descriptionTemplates for PLD specs
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2021-07-02 Arkadiusz MiśkiewiczMore/better examples. master
2021-06-11 Jan Rękorajski- spaces to tabs
2021-03-31 Jan Palusbump macros for x32; add EA
2021-03-30 Jan Palususe %cargo_* macros
2021-03-28 Jan Rękorajski- bump required ocaml ver
2021-03-28 Jan Rękorajski- updated ocaml files
2021-03-27 Jan Rękorajski- no split site-lib anymore
2021-03-18 Jan Rękorajski- disable debug packages when not buildding native...
2021-03-17 Elan RuusamäeUse cargo based install
2021-03-17 Elan RuusamäeUnpack source1
2021-03-17 Elan RuusamäeAdd .tar.xz deps
2021-03-17 Elan RuusamäeAdd rust template with crate vendoring example
2021-03-05 Jakub Bogusz- updated noarch rules
2021-02-06 Jakub Bogusz- further unified python templates
2020-11-26 Jakub Bogusz- adjusted noarch subpackage rules and some description...
2020-06-02 Elan RuusamäeAdd subst for system php
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