular graphics visualisation tool
packages/Razor.git Collection of files for checking, reporting, and revoki...
packages/RealPlayer.git RealPlayer - RealAudio and RealVideo player
packages/RegexKit.git An Objective-C framework for regular expressions
packages/Regina.git Rexx interpreter
packages/Renaissance.git GNUstep Renaissance library
packages/ResIL.git Full featured image library
packages/Ri-li.git Ri-li arcade game
packages/SD2XC.git StarDock to Xcursor
packages/SDL.git SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) - Game/Multimedia Library
packages/SDL2.git SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) - Game/Multimedia Library
packages/SDL2_gfx.git Graphics primitives and surface functions for SDL2
packages/SDL2_image.git Simple DirectMedia Layer 2 - Sample Image Loading Library
packages/SDL2_mixer.git Simple DirectMedia Layer - Sample Mixer Library
packages/SDL2_net.git Simple DirectMedia Layer 2 - network
packages/SDL2_sound.git An abstract soundfile decoder
packages/SDL2_ttf.git Simple DirectMedia Layer 2 - ttf handling
packages/SDL_Pango.git Pango engine to SDL
packages/SDL_bgi.git The SDL_bgi Library
packages/SDL_draw.git Library to draw basic shapes on SDL surfaces
packages/SDL_gfx.git SDL graphics drawing primitives and other supporting...
packages/SDL_image.git Simple DirectMedia Layer - Sample Image Loading Library
packages/SDL_mixer.git Simple DirectMedia Layer - Sample Mixer Library
packages/SDL_net.git Simple DirectMedia Layer - network
packages/SDL_rtf.git Simple DirectMedia Layer - RTF displaying
packages/SDL_sound.git An abstract soundfile decoder
packages/SDL_ttf.git Simple DirectMedia Layer - ttf handling
packages/SDLcam.git Simple V4L program designed to view and process video...
packages/SDLmm.git C++ glue to SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer)
packages/SFML.git SFML - Simple and Fast Multimedia Library
packages/SFST.git Stuttgart Finite State Transducer Tools
packages/SILK_SDK.git SILK audio codec SDK
packages/SILLY.git Simple Image Loading LibrarY
packages/SNNS.git Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator
packages/SPE.git SPE - Stani's Python Editor
packages/SPIRV-LLVM-Translator.git LLVM/SPIR-V Bi-Directional Translator
packages/SPQR.git SuiteSparseQR: multithreaded multifrontal sparse QR...
packages/STL_doc.git Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide
packages/STLport.git C++ standard library
packages/STLport4.git C++ standard library
packages/STonX.git Atari ST on Unix/X
packages/SVGATextMode.git A utility for improving the appearance of terminals
packages/SaWMan.git Shared application and Window Manager
packages/SearchAndRescue-scnedit.git Search And Rescue scenery editor
packages/SearchAndRescue.git Search And Rescue - Linux flight simulator
packages/Servus.git C++ network utility library that provides a zeroconf...
packages/Shaaft.git Falling block game resembling Blockout
packages/SiICfg.git SiImage SATARAID Management Utility for Linux
packages/SimGear.git A set of libraries to build 3d simulations, games etc
packages/SimIt-ARM.git Very fast functional and cycle-accurate simulators...
packages/Sjeng-Free.git Chess program that plays many variants
packages/Slune.git A 3D action car game
packages/Sman.git Searcher for Man pages
packages/Smarty-plugin-gettext.git Gettext support for Smarty
packages/Smarty-plugin-paginate.git Smarty plugin for data set pagination
packages/Smarty.git Template engine for PHP
packages/SnareLinux.git Snare for Linux - audit subsystem control and distribution
packages/SoQt.git Qt GUI component toolkit library for Coin
packages/SoXt.git Xt/Motif GUI component toolkit library for Coin
packages/Sockets.git C++ Sockets Library
packages/SolarSockets.git Easy network socket library
packages/SoundStudio.git Tk sound editor, with record, playback, and mixer facil...
packages/SourceForge.git Breaking Down the Barriers to Open Source Development
packages/SpaceAryarya-KXL.git Space Aryarya, a video-oriented game
packages/StepMania.git Rhythm game
packages/StormLib.git Library for accessing the MPQ archives
packages/SuiteSparse-Mongoose.git Mongoose Graph Partitioning Library
packages/SuiteSparse.git A Suite of Sparse matrix packages
packages/SuiteSparse_config.git SuiteSparse_config development files
packages/SuperLU.git Subroutines to solve a sparse linear system A*X=B
packages/SweetHome3D.git An interior design application
packages/SysVinit.git System V initialization program
packages/SystemPreferences.git GNUstep System Preferences
packages/TORCS.git The Open Racing Car Simulator
packages/TalkSoup.git IRC for GNUstep
packages/TeXmacs.git A WYSIWYG scientific text editor
packages/Terminal.git X Terminal Emulator
packages/Thunar-archive-plugin.git Archive plugin for the Thunar file manager
packages/Thunar-media-tags-plugin.git Media Tags plugin for the Thunar file manager
packages/Thunar-thumbnailers.git Thumbnailers plugin for the Thunar file manager
packages/Thunar-volman.git Volumes manager for Thunar
packages/Thunar.git Xfce file manager
packages/TiMidity++.git TiMidity++ - MIDI to WAV converter and player
packages/TkDVD.git Simple DVD mastering GUI
packages/Tktable.git TkTable - a table/matrix widget extension to Tcl/Tk
packages/Togl.git Togl - Tk OpenGL Widget
packages/ToutDoux.git Project manager
packages/TraceToolkit.git Linux Trace Toolkit
packages/TurboC.git TurboC - a library for porting Borland Turbo C to GNU gcc
packages/UConio.git Borland CONIO library port for Unix
packages/UFconfig.git UFconfig development files
packages/UMFPACK.git UMFPACK: sparse multifrontal LU factorization
packages/VGB.git GameBoy emulator
packages/VGBA.git GameBoy Advance emulator
packages/VMware-player.git VMware player
packages/VMware-server-isoimages.git VMware Server - ISO images
packages/VMware-server.git VMware Server
packages/VMware-workstation.git VMware Workstation
packages/VNCXWrapper.git VNCXWrapper - a simple wrapper for vncviewer
packages/VOCP.git VOCP is a complete messaging solution for voice modems
packages/ViewIt.git Previewer for GNUstep
packages/VirtualBox-Extension-Pack.git VirtualBox - support for USB 2.0, RDP server and the...
packages/VirtualBox-bin.git VirtualBox - x86 hardware virtualizer
packages/VirtualBox.git VirtualBox - x86 hardware virtualizer
packages/VisualBoyAdvance.git One of the most powerful GameBoy Advance Emulators
packages/VisualOS.git Visual simulator of and operating system
packages/Vulkan-Headers.git Vulkan API headers and registry
packages/Vulkan-Loader.git Vulkan API loader
packages/Vulkan-Tools.git Vulkan API Tools
packages/WEPCrack.git Tool that cracks 802.11 WEP encryption keys
packages/WMMemMon.git Memory/Swap monitoring dock applet for Window Maker
packages/WMRack.git A WindowMaker Dock CD+Sound Applet
packages/WMxmms.git An XMMS interface for WindowMaker
packages/WSoundPrefs.git Window Maker Sound Preferences
packages/WSoundServer.git WindowMaker sound server
packages/War3D.git War3D - strategy game
packages/WebChess.git A great persistant online chess game
packages/WebGUI.git Open source content management system (CMS)
packages/Webilder.git Flickr wallpaper downloader
packages/WideStudio.git WideStudio Application Builder
packages/WildMenus.git Theme bundle for GNUstep to provide horizontal menus
packages/WindowMaker-themes1.git Pack of themes for WindowMaker
packages/WindowMaker-themes2.git Pack of themes for WindowMaker
packages/WindowMaker-themes3.git Pack of themes for WindowMaker
packages/WindowMaker.git NeXT-alike window manager
packages/WireGuard.git WireGuard is an extremely simple yet fast and modern...
packages/Wnn6-SDK.git Wnn6 Client Library
packages/Wnn7-SDK.git Wnn6 Client Library
packages/WordNet.git Online lexical reference system, ie. smart dictionary
packages/WordZ.git Clone of zwordz game
packages/XCardII.git XCardII - graphical smartcard administration tool
packages/XCounter.git XCounter - simple traffic monitoring program
packages/XFree86-PEX.git PEX extension library
packages/XFree86-Servers.git XFree86 servers
packages/XFree86-XIE.git XIE extension library
packages/XFree86-doc.git XFree86 Programmers documentation
packages/XFree86-driver-mga_hal.git mga_hal driver - extensions for XFree86 mga driver
packages/XFree86-driver-savage-new.git New version of S3 Savage driver for XFree86
packages/XFree86-fonts-dos.git XFree86 misc fonts with DOS encodings
packages/XFree86-fonts.git XFree86 Fonts
packages/XFree86-glx.git OpenGL 1.2 compatible 3D graphics library
packages/XFree86.git XFree86 Window System servers and basic programs
packages/XIMEA.git XIMEA API Software Package for Linux
packages/XSB.git XSB Prolog Distribution
packages/XaoS.git A fast, portable real-time interactive fractal zoomer
packages/XaraLX.git Xara Extreme LX Vector Image Editor
packages/Xarchiver.git Xarchiver - a GTK+3 frontend to popular compression...
packages/Xaw3d.git A version of the MIT Athena widget set for X
packages/Xbae.git The XbaeMatrix is a Motif-based widget which displays...
packages/Xconfigurator.git Red Hat X Window System Configuration tool
packages/XcursorTheme-A1.git X11 cursor theme - A1
packages/XcursorTheme-Crystal.git X11 mouse theme with the crystal look&feel
packages/XcursorTheme-CursorCraft.git A cursor theme based on cursors from Starcraft game
packages/XcursorTheme-Grounation.git A cursor theme Grounation
packages/XcursorTheme-Jimmac.git A cursor theme by Jimmac (GNOME's main artist)
packages/XcursorTheme-Neverhood.git A cursor theme based on cursors from The Neverhood...
packages/XcursorTheme-jaguarx.git X11 cursor theme - jaguarx
packages/XcursorTheme-justblue.git X11 cursor theme - justblue
packages/XcursorTheme-justgreen.git X11 cursor theme - justgreen
packages/XcursorTheme-justwhite.git X11 cursor theme - justwhite
packages/XcursorTheme-pearlgrey.git A simple, small and crispy grey cursor theme
packages/XcursorTheme-transparent.git A fully transparent (invisible) X cursor theme
packages/XcursorTheme.git X cursor packs from kde-look
packages/XdeFactor-ng.git XdeFactor - New Generation of program to make invoices
packages/Xdialog.git Xdialog - replacement for the dialog program
packages/Xlt.git The LessTif/Motif extension library
packages/XmHTML.git Motif HTML widget
packages/Xnee.git Suite of programs that can record and replay user actio...
