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[packages/man-pages.git] / man-pages-links.list
1#LANG LINK CONTENT [.so omitted]
2C man2/FD_CLR.2 select.2
3C man2/FD_ISSET.2 select.2
4C man2/FD_SET.2 select.2
5C man2/FD_ZERO.2 select.2
6C man3/NLMSG_ALIGN.3 netlink.3
7C man3/NLMSG_DATA.3 netlink.3
8C man3/NLMSG_LENGTH.3 netlink.3
9C man3/NLMSG_NEXT.3 netlink.3
10C man3/NLMSG_OK.3 netlink.3
11C man3/NLMSG_PAYLOAD.3 netlink.3
12C man3/NLMSG_SPACE.3 netlink.3
13cs man1/atq.1 at.1
14cs man1/atrm.1 at.1
15cs man1/batch.1 at.1
16cs man1/bunzip2.1 bzip2.1
17cs man1/bzcat.1 bzip2.1
18cs man1/bzip2recover.1 bzip2.1
19cs man2/afs_syscall.2 unimplemented.2
20cs man2/break.2 unimplemented.2
21cs man2/fchdir.2 chdir.2
22cs man2/gtty.2 unimplemented.2
23cs man2/lock.2 unimplemented.2
24cs man2/mpx.2 unimplemented.2
25cs man2/oldfstat.2 obsolete.2
26cs man2/oldlstat.2 obsolete.2
27cs man2/oldolduname.2 obsolete.2
28cs man2/oldstat.2 obsolete.2
29cs man2/olduname.2 obsolete.2
30cs man2/prof.2 unimplemented.2
31cs man2/sendmsg.2 send.2
32cs man2/sendto.2 send.2
33cs man2/siggetmask.2 sigblock.2
34cs man2/sigmask.2 sigblock.2
35cs man2/sigpending.2 sigaction.2
36cs man2/sigprocmask.2 sigaction.2
37cs man2/sigsetmask.2 sigblock.2
38cs man2/sigsuspend.2 sigaction.2
39cs man2/stty.2 unimplemented.2
40cs man2/ulimit.2 unimplemented.2
41cs man3/endhostent.3 gethostbyname.3
42cs man3/endprotoent.3 getprotoent.3
43cs man3/endservent.3 getservent.3
44cs man3/erfc.3 erf.3
45cs man3/gethostbyaddr.3 gethostbyname.3
46cs man3/getprotobyname.3 getprotoent.3
47cs man3/getprotobynumber.3 getprotoent.3
48cs man3/getservbyname.3 getservent.3
49cs man3/getservbyport.3 getservent.3
50cs man3/herror.3 gethostbyname.3
51cs man3/htonl.3 byteorder.3
52cs man3/htons.3 byteorder.3
53cs man3/inet_addr.3 inet.3
54cs man3/inet_aton.3 inet.3
55cs man3/inet_lnaof.3 inet.3
56cs man3/inet_makeaddr.3 inet.3
57cs man3/inet_netof.3 inet.3
58cs man3/inet_network.3 inet.3
59cs man3/inet_ntoa.3 inet.3
60cs man3/isalnum.3 isalpha.3
61cs man3/isascii.3 isalpha.3
62cs man3/isblank.3 isalpha.3
63cs man3/iscntrl.3 isalpha.3
64cs man3/isdigit.3 isalpha.3
65cs man3/isgraph.3 isalpha.3
66cs man3/islower.3 isalpha.3
67cs man3/isprint.3 isalpha.3
68cs man3/ispunct.3 isalpha.3
69cs man3/isspace.3 isalpha.3
70cs man3/isupper.3 isalpha.3
71cs man3/isxdigit.3 isalpha.3
72cs man3/log10.3 exp.3
73cs man3/log1p.3 expm1.3
74cs man3/log.3 exp.3
75cs man3/ntohl.3 byteorder.3
76cs man3/ntohs.3 byteorder.3
77cs man3/pathconf.3 fpathconf.3
78cs man3/pow.3 exp.3
79cs man3/rindex.3 index.3
