2018-02-13 Jan Palusup to auto/th/synapse-
2017-05-15 Jan Palusupstream revisions 652,653 to fix type compatibility... auto/th/synapse-
2016-04-16 Jan Paluslibappindicator BRs auto/th/synapse-
2016-03-22 Jan Palusup to
2015-01-31 Jan Palus- up to DEVEL
2014-12-02 Jan Palus- lock screen support in mate patch
2014-07-13 Jan Palus- development snapshot built against gtk+3
2014-01-11 Jan Palus- correct vala libgee/zeitgeist dependencies auto/th/synapse-0.2.10-2
2014-01-11 Jan Palus- BR: libzeitgeist-devel instead of zeitgeist-devel
2014-01-11 Jan Palus- add missing patch
2014-01-11 Jan Palus- fix build with patch for ambiguous Timeout (taken...
2013-08-18 Jan Palus- run autotools auto/th/synapse-0.2.10-1
2012-09-10 wrobell- updated files section
2012-09-10 wrobell- fixed build requirements
2012-08-09 wrobell- updated source md5
2012-08-09 wrobell- started to work on synapse package
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