packages/XorCurses.git A remake of Xor by Astral Software
packages/XorGramana.git Logic word puzzle game
packages/Y.git Y Windows - modern windowing system
packages/Yap.git Prolog Compiler
packages/ZThread.git Platform-independent, multi-threading and synchronizati...
packages/ZendDebugger.git The Zend Debug Server enabling remote debugging of...
packages/ZendFramework.git Zend Framework
packages/ZendGuardLoader.git Zend Guard - PHP code guard
packages/ZendStudio.git Zend Studio - The Leading PHP IDE
packages/ZendStudioServer.git ZendStudioServer - server management tools for PHP...
packages/Zipper.git File archive viewer application for GNUstep
packages/ZoneAdmin.git A Web-based administration interface for powerDNS
packages/Zope-BTreeFolder2.git Zope product that acts like a Zope folder but can store...
packages/Zope-CMF.git Content Management Framework for Zope
packages/Zope-CMFBoard.git Portal discussion for Plone
packages/Zope-CMFCollector.git An issue collector for Zopei
packages/Zope-CMFContentPanels.git A CMF/Plone portlets product
packages/Zope-CMFForum.git A Zope product that Anonymous can post by default
packages/Zope-CMFMPoll.git Sime cookie-based poll product based on Archetypes
packages/Zope-CMFMessage.git Product provides a 'Who Is Online'
packages/Zope-CMFPhoto.git A Zope product with wrapper objects and a Plone skin...
packages/Zope-CMFPhotoAlbum.git A Zope product providing Photo Album in your CMF
packages/Zope-CMFPlone.git Free and open source Content Management System based...
packages/Zope-CMFPloneWebMail.git E-mail client for Plone (IMAP)
packages/Zope-CMFPortalContentFolder.git Product allow a mix of both PortalContent and SkinnedFolder
packages/Zope-CMFQuickInstallerTool.git A Zope product independent from the former CMFQuickInst...
packages/Zope-CMFSin.git A Zope product that is a simple syndication client...
packages/Zope-CMFVisualEditor.git A Zope product, a skin for Plone using the DHTML Editin...
packages/Zope-COREBlog.git Blog / Weblog / Web Nikki system on Zope
packages/Zope-COREBlog2.git Blog / Weblog / Web Nikki system on Zope and Plone
packages/Zope-CPSSkins.git Theme creation and management product for CMF, Plone...
packages/Zope-CPSSkinsTutorial.git Tutorial for CPSSkins
packages/Zope-CookieCrumbler.git Zope product that enables cookie-based authentication
packages/Zope-Epoz.git epoz allows you to edit Zope or Plone-objects with...
packages/Zope-ExtFile.git Product stores large files in an external file-repository
packages/Zope-ExternalEditor.git A Zope product integrating Zope more seamlessly with...
packages/Zope-FSDump.git Exports through-the-web objects (folders, DTML, etc...
packages/Zope-FileSystemSite.git Repackaging of the CMF's FileSystem Directory Views
packages/Zope-Formulator.git Zope framework that eases the creation and validation...
packages/Zope-GroupUserFolder.git A Zope product, a convenient tool to manage groups...
packages/Zope-Hotfix.git This hotfix product fixes a security bug in Page Templa...
packages/Zope-I18NLayer.git Provide multilanguage content support for existing...
packages/Zope-LinguaPlone.git Powerful add-on for multilingual content management
packages/Zope-LocalFS.git This product allows you to store Zope objects as human...
packages/Zope-Localizer.git A Zope product to develop multilingual web application
packages/Zope-OrderedFolderSupportPatch.git Patch-product that modifies ObjectManager
packages/Zope-PlacelessTranslationService.git PTS is, a translation service for Zope
packages/Zope-PloneExFile.git A Plone content type with an attachment
packages/Zope-PloneLanguageTool.git Multilanguage content tool
packages/Zope-PloneLoginHistory.git Plone Login History
packages/Zope-PortalTransport.git Provides a subscription service for CMF
packages/Zope-Silva.git A Zope-based web application
packages/Zope-TimerService.git Support module for Zope-Scheduler
packages/Zope-TranslationService.git A placeful translation service for Zope
packages/Zope-WebMail.git A mail client for Zope
packages/Zope-ZAAPlugins.git A set of plugins for use with ZAttachmentAttribute
packages/Zope-ZAttachmentAttribute.git A system to manage attachments within Zope objects
packages/Zope-ZMySQLDA.git Zope MySQL database adapter
packages/Zope-ZPhotoSlides.git Product is a web photo gallery for the dynamic wev...
packages/Zope-ZSyncer.git Project allows multiple Zopes to easily be manually...
packages/Zope-ZWiki.git Zope product which allows you to build wiki webs in...
packages/Zope-ZopeScheduler.git Cron like service for Zope
packages/Zope-archetypes.git Framework designed to facilitate the building of applic...
packages/Zope-epoz.git epoz allows you to edit Zope or Plone-objects with...
packages/Zope-exUserFolder.git Extensible User Folder
packages/Zope-fcForum.git Message Board Product for Zope
packages/Zope-iHotfix.git Dynamically applying several patches to Zope
packages/Zope-kupu.git Kupu - a 'document-centric' open source client-side...
packages/Zope-stripogram.git Library for converting HTML to Plain Text
packages/Zope-zopeedit.git Client-side helper application for ExternalEditor Zope...
packages/Zope.git An application server and portal toolkit for building...
packages/Zope3-psycopgda.git PostgreSQL database adapter for Zope 3
packages/Zope3-zwiki.git Zope product which allows you to build wiki webs in...
packages/Zope3.git An application server and portal toolkit for building...
packages/a2jmidid.git Daemon for exposing legacy ALSA sequencer applications...
packages/a2ps.git Text to Postscript filter
packages/a52dec.git A library for handling encrypted DVDs
packages/aMule.git Unix port of eMule client
packages/aa3d.git ASCII-Art stereogram generator
packages/aacraid.git Adaptec RAID card driver
packages/aalib.git An ASCII art GFX library
packages/aap.git A-A-P - tool to locate, download, build and install...
packages/aardvark-dns.git Authoritative dns server for A/AAAA container records
packages/aatv.git TV on text console
packages/aavga.git Simple svgalib dropin replacement that utilizes aalib
packages/abcde.git A Better CD Encoder
packages/abevjava.git Electronic formfill application (APEH, Hungary)
packages/abi-tools.git Linux ABI tools for binary emulation
packages/abiword.git Multi-platform word processor
packages/abook.git Text-based addressbook program for mutt
packages/aboot.git A bootloader which can be started from the SRM console
packages/abr2gbr.git Converts PhotoShop .ABR and Paint Shop Pro .JBR brushes...
packages/abrick.git Abandoned Bricks is SDL based tetris clone
packages/abridge.git Online bridge game
packages/abrt.git Automatic bug detection and reporting tool
packages/abs-guide.git Advanced Bash Scripting Guide
packages/abseil-cpp.git Abseil - C++ common libraries
packages/abuild.git Script to build Alpine Linux Packages
packages/abuse_sdl.git An SDL port of the game Abuse
packages/ac3dec.git A free AC-3 stream decoder
packages/accel-ppp.git High performance PPTP/L2TP/PPPoE server
packages/accelio.git Open Source I/O, Message and RPC Acceleration library
packages/accerciser.git An interactive Python tool for querying accessibility...
packages/accountsservice.git D-Bus interface for user accounts management
packages/accuraterip-checksum.git A C99 commandline program to compute the AccurateRip...
packages/acerhk.git Linux driver for Acer notebook special Hot Keys
packages/acerhkgui.git Wifi and Bluetooth hardware switch GUI
packages/aces_container.git Implementation of ACES Image Container File
packages/acetoneiso2.git A complete software to manage CD/DVD images rich of...
packages/acid.git Analysis Console for Incident Databases
packages/acidlaunch.git Small, light-weight app launcher with a simple XML...
packages/acidrip.git Graphical frontend for MPlayer/Mencoder for DVD ripping
packages/ack.git grep-like text finder
packages/acl.git Command and library for manipulating access control...
packages/acm.git X based flight combat
packages/acml-dummy.git AMD Core Math Library
packages/acml.git AMD Core Math Library
packages/acoustid-fingerprinter.git Acoustid Fingerprinter
packages/acovea-gtk.git A GTK-based User Interface for Acovea
packages/acp.git Acp is a rough implementation of an optimized filesyste...
packages/acpi.git Command-line ACPI client
packages/acpi_call.git A linux kernel module that enables calls to ACPI method...
packages/acpica.git ACPI Component Architecture - an assembler and disassem...
packages/acpid.git ACPI Event Daemon
packages/acpitail.git Shows information of an ACPI capable system
packages/acpitool.git AcpiTool - Linux ACPI client
packages/acripper.git ACRipper is a tool for ripping and encoding CD tracks...
packages/acroread.git Adobe Acrobat Reader
packages/acs.git Spice-like analog simulator
packages/activecollab.git activeCollab - collaboration and project management...
packages/actos.git ACTOS - Asterisk Configuration Tool Open Source
packages/acx.git Linux driver for WLAN card base on ACX100/ACX111
packages/adapter.git Adapt RPM .spec files to PLD Linux coding standard
packages/adcd.git Text mode CD player for Linux
packages/adcli.git Helper library and tools for Active Directory client...
packages/adduser-ng.git AddUser-NG for UNIX
packages/adduser.git Script for easy adding users
packages/adeos.git Adeos - automated filesystem security scanner
packages/adetex.git LaTeX macros for converting Jade TeX output into DVI...
packages/adjtimex.git A utility for adjusting kernel time variables
packages/adm8211.git Kernel driver for ADM8211 based wireless ethernet cards
packages/admesh.git Diagnose and/or repair problems with STereo Lithography...
packages/adns.git Advanced, easy to use, asynchronous-capable DNS client...
packages/adobe-ICC-profiles.git Adobe ICC profiles
packages/adobe-air.git Adobe Integrated Runtime
packages/adobe-flash-standalone.git Standalone Flash player (Projector)
packages/adobe-flash.git Flash (NPAPI based) plugin for Netscape-compatible...
packages/adobe-php-sdk.git Helping PHP developers build RIAs with Adobe technology
packages/adodblite.git A very small, fast ADOdb library
packages/adom.git Very popular rogue-like adventure game
packages/adonthell-maps.git Maps for Adonthell game engine
packages/adonthell.git A 2D graphical RPG game
packages/adplay.git AdLib music player for the command line
packages/adplug.git AdLib sound player library
packages/advancecomp.git Recompression utilities for .ZIP archives, .PNG snapsho...
