descriptionScripts for PLD Linux FTP administration
last changeSat, 24 Apr 2021 19:33:58 +0000 (21:33 +0200)
2021-04-24 Jan RękorajskiFix readlines() semantics master
2021-03-24 Jan RękorajskiSupport for split debugsource packaes
2021-03-09 Jan RękorajskiFix StringIO usage under python 3
2021-03-03 Jan RękorajskiDon't check signatures and digests when looking up...
2021-02-28 Jan Rękorajskikeys() is a view in Python 3, need to convert it to...
2021-02-28 Jan RękorajskiFilter out boolean deps, poldek does not support them...
2021-02-28 Jan RękorajskiFix call to cmp_to_key
2021-02-28 Jan RękorajskiAdd missing import
2021-02-28 Jan RękorajskiWorkaround for removed compare function to sorted()
2021-02-28 Jan RękorajskiUse correct dictionary key checks
2021-02-28 Jan RękorajskiMore syntax fixes
2021-02-28 Jan RękorajskiIgnore gpg passphrase prompt timeout, rpm now uses...
2021-02-28 Jan RękorajskiFix outdated syntax
2021-02-28 Jan RękorajskiSwitch to Python 3 for rpm
2021-02-22 Jan Rękorajskifix package header selection in freshness tool
2021-02-21 Jan RękorajskiTypeError: got <type 'str'> ('Enter pass phrase:')...
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