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descriptionScripts for managing .spec files and building RPM packages
last changeSun, 11 Jun 2023 23:26:15 +0000 (01:26 +0200)
2023-06-11 Jan Palusbuilder: make default for USE_TEEBOTH depend on perl... master
2023-06-11 Jan Palusadd --get-spec/-gs for getting just package
2023-06-11 Jan Palusrewrite builder -5 in sed dropping perl dependency
2023-02-22 Elan Ruusamäebuilder.sh: You do not need cd at the end of the builde...
2023-02-22 Elan Ruusamäerepackage: Add rpm 4.16 compatibility
2023-02-22 Elan Ruusamäeclean-distfiles.sh: Add more files to cleanup, show...
2023-01-04 Jan Palussort-pkgs: read packages from stdin if no filename...
2023-01-04 Jan Palussort-pkgs: be more lenient about input
2023-01-04 Jan Palussort-pkgs: for packages dir try evaluting %_topdir
2022-09-03 Jan Palusrust-crates: add support for non-top level (located...
2022-09-03 Jan Palusrust-crates: fix error message on unknown argument
2022-08-31 Jan Palusbuilder: bring back changing directory to original...
2022-08-30 Jan Palusbuilder: don't bother going back to original $(pwd...
2022-05-14 Witold Filipczyk- script for updating kp5-*
2022-02-26 Jan Palusinitial generic script for rust crates tarball creation
2021-12-01 Elan RuusamäeFeature: Remove "warning" lines from rpm-specdump output
22 months ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.10-2
2 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.10-1
2 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.9-10
2 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.9-9
2 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.9-8
2 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.9-7
3 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.9-6
3 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.9-5
5 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.9-4
6 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.9-3
6 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.9-2
7 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.9-1
7 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.8-6
7 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.8-5
7 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.8-4
7 years ago auto/th/rpm-build-tools-4.8-3
3 months ago master
6 years ago merge-pld-builder-client
9 years ago for-arekm
11 years ago tag_checking
11 years ago rpm-build.sh
11 years ago sbuilder
11 years ago DEVEL
11 years ago PLD
11 years ago RA-branch
11 years ago rpm_files/master
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