packages/advcl.git Advanced Color Logs
packages/advi.git DVI previewer
packages/adwaita-icon-theme.git Adwaita icon theme for GNOME environment
packages/aee.git An easy to use text editor
packages/aegis.git Project change supervisor
packages/aegisub.git Subtitle editor
packages/aep1000.git Utilities for AEP1000 SSL Accelerator
packages/aero.git Simulation program based on rigid body systems
packages/aescrypt2.git Command line file encryption program that relies on...
packages/aeskulap.git Full open source replacement for commercially available...
packages/aespipe.git AES-encryption tool for tar/cpio and loop-aes images
packages/aethera.git Aethera - Email and PIM application
packages/aewan.git Aewan Ascii Art Editor
packages/aewm.git AEWM - the ascetic window manager
packages/afaapps.git AACRAID Storage Management software
packages/afbinit.git Utility to load the microcode for Elite3D framebuffers...
packages/afe.git Another (PSF) Font Editor
packages/afflib.git Library to support the Advanced Forensic Format
packages/affstools.git Utilities for affs, the AmigaOS filesystem
packages/afio.git Program which makes cpio-format archives
packages/afm2pfm.git Type1 font metrics converters
packages/afpfs-ng.git Apple Filing Protocol client
packages/aften.git A/52 audio encoder
packages/afternoonstalker.git A Night Stalker(TM) clone
packages/afuse.git An automounter implemented with FUSE
packages/agata.git Agata Reports
packages/agave.git Color scheme generator for GNOME
packages/aget.git Aget - a multithreaded download accelerator
packages/agfl.git AGFL - parser generator for natural languages
packages/agg.git A High Quality Rendering Engine for C++
packages/aggregate.git Aggregate list of prefixes
packages/agito.git Subversion to Git conversion script
packages/agnubis.git The GNOME presentation tool
packages/agrep.git Approximate grep
packages/agsync.git Synchronization mediator for AvantGo and Pocket PC
packages/aic94xx-firmware.git Firmware for the Adaptec AIC-94xx HBA
packages/aiccu.git AICCU - SixXS Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Client Utility
packages/aide.git Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment
packages/aiksaurus.git An English-language thesaurus library
packages/aircrack-ng.git Reliable 802.11 (wireless) sniffer and WEP/WPA-PSK...
packages/aircrack-ptw.git Faster then aircrack-ng WEP key cracker
packages/aircrack.git Tool that cracks 802.11 WEP encryption keys
packages/airsnort.git 802.11 WEP Encryption Cracking Tool
packages/airstrike.git Airstrike
packages/airtraf.git AirTraf 802.11 - Wireless traffic sniffer
packages/airvideo.git Air-Video Video Streaming Server
packages/aisleriot.git A collection of card games
packages/ajax-spell.git AJAX spell checker
packages/akanga.git Akanga shell
packages/akode.git Audio-decoding framework library
packages/akonadi-googledata.git Google contacts and calendar Akonadi resource plugin
packages/akonadi.git Akonadi - The PIM Storage Service
packages/al.git OSSP al - Assembly Line
packages/alac.git Apple Lossless Audio Codec library
packages/alac_decoder.git Apple Lossless Audio Decoder
packages/alacarte.git Menu editor for the GNOME desktop
packages/alacritty.git A fast, cross-platform, OpenGL terminal emulator
packages/alarm-clock.git Allarm panel applet for GNOME
packages/alarmwatch.git Daemon that watches lm_sensors and beeps on alarms
packages/album.git HTML photo album generator
packages/albumshaper.git Photo album creation and modification application
packages/alcatel_readserial.git Read call accounting and error data from an Alcatel PCX
packages/ald.git Assembly Language Debugger
packages/aldo.git Morse code tutor
packages/ale.git Anti-Lamenessing Engine
packages/alevt.git Teletext decoder and browser for the bttv based card
packages/alex.git A lexical analyser generator for Haskell
packages/aliases2cdbm.git Convert mail aliases into input suitable for cdbmake
packages/alien.git Pakages converter (tgz, rpm, deb, slp)
packages/alienarena2007.git Alien Arena - freeware online deathmatch FPS game
packages/alienblaster.git Shooting arcade game
packages/alive.git GNU Alive - periodic ping program
packages/alky.git alky - bringing Microsoft Windows programs to Linux...
packages/allegro.git A game programming library
packages/allegro5.git A game programming library
packages/alleyoop.git Graphical Valgrind front-end
packages/alltray.git AllTray - small program to dock application into the...
packages/almanah.git Almanah Diary - keep a personal diary
packages/almir.git Bacula web administration written in Pyramid
packages/almsd.git A.L.E.C lms daemon
packages/alphashooter.git 3D first-person shooter
packages/alpine.git University of Washington Alpine mail user agent
packages/alpm.git Pacman - simple library-based package manager (from...
packages/alsa-firmware.git Advanced Linux Sound Architecture - firmware data
packages/alsa-lib.git Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - Library
packages/alsa-modular-synth.git Realtime modular synthesizer
packages/alsa-oss.git Advanced Linux Sound Architecture - OSS compatibility...
packages/alsa-patch-bay.git Graphical patch bay for the ALSA sequencer and JACK
packages/alsa-plugins.git Advanced Linux Sound Architecture - plugins
packages/alsa-tools.git Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - tools
packages/alsa-udev.git udev rules and scripts for Advanced Linux Sound Archite...
packages/alsa-utils.git Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - Utils
packages/alsaplayer.git Alsaplayer - CD/FLAC/MOD/MP3/Ogg/WAV player
packages/alt-ergo.git Automated theorem prover including linear arithmetic
packages/altermime.git alterMIME - a small program which is used to alter...
packages/althea.git A GTK+ IMAP mail client
packages/am-utils.git Automount utilities including an updated version of Amd
packages/amanda.git A network-capable tape backup solution
packages/amap.git Amap - a next-generation scanning tool
packages/amaroc.git amaroc - ncurses frontend for Amarok
packages/amarok-script-copycover.git CopyCover amaroK Script
packages/amarok-script-lyrics_glen.git amaroK lyrics script by glen
packages/amarok-script-lyricviewer.git Extended Lyric Support
packages/amarok-script-transkode.git Transkode amaroK Script
packages/amarok-script-wiki_lyrics.git A collection of lyrics scripts for amaroK
packages/amarok-script-xulremote.git Control amaroK from any Firefox browser on your network
packages/amarok.git A KDE audio player
packages/amavis-ng.git New generation amavis
packages/amavis-stats.git Simple amavisd-new statistics generator
packages/amavis.git A Mail Virus Scanner
packages/amavisd-milter.git Sendmail milter for amavisd-new with support for the...
packages/amavisd-new.git A Mail Virus Scanner with SpamAssassin support - daemon
packages/amavisd.git A Mail Virus Scanner - Daemon
packages/amaya.git Web Browser/Editor from the World Wide Web Consortium
packages/amd-adl-sdk.git API to access display driver functionality for ATI...
packages/amiwm.git X11 Window Manager - Amiga Workbench like environment
packages/aml.git Andri's Main Loop library
packages/ammonite.git Ammonite is a portion of the Eazel Services authenticat...
packages/ammp.git Simple multimedia player which uses GTK+2
packages/amoebax.git Cute and addictive puzzle game
packages/amp.git Command-line MP3 player based on smpeg
packages/ampache_browser.git Ampache desktop client library
packages/amrita.git An HTML/XHTML template library for Ruby
packages/amrita2.git An HTML/XHTML template library for Ruby
packages/amrnb.git 3GPP AMR-NB Floating-point Speech Codec
packages/amrwb.git 3GPP AMR-WB Floating-point Speech Codec
packages/amsn-skins.git Skins for aMSN
packages/amsn.git MSN Messenger clone for Linux
packages/amsn2.git MSN Messenger clone for Linux
packages/amtk.git Amtk - Actions, Menus and Toolbars Kit for GTK+ applica...
packages/amtterm.git Intel AMT serial-over-lan (sol) client
packages/amttool-tng.git AmtTool TNG - utility to manage Intel AMT-aware devices
packages/anaconda-help.git Help files for use in the Red Hat Linux installer
packages/anaconda.git Graphical system installer
packages/anacron.git A cron-like program that can run jobs lost during downtime
packages/analog.git WWW server logfile analysis program
packages/and-httpd.git Secure, simple and fast HTTP server
packages/android-file-transfer.git Android File Transfer for Linux
packages/android-sdk.git The Android SDK has all you need to create great apps...
packages/android-tools.git Android platform tools
packages/angst.git Active sniffer
packages/animenu.git On Screen Display menu with lirc
packages/anitya.git Monitor upstream releases and announce them on fedmsg
packages/anjuta-extras.git Extra plugins for Anjuta
packages/anjuta.git GNOME integrated development environment
packages/anki.git SuperMemo(tm)-like program
packages/ann.git Library for searching Approximate Nearest Neighbors
packages/annoyance-filter.git Adaptive Bayesian junk mail filter
packages/anomy-sanitizer.git Anomy Sanitizer
packages/anonftp.git A program which enables anonymous FTP access
packages/anope.git Internet Relay Chat Services
packages/ansible.git SSH-based configuration management, deployment, and...
packages/ant-contrib.git Collection of tasks for Ant
packages/ant-cpptasks.git C/C++, FORTRAN, MIDL and Windows Resource compilers...
packages/ant-yuicompressor.git Ant task for yuicompressor
packages/ant.git Ant build tool for Java
packages/antargis.git Battles of Antargis - medieval RTS
packages/anteater.git Dynamic MTA logfile analyser
packages/anthy-unicode.git A Japanese character input system library (with dictionary)
packages/anthy.git A Japanese character input system library (with dictionary)
packages/anti_sniff.git AntiSniff is a new class of proactive security monitori...
packages/antinat.git A SOCKS server for SOCKS4 and SOCKS5
packages/antiword.git MSWord Document to TXT/Postscript converter
packages/antlr.git ANother Tool for Language Recognition
packages/antlr4-cpp-runtime.git C run-time support for ANTLR-generated parsers
packages/anubis.git An outgoing mail processor, and the SMTP tunnel
packages/anyfs-tools.git anyfs-tools - a unix-like toolset for recovering and...
packages/anyremote.git anyremote - bluetooth remote for Linux
packages/anyterm.git Terminal emulator in a web browser
packages/aoetools.git AoE tools - programs for users of ATA over Ethernet
packages/aom.git Royalty-free next-generation video format
packages/ap-utils.git Configure and monitor Wireless Access Points
packages/apache-couchdb.git Apache CouchDB
packages/apache-icons.git Public Domain Icons
packages/apache-mod_admserv.git mod_admserv - communication link between Console and...
