2012-06-24 kloczek- release 4: use new %doc. RA-1_0 STABLE aterm-0_4_2-4
2012-06-24 kloczekperl -pi -e "s/^automake -a -c -f --foreing/\%\{__autom...
2012-06-24 artursfixed a small typo
2012-06-24 kloczek- adapterized.
2012-06-24 kloczek- removed all Group fields translations (oure rpm now...
2012-06-24 ankry- adding es/pt/pt_BR Group translations
2012-06-24 kloczekperl -pi -e "s/pld-list\\
2012-06-24 qrczak- TERM=rxvt describes aterm better than TERM=xterm... aterm-0_4_2-3
2012-06-24 kloczek- release 2: move desktop file to Terminals/. aterm-0_4_2-2
2012-06-24 kloczek- merged translations stolen from CNV, aterm-0_4_2-1
2012-06-24 kloczek- removed es translation (this is copy en),
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- BuildRequires: autoconf
2012-06-24 ankry- desktop files cleaning: conversion to UTF-8, pl trans...
2012-06-24 filon- updated to 0.4.2
2012-06-24 Jacek Konieczny- converted to unicode
2012-06-24 Paweł Gołaszewski- 0.4.0
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- adapterized and made spec %%debug ready or using...
2012-06-24 kloczek- added pl and es, pt_BR translations (from Conectiva...
2012-06-24 kloczek- release 7. aterm-0_3_6-7
2012-06-24 kloczek- added using %%{__make} macro.
2012-06-24 kloczek- release 6, aterm-0_3_6-6
2012-06-24 kloczek- spec adapterized.
2012-06-24 mikrobi- fading option enabled
2012-06-24 Sebastian Zagrodzki- changed all BuildRoot definitons
2012-06-24 Jan Rękorajski- translated kloczkish into english
2012-06-24 kloczek- typo. aterm-0_3_6-5
2012-06-24 kloczek- release 5,
2012-06-24 kloczek- added Icon.
2012-06-24 kloczek- release 4, aterm-0_3_6-4
2012-06-24 Sebastian Zagrodzki- adapter(ized)
2012-06-24 lukasz- changed instal to install (section install) ;)
2012-06-24 Artur Frysiak - /etc/X11/applnk -> /usr/X11R6/share/applnk
2012-06-24 Jan Rękorajskipatchset for aterm
2012-06-24 Jan Rękorajski- added patches for utempter
2012-06-24 Jan Rękorajski- gziping docs
2012-06-24 Jan Rękorajski- cleanup for PLD
2012-06-24 kloczek- added using CVS keywords in %changelog (for automatin...
2012-06-24 kloczek- added line on top spec file with cvs tags ($Revision...
2012-06-24 Jan Rękorajskikosmetyka
2012-06-24 Artur Frysiaks/%{_target}/%{_target_platform}/
2012-06-24 kloczek- standarized line with BuildRoot field:
2012-06-24 Artur Frysiakadded %{_target} macro
2012-06-24 kloczek- initial version.
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