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2022-01-10 Jan Palusadd support for building multiple targets
2022-01-10 Jan Palusexplicitly set cc/cxx/ar
2021-12-28 Jakub Bogusz- package rust-demangler and rust-llvm-dwp
2021-12-04 Jan Palususe python3 for invoking build scripts
2021-12-02 Jan Palusup to 1.57.0 auto/th/rust-1.57.0-1
2021-11-07 Jan Palusup to 1.56.1 auto/th/rust-1.56.1-1
2021-10-23 Jan Rękorajski- update git2 and libgit2 crates to latest versions... auto/th/rust-1.56.0-3
2021-10-23 Jan Rękorajski- update libgit2 BRs
2021-10-23 Jan RękorajskiRelease 2 (by relup.sh) auto/th/rust-1.56.0-2
2021-10-22 Jan Rękorajski- up to 1.56.0 auto/th/rust-1.56.0-1
2021-10-04 Jan PalusBR: llvm (llvm-dwp copied to rust-llvm-dwp during build)
2021-09-25 Jan Rękorajskirebuild with openssl 3.0.0 auto/th/rust-1.55.0-2
2021-09-09 Jan Palusup to 1.55.0 auto/th/rust-1.55.0-1
2021-09-04 Jan RękorajskiRelease 2 (by relup.sh) auto/th/rust-1.54.0-2
2021-08-28 Jakub Bogusz- note on unpackaged file
2021-08-28 Jakub Bogusz- honour rpm _libexecdir setting
2021-08-09 Jan Palusup to 1.54.0 auto/th/rust-1.54.0-1
2021-07-14 Jan Palusbackport fixes to disable miri and analyzer; rel 2 auto/th/rust-1.53.0-2
2021-07-13 Jan Palusup to 1.53.0 auto/th/rust-1.53.0-1
2021-06-15 Jan Palusarmv7h*l has its own target
2021-05-29 Jan Rękorajski- rel 2 auto/th/rust-1.52.1-2
2021-05-29 Jan Rękorajski- cleanup libs packaging
2021-05-28 Jan Palusx32 patch does not seem to be required anymore
2021-05-28 Jan Rękorajski- relax internal deps auto/th/rust-1.52.1-1
2021-05-28 Jan Rękorajski- follow upstream and split analysis and std libs to...
2021-05-27 Jan Palusup to 1.52.1
2021-05-27 Jan Palusbump required libgit2 version auto/th/rust-1.52.0-0.1
2021-05-27 Jan Palusswitch to rpm.org is now complete hence add x32 BRs...
2021-05-25 Jan Palusdisable debug packages when building without full_debuginfo
2021-05-07 Jan Palusup to 1.52.0
2021-03-07 Jan Rękorajski- unconditional noarch subpackages
2021-01-02 Jan Rękorajski- up to 1.49.0
2020-12-05 Jan Rękorajski- fix files on x32
2020-12-04 Jan Palusdon't install src twice
2020-12-04 Jan Palusadd support for armhf
2020-12-03 Jan Palusup to 1.48.0
2020-12-02 Jan Rękorajski- add future hint for x32 build requirements
2020-10-30 Jan Palusadjusted and reenabled x32 patch
2020-10-15 Jan Palusfractional release until mozilla catches up
2020-10-13 Jan Palusmove language servers to subpackages
2020-10-13 Jan Palusup to 1.47.0
2020-10-04 Jakub Bogusz- release 2 auto/th/rust-1.44.1-2
2020-10-04 Jakub Bogusz- x32 rust-std is not needed to bootstrap
2020-10-04 Jakub Bogusz- BRs compiler host curl-devel libgit2-devel
2020-10-04 Jakub Bogusz- added no-miri patch (disable miri by default in stabl...
2020-10-04 Jakub Bogusz- patch to disable miri build by default (nightly only...
2020-10-03 Jakub Bogusz- added x32 patch, librustc* libs now build (but build...