packages/apache-mod_annodex.git mod_annodex - full support for Annodex.net media for...
packages/apache-mod_apparmor.git Apache module: AppArmor
packages/apache-mod_auth_any.git Basic authentication for the Apache Web server using...
packages/apache-mod_auth_cas.git Apache module: CAS
packages/apache-mod_auth_kerb.git This is the Kerberos authentication module for Apache
packages/apache-mod_auth_mellon.git A SAML 2.0 authentication module for the Apache Httpd...
packages/apache-mod_auth_mysql.git This is the MySQL authentication module for Apache
packages/apache-mod_auth_openid.git The Apache OpenID Module
packages/apache-mod_auth_pam.git This is the PAM authentication module for Apache
packages/apache-mod_auth_pgsql.git This is the PostgreSQL authentication module for Apache
packages/apache-mod_auth_radius.git RADIUS authentication module for the Apache 2 webserver
packages/apache-mod_auth_shadow.git Apache module: authenticating against a /etc/shadow...
packages/apache-mod_auth_xradius.git Apache module:
packages/apache-mod_authn_pam.git This is the PAM authentication module for Apache 2.2
packages/apache-mod_authn_sasl.git Basic authentication for the Apache Web server using...
packages/apache-mod_authnz_external.git Basic authentication for the Apache Web server using...
packages/apache-mod_backtrace.git Apache module: collects backtraces on crashes
packages/apache-mod_bt.git Apache BitTorrent tracker
packages/apache-mod_bw.git Apache module: bandwidth limits
packages/apache-mod_caml.git Apache mod_caml module - allows using bytecode compiled...
packages/apache-mod_cband.git Apache module: bandwidth limits per vhosts
packages/apache-mod_cfg_ldap.git Module to keep Apache VirtualHost configuration in...
packages/apache-mod_cgroup.git Resource management per vhost
packages/apache-mod_cgroupmin.git Resource management per vhost
packages/apache-mod_chroot.git Apache module: makes running Apache in a secure chroot...
packages/apache-mod_clamav.git An Apache virus scanning filter
packages/apache-mod_cloudflare.git Apache module to show true visitor IPs in logs for...
packages/apache-mod_cvs.git Apache module: Automatically updates files in a CVS...
packages/apache-mod_dbi_pool.git mod_dbi_pool - Pool Database connections between module...
packages/apache-mod_dnssd.git mod_dnssd - Apache HTTPD module which adds Zeroconf...
packages/apache-mod_encoding.git Apache module: convert character encoding of request...
packages/apache-mod_epp.git An EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) implementatio...
packages/apache-mod_evasive.git Apache DoS Evasive Maneuvers Module
packages/apache-mod_extract_forwarded.git Apache module: Extract X-Forwarded-For header
packages/apache-mod_fastcgi.git Support for the FastCGI protocol for apache webserver
packages/apache-mod_fcgid.git A binary compatibility alternative to Apache module...
packages/apache-mod_geoip.git GeoIP module for the Apache HTTP Server
packages/apache-mod_gnutls.git SSL v3, TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 encryption for Apache HTTPD
packages/apache-mod_gzip.git Apache module: On-the-fly compression of HTML documents
packages/apache-mod_jk.git Apache module that handles communication between Tomcat...
packages/apache-mod_limitipconn.git Apache module: Limit simultaneous connections by an...
packages/apache-mod_log_gelf.git Apache 2 module for writing access logs to Graylog
packages/apache-mod_log_sql.git SQL logging module for Apache
packages/apache-mod_macro.git Apache module to allow macros in apache config files
packages/apache-mod_midgard.git Midgard Apache module
packages/apache-mod_mime_xattr.git Apache HTTPD module: mod_mime_xattr
packages/apache-mod_mono.git Mono module for Apache 2
packages/apache-mod_mpm_itk.git mod_mpm_itk - allows you to run each of your vhost...
packages/apache-mod_ngobjweb.git mod_ngobjweb Apache module
packages/apache-mod_nss.git mod_nss - strong cryptography support for Apache using...
packages/apache-mod_ntlm.git This is the NTLM authentication module for Apache
packages/apache-mod_pagespeed.git Apache module for rewriting web pages to reduce latency...
packages/apache-mod_perl.git A Perl interpreter for the Apache Web server
packages/apache-mod_proctitle.git Apache module: set process name to currently serverd...
packages/apache-mod_proxy_html.git mod_proxy_html - additional proxy module for rewriting...
packages/apache-mod_python.git An embedded Python interpreter for the Apache Web server
packages/apache-mod_qos.git Apache module: Quality Of Service
packages/apache-mod_restartd.git mod_restartd - run certain CGIs as root
packages/apache-mod_roaming.git Enables Netscape Communicator roaming profiles with...
packages/apache-mod_rpaf.git Reverse proxy add forward module for Apache
packages/apache-mod_ruby.git Apache mod_ruby module - embeds the Ruby interpreter...
packages/apache-mod_ruid2.git Apache module: run all httpd process under user's acces...
packages/apache-mod_sdch.git Apache implementation of shared dictionary comrpession...
packages/apache-mod_security.git Apache module: securing web applications
packages/apache-mod_security_crs.git OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set (CRS)
packages/apache-mod_spamhaus.git Apache module: block spam with use of DNSBL
packages/apache-mod_spdy.git Apache module to enable SPDY support
packages/apache-mod_suid2.git Apache module: execution of scripts under their own...
packages/apache-mod_suphp.git Apache module: suPHP - execute PHP scripts with the...
packages/apache-mod_timedout.git Apache module: timedout
packages/apache-mod_transform.git Module to serve XML based content
packages/apache-mod_vhost_dbi.git mod_vhost_dbi - dynamic virtual hosting using database...
packages/apache-mod_vhost_limit.git Apache module: clients restriction per vhost
packages/apache-mod_vhost_mysql.git Apache vhost in MySQL
packages/apache-mod_vhs.git Apache module: Virtual Hosting
packages/apache-mod_watch.git Apache module: Monitoring Interface for MRTG
packages/apache-mod_whatkilledus.git Apache module: knows what a thread was handling in...
packages/apache-mod_whois.git Apache module: WHOIS->WEB gateway
packages/apache-mod_wsgi.git WSGI interface for the Apache Web server
packages/apache-mod_xsendfile.git Apache module: processing X-SENDFILE headers
packages/apache-mod_xslt2.git Module to serve XML based content
packages/apache-php-fcgi.git Support for the PHP via FastCGI protocol for Apache...
packages/apache-top.git Provides real-time display of the active processes...
packages/apache.git The most widely used Web server on the Internet
packages/apache1-mod_access_identd.git Apache module: access based on ident (RFC1413)
packages/apache1-mod_access_rbl.git Apache module: access based on RBL
packages/apache1-mod_access_referer.git Access control based on "Referer" HTTP header content
packages/apache1-mod_accounting.git Apache module: record traffic statistics into a database
packages/apache1-mod_antihak.git Antihak module for Apache
packages/apache1-mod_auth_any.git Basic authentication for the Apache Web server using...
packages/apache1-mod_auth_checkpasswd.git This is the CHECKPASSWD authentication module for Apache
packages/apache1-mod_auth_ldap.git This is a LDAP authentication module for Apache
packages/apache1-mod_auth_mysql.git This is the MySQL authentication module for Apache
packages/apache1-mod_auth_pam.git This is the PAM authentication module for Apache
packages/apache1-mod_auth_pgsql.git This is the PostgreSQL authentication module for Apache
packages/apache1-mod_auth_radius.git RADIUS authentication module for the Apache 1.x webserver
packages/apache1-mod_auth_samba.git This is the samba authentication module for Apache
packages/apache1-mod_auth_yp.git NIS/YP domain authentication module for Apache
packages/apache1-mod_bandwidth.git Apache module: bandwidth limits
packages/apache1-mod_become.git Apache module: Become Somebody
packages/apache1-mod_chroot.git Apache module: makes running Apache in a secure chroot...
packages/apache1-mod_cvs.git Apache module: Automatically updates files in a CVS...
packages/apache1-mod_dav.git WebDAV module for the Apache Web server
packages/apache1-mod_dynvhost.git Dynamic Virtual Hosting
packages/apache1-mod_fastcgi.git Support for the FastCGI protocol for apache webserver
packages/apache1-mod_frontpage.git The improved mod_frontpage module for the Apache Web...
packages/apache1-mod_gunzip.git Apache module: On-the-fly decompression of HTML documents
packages/apache1-mod_gzip.git Apache module: On-the-fly compression of HTML documents
packages/apache1-mod_hosts_access.git Apache module: access defined by hosts.allow/hosts...
packages/apache1-mod_iptos.git Apache module: assign IPTOS bits to different vhosts...
packages/apache1-mod_jk.git Apache module that handles communication between Tomcat...
packages/apache1-mod_limitipconn.git Apache module: Limit simultaneous connections by an...
packages/apache1-mod_log_sql.git SQL logging module for Apache
packages/apache1-mod_macro.git Apache module to allow macros in apache config files
packages/apache1-mod_mp3.git MP3 Apache module
packages/apache1-mod_msff.git Apache module: Microsoft Free Fridays: reject MSIE...
packages/apache1-mod_ntlm.git This is the NTLM authentication module for Apache
packages/apache1-mod_ometer.git Apache module: Web counter
packages/apache1-mod_perl.git A Perl interpreter for the Apache Web server
packages/apache1-mod_pointer.git Apache module for making domain redirects
packages/apache1-mod_roaming.git Enables Netscape Communicator roaming profiles with...
packages/apache1-mod_rpaf.git Reverse proxy add forward module for Apache
packages/apache1-mod_security.git Apache module: securing web applications
packages/apache1-mod_snake.git An Apache module to allow for Python plugins and control
packages/apache1-mod_sqlinclude.git Apache module: mySQL based "Include"-alike configuratio...
packages/apache1-mod_ssl.git An SSL module for the Apache Web server
packages/apache1-mod_suid.git Apache module: execution of scripts under their own...
packages/apache1-mod_suphp.git Apache module: suPHP - execute PHP scripts with the...
packages/apache1-mod_throttle.git Bandwidth & Request Throttling for Apache
packages/apache1-mod_vhost_limit.git Apache module: vhost_limit limits
packages/apache1-mod_video.git Shows images grabbed from a v4l device
packages/apache1-mod_watch.git Apache module: Monitoring Interface for MRTG
packages/apache1-mod_witch.git Apache module: log the access_log and error_log log...
