descriptionScripts for managing .spec files and building RPM packages
last changeMon, 13 May 2019 09:45:06 +0000 (11:45 +0200)
2019-05-13 Witold Filipczyk- helper script for bumping version of ka5*spec master
2019-05-13 Witold Filipczyk- ordering of ka5 packages generated by sort-pkgs
2019-05-10 Witold Filipczyk- helper script to bump version of a kf5 spec
2019-02-02 Elan Ruusamäebuilder: avoid printing git hash
2018-11-25 Adam Gołębiowski- update path for mutt mirror on
2018-11-15 Adam Osuchowski- switch CPAN mirror to AGH because ICM's sunsite reply...
2018-11-01 Elan Ruusamäegeoip: handle xtables-geoip having same filename
2018-10-30 Elan Ruusamäeupdate-geoip: xtables-geoip: extract version from attac...
2018-10-30 Elan Ruusamäepoldek: skip desc when updating idnexes
2018-10-09 Adam Gołębiowski- switch sf mirror to vorboss (heanet seems outdated)
2018-09-29 Adam Gołębiowski- ftp service on ftp.debian is disabled as of 20171101...
2018-09-11 Adam Osuchowski- unset GIT_TESTING_PORCELAIN_COMMAND_LIST environment...
2018-06-27 Arkadiusz MiśkiewiczUse tempfile provided in this script.
2018-06-27 Arkadiusz MiśkiewiczSupport -4/-6 options in git and lftp operations.
2018-03-30 Jan Rękorajskihonor GETLOCAL override in .builderrc
2018-02-26 Arkadiusz MiśkiewiczNo CVS.
2 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.9-4
2 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.9-3
3 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.9-2
3 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.9-1
3 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.8-6
3 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.8-5
3 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.8-4
3 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.8-3
4 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.8-2
4 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.8-1
4 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.7-1
4 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.6-4
5 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.6-3
5 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.6-2
5 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.6-1
5 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.5-13
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2 years ago merge-pld-builder-client
5 years ago for-arekm
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