2020-09-17 Jakub Bogusz- updated platform-support link
2020-07-01 Jan Palusup to 1.44.1 auto/th/rust-1.44.1-1
2020-05-01 Jan Palusadd support for aarch64
2020-05-01 Jan Palusrespect configured number of parallel jobs
2020-04-13 Jan Rękorajski- release 3 (by relup.sh) auto/th/rust-1.42.0-3
2020-04-13 Jan Palus- llvm rebuild
2020-03-29 Jan Palusup to 1.42.0 auto/th/rust-1.42.0-1
2020-02-04 Jakub Bogusz- updated to 1.41.0 (1.40.0 needed for bootstrap) auto/th/rust-1.41.0-1
2019-12-05 Jan Palus- release 2 (by relup.sh) auto/th/rust-1.39.0-2
2019-11-09 Jan Rękorajski- up to 1.39.0 auto/th/rust-1.39.0-1
2019-10-20 Jan Rękorajski- add some x32 specific prep stuff auto/th/rust-1.38.0-1
2019-10-20 Jan Rękorajski- up to 1.38.0, use xz tarballs, fetch x32 boostrap...
2019-10-09 Jakub Bogusz- started trying with rust-std on x32
2019-09-07 Jan Palusup to 1.37.0 auto/th/rust-1.37.0-1
2019-05-30 Jan Rękorajski- up to 1.35.0 auto/th/rust-1.35.0-1
2019-04-14 Jan Palusup to 1.34.0 auto/th/rust-1.34.0-1
2018-12-17 Jacek Koniecznyremove x32 from ExclusiveArch auto/th/rust-1.31.0-1
2018-12-08 Jakub Bogusz- updated to 1.31.0
2018-11-27 Jan Rękorajski- rebuild with llvm 7 auto/th/rust-1.30.0-2
2018-11-05 Jan Rękorajski- disable full debuginfo, it's too much for i686 builder auto/th/rust-1.30.0-1
2018-11-05 Jan Rękorajski- up to 1.30.0
2018-09-22 Jan Palusmissed unstaged hunk
2018-09-22 Jan Palusfollow Fedora and package cargo shipped with rust
2018-09-21 Jan Palusup to 1.29.0 (cargo packaging to be figured)
2018-08-26 Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz- up to 1.28.0
2018-04-01 Jan Rękorajski- add x32 target
2018-03-31 Jakub Bogusz- added full_debuginfo and system_llvm bconds
2018-03-30 Jan Rękorajski- regexp fix auto/th/rust-1.25.0-2
2018-03-30 Jan Rękorajski- rel 1, no need for release bump auto/th/rust-1.25.0-1
2018-03-30 Jan Rękorajski- fix misdetected unresolved symbols
2018-03-30 Jan Rękorajski- enable-local-rust breaks local-rust-root processing...
2018-03-29 Jan Palusup to 1.25.0 (adds support for llvm 6)
2017-11-20 Jan Rękorajski- fixed install auto/th/rust-1.21.0-1
2017-11-20 Jan Rękorajski- fixed build
2017-11-19 Jan Rękorajski- up to 1.21.0
2017-11-18 Jan Rękorajski- remove obsolete patch auto/th/rust-1.19.0-1
2017-11-16 Jan Rękorajski- up to 1.19.0
2017-07-20 Jakub Bogusz- pl, cleanup, verbose libs in system libdir
2017-07-10 Jan RękorajskiRevert "rpm4 noarch", PLD uses rpm5 since 2012, stop...
2017-07-02 Elan Ruusamäerpm4 noarch
2017-06-28 Jan Rękorajski- we don't have separate python-lldb, all is in lldb... auto/th/rust-1.18.0-2
2017-06-28 Jan Rękorajski- rel 1 auto/th/rust-1.18.0-1
2017-06-28 Jan Rękorajski- fix build deps
2017-06-27 Jan Rękorajski- ugly libdir hack auto/th/rust-1.18.0-0.3
2017-06-27 Jan Rękorajski- cleanup and debuginfo fix from fedora
2017-06-27 Jan Rękorajski- fix non-bootstrap prep
2017-06-27 Jan Rękorajski- rel 0.2, disable tests, they just don't work on builders auto/th/rust-1.18.0-0.2
2017-06-27 Jan Rękorajski- don't lie to ourselves that we support arm
2017-06-27 Jan Rękorajski- cleaned up macro hell a little bit auto/th/rust-1.18.0-0.1
2017-06-27 Jan Rękorajski- disable so check for llvm lib
2017-06-26 Jan Rękorajski- dont generate deps for rust private libs
2017-06-26 Jan Rękorajski- cleaned up install and files
2017-06-23 Jan Rękorajski- started update to 1.18.0
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