packages/apache1-mod_xslt.git Module to serve XML based content
packages/apache1.git The most widely used Web server on the Internet
packages/apachetop.git Apache top-like display
packages/apcupsd.git Power management software for APC UPS hardware
packages/ape.git APE - Advanced Petri nets Environment
packages/ape2mp3.git Converts ape-image to MP3-tracks
packages/apertium-dict-af-nl.git Afrikaans-Dutch language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-br-fr.git Breton-French language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-ca-it.git Catalan-Italian language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-cy-en.git Welsh-English language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-dan-nor.git Danish-Norwegian language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-en-ca.git English-Catalan language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-en-es.git English-Spanish language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-en-gl.git English-Galician language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-eo-ca.git Esperanto-Catalan language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-eo-en.git Esperanto-English language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-eo-es.git Esperanto-Spanish language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-eo-fr.git Esperanto-French language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-es-an.git Spanish-Aragonese language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-es-ast.git Spanish-Asturian language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-es-ca.git Spanish-Catalan language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-es-gl.git Spanish-Galician language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-es-pt.git Spanish-Portuguese language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-es-ro.git Spanish-Romanian language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-eu-en.git Basque-English language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-eu-es.git Basque-Spanish language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-fr-ca.git French/Catalan language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-fr-es.git French-Spanish language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-hbs-slv.git Serbo-Croatian and Slovenian language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-ht-en.git Haitian-English language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-id-ms.git Indonesian-Malay language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-is-en.git Icelandic-English language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-is-sv.git Icelandic-Swedish language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-kaz-tat.git Kazakh-Tatar language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-mk-bg.git Macedonian-Bulgarian language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-mk-en.git Macedonian-English language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-mt-ar.git Maltese-Arabic language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-nn-nb.git Norwegian Bokmaal-Nynorsk language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-oc-ca.git Occitan-Catalan language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-oc-es.git Occitan-Spanish language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-oldca-XX.git Old Catalan morphological dictionary for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-pt-ca.git Portuguese-Catalan language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-pt-gl.git Portuguese-Galician language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-dict-sme-nob.git Northern Sami-Norwegian Bokmaal and Slovenian language...
packages/apertium-dict-sv-da.git Swedish-Danish language pair for Apertium
packages/apertium-lex-tools.git Constraint-based lexical selection module
packages/apertium-pn-recogniser.git Apertium pipeline module to detect proper nouns
packages/apertium-tagger-training-tools.git Apertium part-of-speech tagger trainer
packages/apertium-visruled.git Apertium Visual Rule Editor
packages/apertium.git lttoolbox-based translation modules generator
packages/apf.git Active Port Forwarder - SSL secure packet tunneling
packages/apfs-fuse.git APFS FUSE Driver for Linux
packages/apfsprogs.git Userland programs to work with the APFS (Apple File...
packages/apg.git apg - Automated Password Generator
packages/aphunter.git Access Point Hunter
packages/apiextractor.git Qt4 Binding Generator library
packages/apinger.git Alarm Pinger - network monitor with mail notification
packages/apk-tools.git Alpine Package Keeper - package manager for alpine
packages/apmd.git Advanced Power Management (APM) utilities for notebooks
packages/apmud.git Power Manager daemon for Apple PowerBooks
packages/apng2gif.git Convert APNG animations into animated GIF format
packages/apngasm.git APNG Assembler - create APNG animation from PNG/TGA...
packages/apngdis.git APNG Disassembler - deconstruct APNG files into individ...
packages/apngopt.git APNG Optimizer
packages/apollon.git KDE-based client for the p2p-protocol giFT (OpenFT...
packages/apparmor-binutils.git Basic AppArmor binary utilities
packages/apparmor-parser.git AppArmor userlevel parser utility
packages/apparmor-profiles.git AppArmor profiles
packages/apparmor-utils.git AppArmor userlevel utilities that are useful in creatin...
packages/appdata-tools.git Tools to validate AppData
packages/apper.git Application to get and manage software
packages/applnk.git Applnk - base directories tree used for storing desktop...
packages/apport.git Read, write, and modify problem reports
packages/appstream-glib.git GLib Objects and helper methods for reading and writing...
packages/apr-compat.git Apache Portable Runtime
packages/apr-util.git A companion library to Apache Portable Runtime
packages/apr.git Apache Portable Runtime
packages/apr_memcache.git A client for memcached
packages/apricots.git Game where you fly a little plane around the screen...
packages/apt-cacher-ng.git Caching HTTP download proxy for software packages
packages/apt-dater.git Terminal-based remote package update manager
packages/apt.git Debian's Advanced Packaging Tool with RPM support
packages/aptitude.git Curses-based apt frontend
packages/apulse.git PulseAudio emulation for ALSA
packages/apwal.git Application launcher
packages/aqbanking.git A library for online banking functions and financial...
packages/aqdatabase.git AqDatabase - database used by AqFinance
packages/aqemu.git A QEMU GUI with a user-friendly interface
packages/aqfinance.git AqFinance - financial application with GUI
packages/aqfoxext.git AqFoxExt - extension library for the FOX toolkit
packages/aqsis.git Aqsis Rendering System
packages/aqualung-skins.git Aqualung - additional skins
packages/aqualung.git Aqualung - music player for Linux
packages/aquamarine.git Themeable window decorator and compositing manager...
packages/arabica.git Arabica - an XML parser toolkit written in C++
packages/arachne.git Arachne - web browser
packages/aravis.git Aravis digital video camera acquisition library
packages/arc.git Arc archiver
packages/arcavir.git An anti-virus utility for Unix
packages/arcconf.git Adaptec uniform command line interface
packages/archfs.git Userspace filesystem based on rdiff-backup repository...
packages/archie.git Simple archie client
packages/archivemail.git Archive and compress old email
packages/archivemount.git FUSE based filesystem for mounting archives
packages/archmage.git CHM (Compiled HTML) Decompressor
packages/archway.git ArchWay is a new advanced GUI for GNU Arch
packages/ardour.git Multitrack hard disk recorder
packages/areca-cli.git Utility to control Areca SATA RAID controllers
packages/arena.git Arena Scripting Language with syntax and library simila...
packages/argante.git Virtual operating system
packages/argouml.git A UML design tool with cognitive support
packages/argtable2.git An ANSI C library for parsing GNU style command line...
packages/argus-clients.git Real time network flow monitor - client applications
packages/argus.git Real time network flow monitor
packages/argyllcms.git ICC compatible color management system
packages/aria.git Download tool similar to Reget or GetRight
packages/aria2.git Aria2 is a download utility with resuming and segmented...
packages/aribb24.git ARIB STD-B24 library
packages/aribb25.git ARIB B25 library
packages/arj.git ARJ archiver for Linux
packages/arm-trusted-firmware.git ARM Trusted Firmware
packages/armadillo.git C++ linear algebra library
packages/armagetron-moviesounds.git Moviesounds addon for armagetron game
packages/armagetron.git A Tron lightcycle game with focus on multiplayer mode
packages/armagetronad.git A Tron lightcycle game with focus on multiplayer mode
packages/armst.git ST ARM-CortexM3 Linux RS-232 Loader
packages/arnie.git Arnie - simple incremental backup system
packages/arnold.git Amstrad CPC Emulator
packages/arora.git A simple cross platform web browser
packages/arpack-ng.git Subroutines for solving large scale eigenvalue problems
packages/arpack.git Subroutines for solving large scale eigenvalue problems
packages/arpd.git User-space arp daemon
packages/arping.git ARPing - ping an address by ARP packets
packages/arpoison.git Arpoison - sending custom ARP packets
packages/arpscan.git Very simple ARP scanner
packages/arpsend.git arpsend - tool for network diagnostics and testing
packages/arptables.git Arp Tables - ARP packets filtering
packages/arpwatch.git Arpwatch monitors changes in ethernet/ip address pairings
packages/arrayprobe.git Arrayprobe - reporting the status of HP/Compaq array...
packages/arson.git Tool for CD recording
packages/artanis.git GNU Artanis web-framework
packages/artha.git An off-line English thesaurus based on WordNet
packages/arts++.git Library for handling ARTS data files
packages/arts.git aRts sound server
packages/as31.git An Intel 8031/8051 assembler
packages/asWedit.git Text and HTML editor
packages/asa.git Jabber server component agent for sending SMS messages
packages/asap.git ASAP - Another Slight Atari Player
packages/asbeats.git Dockable clock that only displays Beats
packages/asc.git Advanced Strategic Command - a free, turn based strateg...
packages/ascal.git GNOME Version of the board game Lasca
packages/ascii-invaders.git A curses clone of the classic video game Space Invaders
packages/ascii.git Interactive ASCII name and synonym chart
packages/ascii2binary.git Convert between textual and binary representations...
packages/asciidoc-filter-aafigure.git aafigure filter for AsciiDoc
packages/asciidoc-filter-ditaa.git ditaa filter for AsciiDoc
packages/asciidoc-filter-mscgen.git mscgen filter for AsciiDoc
packages/asciidoc.git A tool for converting text files to various formats
packages/asciijump.git (a)sci(i)jump game
packages/asciinema.git Command line client (terminal recorder) for asciinema...
packages/asdcplib.git The ASDCP library
packages/ash.git Small bourne shell from Berkeley
packages/asio.git A cross-platform C++ library for network and low-level...
packages/ask.git Active Spam Killer
packages/asl.git Multi-target portable assembler
packages/asleap.git asleap - recovers weak LEAP password
packages/asm.git A code manipulation tool to implement adaptable systems
packages/asm2.git A code manipulation tool to implement adaptable systems
packages/asma.git ASMA - the Atari Sap Music Archive
packages/asmix.git AfterStep sound mixer volume control
packages/asmon.git Window Maker memory/swap/IO/uptime/ints monitor
packages/asn1c.git The ASN.1 to C compiler
packages/asp2php.git An ASP to PHP converter
packages/aspectj.git A seamless aspect-oriented extension to the Java progra...
packages/aspectwerkz.git AOP for Java
packages/aspell-af.git Afrikaans dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-am.git Amharic dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-ar.git Arabic dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-ast.git Asturian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-az.git Azerbaijani dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-be.git Belarusian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-bg.git Bulgarian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-bn.git Bengali dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-br.git Breton dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-ca.git Catalan dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-cs.git Czech dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-csb.git Kashubian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-cy.git Welsh dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-da.git Danish dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-de-alt.git German (old spelling) dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-de.git German dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-el.git Greek dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-en.git English dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-eo.git Esperanto dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-es.git Spanish dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-et.git Estonian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-fa.git Persian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-fi.git Finnish dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-fo.git Faroese dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-fr.git French dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-fy.git Frisian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-ga.git Irish dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-gd.git Scottish Gaelic dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-gl.git Galician dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-grc.git Ancient Greek dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-gu.git Gujarati dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-gv.git Manx Gaelic dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-he.git Hebrew dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-hi.git Hindi dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-hil.git Hiligaynon dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-hr.git Croatian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-hsb.git Upper Sorbian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-hu.git Hungarian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-hus.git Huastec dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-hy.git Armenian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-ia.git Interlingua dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-id.git Indonesian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-is.git Icelandic dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-it.git Italian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-kn.git Kannada dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-ku.git Kurdish dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-ky.git Kirghiz dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-la.git Latin dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-lt.git Lithuanian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-lv.git Latvian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-mg.git Malagasy dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-mi.git Maori dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-mk.git Macedonian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-ml.git Malayalam dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-mn.git Mongolian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-mr.git Marathi dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-ms.git Malay dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-mt.git Maltese dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-nb.git Norwegian Bokmaal dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-nds.git Low Saxon dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-nl.git Dutch dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-nn.git Norwegian Nynorsk dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-ny.git Chichewa dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-or.git Oriya dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-pa.git Panjabi dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-pl-alt.git SJP.pl Polish dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-pl.git Polish dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-pt.git Portuguese dictionaries for aspell
packages/aspell-pt_BR.git Portuguese dictionaries for aspell
packages/aspell-pt_PT.git Portuguese dictionaries for aspell
packages/aspell-qu.git Quechua dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-ro.git Romanian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-ru.git Russian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-rw.git Kinyarwanda dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-sc.git Sardinian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-sk.git Slovak dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-sl.git Slovene dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-sq.git Albanian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-sr.git Serbian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-sv.git Swedish dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-sw.git Swahili dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-ta.git Tamil dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-te.git Telugu dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-tet.git Tetum dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-tk.git Turkmen dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-tl.git Tagalog dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-tn.git Tswana dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-tr.git Turkish dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-uk.git Ukrainian dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-uz.git Uzbek dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-vi.git Vietnamese dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-wa.git Waloon dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-yi.git Yidish dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell-zu.git Zulu dictionary for aspell
packages/aspell.git GNU Aspell is an Open Source spell checker
packages/aspseek.git Advanced Internet search engine
packages/assimp.git Open Asset Import Library
packages/astah-community.git UML Modeling Tool for study of UML
packages/asterisk-addons.git Additional modules for Asterisk
packages/asterisk-chan_capi.git Asterisk ISDN CAPI channel driver
packages/asterisk-chan_dongle.git Asterisk huawei 3g dongle channel driver
packages/asterisk-chan_misdn.git Asterisk mISDN channel driver
packages/asterisk-codec_g729.git Digium G.729 Software Codec for Asterisk
packages/asterisk-codec_silk.git Unofficial SILK translator for Asterisk
packages/asterisk-oh323.git Asterisk PBX - h323 plugin
packages/asterisk-perl.git Asterisk PBX Perl Modules
packages/asterisk-skype.git Digium's Skype For Asterisk
packages/asterisk-sounds-core.git Core sounds for Asterisk
packages/asterisk-sounds-extra.git Extra sounds for Asterisk
packages/asterisk-sounds-moh.git Music on Hold for Asterisk, The Open Source PBX
packages/asterisk-sounds.git Additional sound files for Asterisk PBX
packages/asterisk-stat.git Asterisk-Stat: CDR Analyser
packages/asterisk.git Asterisk PBX
packages/astfax.git Asterisk Fax
packages/astmanproxy.git Asterisk's manager interface proxy
packages/astrolog.git Astrology program
packages/astwar.git AstWar is a terminal based 2D space shooter
packages/astyle.git Automatic Indentation Filter
packages/asunder.git A graphical Audio CD ripper and encoder
packages/asylum.git Port of Digital Psychosis' 1994 platform shooter
packages/asymptote.git Asymptote is a powerful descriptive vector graphics...
packages/at-poke.git Tool for poking around with accessibility support
packages/at-spi.git Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
packages/at-spi2-atk.git A GTK+ module that bridges ATK to D-Bus at-spi
packages/at-spi2-core.git Protocol definitions and daemon for D-Bus at-spi
packages/at.git at job spooler
packages/atakks.git atakks game
packages/atanks.git Atomic Tanks - a game similiar to Scorched Earth and...
packages/atapci.git ATA PCI Utilities
packages/atari++.git Versatile extended emulator of Atari 8-bit machines
packages/aterm.git aterm - terminal emulator in an X Window System
packages/atermlib.git The ATerm Library
packages/atf.git Automated Testing Framework
packages/atftp.git Client for the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)
packages/athcool.git Athlon Powersaving bits enabler
packages/atheme.git Internet Relay Chat Services
packages/atitvout.git Linux ATI TV-out support program
packages/atk.git ATK - Accessibility Toolkit
packages/atkmm.git A C++ interface for atk library
packages/atkmm2.36.git A C++ interface for atk library
packages/atl2.git Attansic(R) L2 Fast Ethernet Adapter driver for Linux
packages/atlantic.git Setup and diagnostic program for ISA NE2000 Ethernet...
packages/atlas-upload-cli.git CLI to upload application code to Atlas
packages/atlas.git The atlas libraries for numerical linear algebra
packages/atm.git ATM on Linux
packages/atmel-firmware.git Firmware for Atmel at76c50x wireless network chips
packages/atmelwlandriver.git Linux driver for WLAN card based on AT76C5XXx
packages/atob.git Ain't Tape Oriented Backup
packages/atom.git A hackable text editor for the 21st century
packages/atomic.git Atomic operations implementation
packages/atomix.git Little game where you have to build molecules out of...
packages/atop.git AT Computing System and Process Monitor
packages/atril.git Atril - MATE Desktop document viewer for multiple docum...
packages/atsar.git AT Computing System Activity Report - a sar clone for...
packages/attica.git Attica Library - implementation of Open Collaboration...
packages/attr.git Utility for managing filesystem extended attributes
packages/aub.git Assemble Usenet Binaries
packages/aubio.git aubio - library for audio labelling
packages/audacious-input-xmp.git Audacious plugin that uses XMP library to play music...
packages/audacious-plugins-ugly.git Ugly plugins for Audacious media player (metapackage)
packages/audacious-plugins.git Plugins for Audacious media player (metapackage)
packages/audacious.git Sound player with the WinAmp GUI, for GTK+/Qt
packages/audacity.git Audacity - manipulate digital audio waveforms
packages/audiere.git Portable audio library
packages/audio-entropyd.git Audio-entropyd - generating entropy-data for the /dev...
packages/audioctl.git Utility to control sparc audio device
packages/audiocut.git WAV file manipulation tools
packages/audiofile.git Audio File Library - SGI Audio File Library
packages/audit.git User space tools for 2.6 kernel auditing
packages/audtty.git NCurses interface to Audacious media player
packages/aufs-util.git Utilities for aufs
packages/aufs.git aufs - Another Unionfs
packages/augeas.git Augeas - configuration editing tool
packages/aumix-gtk.git curses and X11/GTK+ based audio mixer
packages/aumix.git curses based audio mixer
packages/authconfig.git Text-mode tool for setting up NIS and shadow passwords
packages/authd.git A RFC 1413 ident protocol daemon
packages/autobook.git GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool
packages/autoconf-archive.git The Autoconf Macro Archive
packages/autoconf-dickey.git Thomas Dickey's autoconf - source configuration tools
packages/autoconf.git GNU autoconf - source configuration tools
packages/autoconf2_13.git GNU autoconf 2.13 - old source configuration tools
packages/autodns.git autodns - configuration of secondary DNS via email
packages/autofig.git Automatic *-config scripts generation
packages/autofs.git autofs daemon
packages/autogen.git Automated program generator
packages/autolog.git Terminates connections for idle users
packages/automake.git GNU automake - Makefile configuration tools
packages/automoc4.git Automoc4 - automatically adding Qt moc files rules...
packages/automsn.git AutoMSN Emoticon Scraper
packages/automysqlbackup.git Automatic MySQL Backup
packages/autopano-sift-C.git SIFT Feature Detection implementation
packages/autopano-sift.git SIFT Feature Detection implementation
packages/autopsy.git The Autopsy Forensic Browser - a graphical interface...
packages/autoq3d.git autoq3d - complete 3D modeling application for computin...
packages/autorespond.git Simple autoresponder for qmail
packages/autorpm.git RPM Auto-Installer or FTP Mirrorer
packages/autoscan-network.git AutoScan - a utility for network exploration
packages/autosig.git Autosig - tool for generating .signature and .plan...
packages/autospeedstep.git autospeedstep controls the speed on Intel Speedstep...
packages/autossh.git Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels
packages/autothrottle.git autothrottle throttles your CPU
packages/autotrace.git AutoTrace - convert bitmap to vector graphics
packages/autounit.git GNU Autounit - unit testing frameworks for Autoconf
packages/autowrr.git Program that can help you configuring WRR queue
packages/avahi.git Free mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf implementation
packages/avant-window-navigator-extras.git Extra applets and plugins for awn
packages/avant-window-navigator.git Fully customisable dock-like window navigator for GNOME
packages/avarice.git AVR JTAG ICE interface to GNU Debugger GDB
packages/avcap.git Cross-platform, API-independent C++ video capture library
packages/avfs.git AVFS - A Virtual Filesystem
packages/avidemux.git A small audio/video editing software for Linux
packages/aview.git ASCII-Art image browser and animation player
packages/avifile.git Library for playing AVI files
packages/avimetaedit.git Embed, validate and export AVI files metadata
packages/avogadro.git An advanced molecular editor for chemical purposes
packages/avr_simulator.git avr simulator
packages/avra.git Atmel AVR Assembler
packages/avrdude.git Software for programming Atmel AVR Microcontrollers
packages/avscan.git AntiVirus Scanner
packages/avxsynth.git Linux Port of Avisynth
packages/aware.git Asynchronous Event Framework for Responsive Application...
packages/awesfx.git Utility programs for the AWE32 sound driver
packages/awesome-config-uzsolt.git Uzsolt's settings to awesome window manager
packages/awesome-plugin-bashets.git Bashets is a widget library that displays data from...
packages/awesome-plugin-delightful.git A set of widgets for Awesome window manager
packages/awesome-plugin-effect.git With the Effect "class", you can "tween" properties...
packages/awesome-plugin-eminent.git Quick wmii-style dynamic tagging
packages/awesome-plugin-freedesktop.git freedesktop.org menu and desktop files specifications...
packages/awesome-plugin-obvious.git Set of obvious awesome widgets
packages/awesome-plugin-rodentbane.git An awesome plugin that allow to manipulate mouse cursor...
packages/awesome-plugin-scratch.git Scratch is a Lua module that provides a basic drop...
packages/awesome-plugin-vicious.git Vicious is a modular widget library for the "awesome...
packages/awesome-plugin-wicked.git wicked - a lua library for dynamic widgets in awesome
packages/awesome-status.git awesome-status populates the awesome window manager...
packages/awesome.git awesome window manager
packages/awesome2.git Awesome Window Manager
packages/awffull.git Web server log analysis program
packages/awka.git Translator of the AWK programming language to ANSI-C
packages/awscli.git Universal Command Line Environment for AWS
packages/awstats.git Advanced Web Statistics is a free powerful server log...
packages/awznode.git Easy configurable node/gateway (AX25)
packages/ax25-apps.git ax25 tools for hamradio
packages/ax25-tools.git ax25 tools for hamradio
packages/axel.git A light Linux download accelerator
packages/axiom.git Axiom Computer Algebra System
packages/axis-c.git Axis - implementation of the SOAP submission to W3C
packages/ayam.git Ayam - a free 3D modelling environment for the RenderMa...
packages/ayatana-ido.git Shared functions for Ayatana Indicator Display Objects
packages/aylet.git AY player
packages/b4.git A tool to work with public-inbox and patch archives
packages/b43-firmware.git Firmware for the Broadcom 43xx wireless chipsets
packages/b43-fwcutter.git Utility for extracting Broadcom 43xx firmware
packages/babel.git Program to interconvert a number of file formats curren...
packages/babelize.git Localization Project for many Linux games
packages/babeltrace.git Trace Format Babel Tower
packages/babeltrace2.git Trace Format Babel Tower
packages/babl.git Library for pixel-format agnosticism
packages/babychess.git BabyChess - a chess program
packages/baci.git BenAri Concurrent Interpreter
packages/backintime.git Back In Time is a simple backup tool for Linux
packages/backstep.git Program that draws icons for minimized windows on desktop
packages/backup.git A backup strategy for Linux via CD-R
packages/bacula-backup-mysql.git MySQL backup hook for Bacula
packages/bacula-web.git Open source monitoring and reporting tool for Bacula
packages/bacula.git Bacula - The Network Backup Solution
packages/baculafs.git Exposes the Bacula catalog and storage as a Filesystem...
packages/bairc.git IRC client written entirely in BASH
packages/bakefile.git Native makefiles generator
packages/bakery.git C++ Framework for creating GNOME applications
packages/balance.git TCP proxy with load balancing
packages/balloonchase.git Balloon Chase game
packages/balsa.git Balsa Mail Client
packages/bam.git Build system
packages/bamf.git Application matching framework
packages/bandersnatch.git Log Jabber conversations to a peer-visible database
packages/bandwidthd.git Network traffic tracking tool
packages/banner.git Print short string in large letters
packages/bannerfilter.git A redirect script for the Squid proxy to block ad banners
packages/banshee.git A Mono/GStreamer Based Music Player
packages/baobab.git GNOME Disk Usage Analyzer
packages/bar-backup-archiver.git BAR is backup archiver program
packages/bar.git Command Line Progress Bar
packages/barcode.git GNU barcode
packages/bareftp.git File transfer client supporting the FTP, FTPS and SFTP
packages/barnowl.git A curses-based tty Jabber, IRC, AIM and Zephyr client
packages/barnyard2.git Snort Log Backend
packages/barrage.git Kill and destroy as many target as possible in 3 minutes
packages/base64.git Encode and decode base64 files
packages/basesystem.git Skeleton package which defines a base of PLD system
packages/bash-completion-VBoxManage.git bash-completion for VBoxManage command
packages/bash-completion-pear.git bash-completion for PEAR
packages/bash-completion-vim.git bash-completion for vim
packages/bash-completion-vserver.git bash-completion for vserver command
packages/bash-completion.git bash-completion offers programmable completion for...
packages/bash.git GNU Bourne Again Shell (bash)
packages/bashburn.git BashBurn - burning CDs at console
packages/bashish.git text console theme engine
packages/basket.git A container for various types of data
packages/bass.git Beneath a Steel Sky
packages/bastet.git Tetris game
packages/bats.git Bash Automated Testing System
packages/battleships.git Battleships against the computer (character-cell graphics)
packages/bazel.git Build and test software of any size, quickly and reliably
packages/bb.git BB - the portable demo
packages/bb4.git Big Brother System and Network Monitor
packages/bbackup.git A sophisticated backup script, based on GNU tar
packages/bbclone.git BBClone - A PHP based Web Counter on Steroids
packages/bbdate.git bbdate - displays the current date
packages/bbe.git bbe - Binary block editor
packages/bbgallery.git HTML Gallery Creator Script
packages/bbkeys.git bbkeys, a completely configurable key-combo grabber...
packages/bbmail.git A mail notification program designed for blackbox
packages/bbpager.git A pager designed for blackbox
packages/bbppp.git A ppp monitor tool designed for blackbox
packages/bbrun.git A simple run window with dropdown history list
packages/bbsload.git A system load mozitor designed for blackbox
packages/bbswitch.git Disable discrete graphics (currently nVidia only)
packages/bc.git GNU's bc (a numeric processing language) and dc (a...
packages/bcache-tools.git Userspace tools for bcache
packages/bcc-bpf.git Tools for BPF-based Linux IO analysis, networking,...
packages/bcc.git Bruce's C compiler
packages/bcfg2.git Configuration management system
packages/bcg729.git ITU G729 Annex A speech codec library
packages/bchunk.git A CD image format converter from .bin/.cue to .iso...
packages/bcm43456-firmware.git Firmware files for Broadcom BCM43456 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth...
packages/bcm43xx-firmware.git Firmware for the Broadcom 43xx wireless chipsets
packages/bcm43xx-fwcutter.git Utility for extracting Broadcom 43xx firmware
packages/bcm43xx.git Broadcom BCM43xx series driver for Linux
packages/bcm5700.git Linux driver for the Broadcom's NetXtreme BCM57xx Netwo...
packages/bcm5820.git Broadcom BCM5820 E-Commerce Processor utilities
packages/bcmatroska2.git Matroska2 library for Belledonne Communications projects
packages/bcount.git Bytes counter
packages/bcron.git Bruce's Cron System
packages/bcrypt.git File encryption utility
packages/bctoolbox.git Utility library for software from Belledonne Communications
packages/bcunit.git Provide C programmers basic testing functionality
packages/bcwipe.git Securely erase data from magnetic and solid-state memory
packages/bdiff.git diffutils for binary files
packages/beagle-xesam.git Xesam adapter for Beagle
packages/beagle.git Beagle - An indexing subsystem
packages/bear.git Tool that generates a compilation database for clang...
packages/beast.git BEAST (the Bedevilled Audio System)
packages/beav.git A binary editor with Emacs-like keybindings
packages/bed.git Bruteforce Exploit Detector
packages/beecrypt.git The BeeCrypt Cryptography Library
packages/beep.git Beeps the PC speaker controlling frequency, duration...
packages/beignet.git Open source implementation of the OpenCL specification...
packages/belcard.git Belledonne Communications' vCard 4 parsing library
packages/belle-sip.git SIP (RFC3261) object-oriented implementation in C
packages/belr.git Belledonne Communications' language recognition library
packages/bemenu.git Dynamic menu library and client program inspired by...
packages/beryl-core.git OpenGL window and compositing manager
packages/beryl-manager.git An application to run and [manage|control] beryl
packages/beryl-plugins-unsupported.git beryl extra plugins
packages/beryl-plugins-vidcap.git Beryl vidcap plugin
packages/beryl-plugins.git beryl plugins
packages/beryl-settings-bindings.git Bindings to beryl settings library
packages/beryl-settings-simple.git Simple GUI configuration tool for beryl
packages/beryl-settings.git A GTK+ tool to configure beryl
packages/bes.git OPeNDAP Back End Server software framework
packages/bestfit.git bestfit - optimally choose files to be put on a CD...
packages/bf.git Brainfuck interpreter
packages/bfbtester.git Brute Force Binary Tester
packages/bfilter.git A filtering Web proxy
packages/bfruit.git Slot machine game
packages/bftpd.git Small FTP server
packages/bgbuddy.git Automatic wallpaper rotating daemon
packages/bglibs.git Bruce Guenter's Libraries Collection
packages/bgrab.git Rael's Binary Grabber
packages/bibcheck.git Applies heuristic checks to BibTeX files
packages/bibclean.git BibTeX prettyprinter, portability verifier, and syntax...
packages/bibcount.git Counts bibliography entries by type
packages/bibcursed.git Maintain BibTeX files
packages/bibextract.git Tools for extracting citation tags
packages/bibgrep.git Indexes and searches BibTeX files using Google-like...
packages/bibj.git Extracts journals names
packages/biblos.git Indexing tool to manage cds collection
packages/bibtv.git Text based interactive searching
packages/bicyclerepair.git Python Refactoring Browser
packages/bidilink.git bidilink - Bidirectional stream linker
packages/bidwatcher.git Track and snipe eBay auctions
packages/biew.git BIEW is Binary vIEWer and editor
packages/bigboard.git Sidebar application launcher using mugshot.org
packages/bigloo.git Bigloo is compiler for the Scheme programming language
packages/bigsister.git The Big Sister Network and System Monitor
packages/bijiben.git Bijiben - notes editor
packages/billiards.git Free cue sports simulator
packages/billreminder.git BillReminder - a desktop bill reminder for GNOME
packages/bin2iso.git Convert BIN into ISO images
packages/bin86.git Real mode 80x86 assembler and linker
packages/binaryklock.git Binary clock applet
packages/bincimap.git IMAP4rev1 server for Maildir
packages/binclock.git Display system time in binary format
packages/bind-snmp.git Bind SNMP script
packages/bind-to-tinydns.git Convert DNS zone files in BIND format to tinydns format
packages/bind.git BIND - DNS name server
packages/bind10.git BIND10 - DNS name server
packages/bindfs.git Mount a directory elsewhere with changed permissions
packages/bindinator.git Tool to generate C# binding project
packages/bindprivs.git Little silly kernel module and utility to restrict...
packages/binflash.git Binflash (NEC version) - universal firmware flasher...
packages/binfmt-detector.git Microsoft PE executable type detector
packages/bing.git Bing, a point-to-point bandwidth measurement tool ...
packages/bins.git HTML photo album generator
packages/binutils-gasp.git GASP - old preprocessor for assembly programs
packages/binutils.git GNU Binary Utility Development Utilities
packages/binwalk.git Binary image analyze tool
packages/bioapi.git Framework for biometric-based authentication
packages/biometrics-manager.git Graphical frontend for pam_bioapi enrollment
packages/biosdevname.git Udev helper for naming devices per BIOS names
packages/bircd.git Internet Relay Chat Server
packages/bird.git The BIRD Internet Routing Daemon
packages/bird2.git The BIRD Internet Routing Daemon
packages/birthday.git Display birthdays
packages/bison++.git Generate a parser in C or C++ from BNF notation
packages/bison.git A GNU general-purpose parser generator
packages/bitbake.git BitBake build tool
packages/bitcoin.git Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer currency
packages/bitefusion.git A snake game
packages/bitkeeper.git A distributed concurent versioning system better than CVS
packages/bitlbee.git An IRC to other chat networks gateway
packages/bitstream.git biTStream - set of C headers allowing a simple access...
packages/bjorb.git Bjorb - secure TCP relay software
packages/bk_client.git BitKeeper client
packages/bkchem.git Python 2D chemical structure drawing tool
packages/black-box.git Simple logical game
packages/blackbird-firmware.git Firmware for the MPEG-2 encoding on cx23416 cards ...
packages/blackbox.git Very small and fast window manger for the X Window
packages/bladeRF.git Library and tools to interact with bladeRF platform
packages/bladeenc.git Blade's MP3 Encoder
packages/blake3.git Official implementation of BLAKE3 cryptographic hash...
packages/blam.git .NET RSS Reader
packages/blassic.git Classic Basic interpreter
packages/blcr.git Berkeley Lab Checkpoint/Restart for Linux
packages/blender.git 3D modeling, rendering, animation and game creation...
packages/bless.git Hex Editor written in GTK#
packages/blitz.git Blitz++ - a C++ class library for scientific computing
packages/blktool.git Replacement for "hdparm"
packages/blktrace.git Utilities for block layer I/O tracing
packages/blobAndConquer.git 3D action game
packages/blobby2.git Blobby Volley 2 game
packages/blobwars.git 2D platform action game
packages/blocks.git Conversion tools to enable bcache or LVM on existing...
packages/blt.git A Tk toolkit extension, including widgets, geometry...
packages/bluefish.git Bluefish - HTML editor for the experienced web designer
packages/blueman.git Blueman - Bluetooth management utility for GNOME
packages/bluemindo.git Bluemindo is a very simple audio player
packages/bluemote.git Bluemote - a remote controller for your PC via Bluetooth
packages/bluez-firmware.git Bluetooth Firmware data
packages/bluez-gnome.git Bluetooth PIN manager for GNOME
packages/bluez-hcidump.git HCIDump - HCI packet analyzer
packages/bluez-hciemu.git HCI Emulation for Linux Bluetooth protocol stack
packages/bluez-kernel.git Bluetooth kernel modules
packages/bluez-obex.git Bluetooth OBEX utilities
packages/bluez-pin.git Bluetooth PIN manager
packages/bluez-qube.git ACL and L2CAP session handlers
packages/bluez.git Bluetooth utilities
packages/bluezsco.git Bluetooth headset controlling program
packages/bmap-tools.git Tools to generate block map (AKA bmap) and flash images...
packages/bmon.git Console interface bandwidth usage monitor
packages/bmpx.git Sound player with the WinAmp GUI, for Unix-based system...
packages/bmtools.git bmtools - Bandwidth Measurement Tools
packages/bmv.git Simple viewer of images (pbm-raw) and front end for...
packages/bnc.git Simple IRC bouncer
packages/bnlib.git BigNum multi-precision integer math library
packages/bnx2.git Broadcom NetXtreme II Gigabit ethernet driver
packages/boa-constructor.git Boa Constructor - a cross platform Python IDE
packages/boa.git Boa high speed HTTP server
packages/bochs.git Portable x86 PC Emulator
packages/bofh.git Console utility for maintaing user accounts
packages/bogl.git A terminal program for displaying Unicode on the console
packages/bogodisk.git Disk Speed Graphs
packages/bogofilter.git Bayesian Spam Filter
packages/bogoseek.git Disk Speed Graphs
packages/boinc.git BOINC - Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
packages/bomberclone.git Clone of the game AtomicBomberMan
packages/bombic.git A 2D Dynablaster clone
packages/bond.git Building object network databases
packages/bongo.git A calendar and mail server
packages/bonk.git Bonk lossy/lossless audio coder
packages/bonnie++.git A program for benchmarking hard drives and filesystems
packages/bonobo-conf.git Bonobo configuration moniker
packages/boolstuff.git BoolStuff is a C++ library that supports a few operatio...
packages/boomerang.git A general, open source, retargetable decompiler of...
packages/boost-jam.git Boost Jam - build tool
packages/boost.git The Boost C++ Libraries
packages/bootchart.git Boot Process Performance Visualization
packages/bootchart2.git Boot Process Performance Visualization
packages/bootil.git Garry Newman's utility library
packages/bootp.git bootp/DHCP server and test programs
packages/bootparamd.git A server process which provides boot information to...
packages/bootsplash-theme-black.git Bootsplash - darkblue theme
packages/bootsplash-theme-blackaqua.git Bootsplash - PLD blackaqua theme
packages/bootsplash-theme-blackbyshad.git Bootsplash - PLD black by shad theme
packages/bootsplash-theme-darkblue.git Bootsplash - darkblue theme
packages/bootsplash-theme-glow.git Bootsplash - glow by shadzik theme
packages/bootsplash-theme-livecd.git Bootsplash - PLD LiveCD with KDE4 by shadzik theme
packages/bootsplash.git Bootsplash - graphical boot process for Linux
packages/bopm.git Open proxy monitor and blocker, designed for use with...
packages/bos.git Invasion - Battle of Survival - a real-time strategy...
packages/bosh.git Browsable output shell
packages/boson.git Boson: a Real-Time Strategy Game (RTS) for the KDE...
packages/boswars.git Futuristic real-time strategy game
packages/botan.git Crypto library written in C++
packages/botan2.git Crypto library written in C++
packages/botnet.git A small library to assist development of IRC bots and...
packages/bower.git A package manager for the web
packages/box.git Box package manager program and library
packages/box2d.git Box2D - 2D physics engine for games
packages/box64.git Linux Userspace x86_64 Emulator
packages/boxes.git Draw any kind of box around some given text
packages/bpython.git bpython - a fancy interface to the Python interpreter
packages/br.git Biorhythmus
packages/br2684ctl.git Utility for configuring RFC 2684 ATM/Ethernet bridging
packages/brag.git Download and assemble multipart binaries from newsgroups
packages/brahms.git Brahms - a MIDI Program for KDE
packages/brainfunct.git Brainf*** language interpreter and compiler
packages/brasero.git Disc burning application for GNOME
packages/breakpad.git Open-source multi-platform crash reporting system
packages/bridge-utils.git Utilities for configuring the Linux ethernet bridge
packages/brightside.git Brightside Screen Corners and Edges daemon
packages/brik.git Checks archive integrity
packages/brikx.git Puzzle game
packages/brlcad.git BRL CAD - solid modeling system
packages/brltty.git Braille display driver for Linux/Unix
packages/brotli.git Brotli - generic-purpose lossless compression algorithm
packages/browscap.git PHP browscap file
packages/browser-common.git Base package for web browser components
packages/browser-plugin-cult3d.git A Mozilla plug-in to view Cult3D objects
packages/browser-plugin-esteid.git Estonian ID card digital signing browser plugin
packages/browser-plugin-genres.git GenReS browser scriptable plugin
packages/browser-plugin-kaffeine.git Kaffeine player for webbrowsers
packages/browser-plugin-lastpass.git LastPass binary version to enable sharing login state...
packages/browser-plugin-mozplugger.git Mozilla multimedia plugin
packages/browser-plugin-mozvoikko.git mozvoikko2 plugin for Mozilla-based applications
packages/browser-plugin-spice.git Spice-XPI plugin for Mozilla compatible browsers
packages/browser-plugin-swfdec.git Flash player for webbrowsers
packages/browser-plugin-vlc.git NPAPI plugin for libvlc
packages/browser-plugin-wacom.git An implementation of the Wacom Tablet Plugin
packages/browser-plugin-xine.git XINE browser plugin
packages/browser-plugins.git Base package for web browser plugins
packages/brs.git Bible Retrieval System
packages/brscan.git Brother scanner driver
packages/brutalchess.git 3D chess game for X-Window
packages/bs2b-description.git BS2B (Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP) project docum...
packages/bsc.git Beesoft Commander - NC clone
packages/bsd-finger.git Finger client
packages/bsd-games.git A collection of BSD (Berkeley Standard Distribution...
packages/bsddate.git BSD version of date(1) utility
packages/bsdiff.git Binary diff/patch utilities
packages/bsdmake.git BSD make program
packages/bsdsfv.git Utility for handling .sfv checksum files
packages/btail.git Bayesian log filter
packages/btanks-data.git Data for Battle Tanks arcade game with multiplayer...
packages/btanks.git Fast 2D tank arcade game with multiplayer and split...
packages/btmgr.git Smart Boot Manager is an OS independent boot manager
packages/btparse.git C library to parse BibTeX files
packages/btparser.git Parser and analyzer for backtraces produced by GDB
packages/btpd.git Bittorent client
packages/btrfs-progs.git Utilities belonging to the btrfs filesystem
packages/btsco.git Bluetooth-alsa Project
packages/btsync.git BitTorrent Sync
packages/bttv.git BrookTree TV tuner driver
packages/btype.git .torrent file editor
packages/bu.git bu - Incremental NFS BackUp tool
packages/bubblefishymon.git A dockapp-style system load monitor
packages/bubblewrap.git bubblewrap - container setup utility
packages/bucardo.git PgSQL replication system for both multi-master and...
packages/buffer.git Standard input and output buffering program
packages/bug-buddy.git Utility to ease the reporting of bugs within the GNOME
packages/bugwarrior.git Sync github, bitbucket, and trac issues with taskwarrior
packages/bugzilla.git Bug tracking system
packages/build-essential.git build essential packages
packages/buildbot.git BuildBot build automation system
packages/buildroot.git making Embedded Linux easy
packages/bullet.git Bullet - collision detection and rigid body dynamics...
packages/bumprace.git A funny action game written with SDL
packages/buoh.git The online comic reader application for GNOME
packages/burg.git Brand-new Universal loadeR from Grub
packages/burncdda.git A frontend to cdrdao, cdrecord, mpg123, ogg123, and...
packages/bush.git Business Shell (BUSH)
packages/busybox.git Set of common Unix utilities for embeded systems
packages/bv16-floatingpoint.git BroadVoice16 floating point codec
packages/bvi.git Binary vi
packages/bwbasic.git Basic interpreter under Linux
packages/bwfmetaedit.git Embed, validate and export BWF files metadata
packages/bwm-ng.git Bandwidth monitor - display bandwidth usage on all...
packages/bwm-tools.git Bandwidth Management Tools
packages/bwm.git Bandwidth monitor - display bandwidth usage on all...