80cs man3/sethostent.3 gethostbyname.3
81cs man3/setprotoent.3 getprotoent.3
82cs man3/setservent.3 getservent.3
83cs man3/sigaddset.3 sigsetops.3
84cs man3/sigdelset.3 sigsetops.3
85cs man3/sigemptyset.3 sigsetops.3
86cs man3/sigfillset.3 sigsetops.3
87cs man3/sigismember.3 sigsetops.3
88de man2/FD_CLR.2 select.2
89de man2/FD_ISSET.2 select.2
90de man2/FD_SET.2 select.2
91de man2/FD_ZERO.2 select.2
92de man2/vm86old.2 vm86.2
93de man7/iso_8859_1.7 iso_8859-1.7
94de man7/iso-8859-1.7 iso_8859-1.7
95de man7/utf8.7 utf-8.7
96de man8/telinit.8 init.8
97es man1/bzip2recover.1 bzip2.1
98es man1/rbash.1 bash.1
99es man2/FD_CLR.2 select.2
100es man2/FD_ISSET.2 select.2
101es man2/FD_SET.2 select.2
102es man2/FD_ZERO.2 select.2
103es man2/vm86old.2 vm86.2
104es man3/CIRCLEQ_ENTRY.3 queue.3
105es man3/CIRCLEQ_HEAD.3 queue.3
106es man3/CIRCLEQ_INIT.3 queue.3
107es man3/CIRCLEQ_INSERT_AFTER.3 queue.3
108es man3/CIRCLEQ_INSERT_BEFORE.3 queue.3
109es man3/CIRCLEQ_INSERT_HEAD.3 queue.3
110es man3/CIRCLEQ_INSERT_TAIL.3 queue.3
111es man3/CIRCLEQ_REMOVE.3 queue.3
9dd8f931 112es man3/LIST_EMPTY.3 queue.3
78dd76f6 113es man3/LIST_ENTRY.3 queue.3
114es man3/LIST_FIRST.3 queue.3
115es man3/LIST_FOREACH.3 queue.3
78dd76f6 116es man3/LIST_HEAD.3 queue.3
9dd8f931 117es man3/LIST_HEAD_INITIALIZER.3 queue.3
118es man3/LIST_INIT.3 queue.3
119es man3/LIST_INSERT_AFTER.3 queue.3
9dd8f931 120es man3/LIST_INSERT_BEFORE.3 queue.3
78dd76f6 121es man3/LIST_INSERT_HEAD.3 queue.3
9dd8f931 122es man3/LIST_NEXT.3 queue.3
123es man3/LIST_REMOVE.3 queue.3
124es man3/NLMSG_ALIGN.3 netlink.3
125es man3/NLMSG_DATA.3 netlink.3
126es man3/NLMSG_LENGTH.3 netlink.3
127es man3/NLMSG_NEXT.3 netlink.3
128es man3/NLMSG_OK.3 netlink.3
129es man3/NLMSG_PAYLOAD.3 netlink.3
130es man3/NLMSG_SPACE.3 netlink.3
131es man3/SLIST_EMPTY.3 queue.3
132es man3/SLIST_ENTRY.3 queue.3
133es man3/SLIST_FIRST.3 queue.3
134es man3/SLIST_FOREACH.3 queue.3
135es man3/SLIST_HEAD.3 queue.3
136es man3/SLIST_HEAD_INITIALIZER.3 queue.3
137es man3/SLIST_INIT.3 queue.3
138es man3/SLIST_INSERT_AFTER.3 queue.3
139es man3/SLIST_INSERT_HEAD.3 queue.3
140es man3/SLIST_NEXT.3 queue.3
141es man3/SLIST_REMOVE.3 queue.3
142es man3/SLIST_REMOVE_HEAD.3 queue.3
143es man3/STAILQ_CONCAT.3 queue.3
144es man3/STAILQ_EMPTY.3 queue.3
145es man3/STAILQ_ENTRY.3 queue.3
146es man3/STAILQ_FIRST.3 queue.3
147es man3/STAILQ_FOREACH.3 queue.3
148es man3/STAILQ_HEAD.3 queue.3
149es man3/STAILQ_HEAD_INITIALIZER.3 queue.3
150es man3/STAILQ_INIT.3 queue.3
151es man3/STAILQ_INSERT_AFTER.3 queue.3
152es man3/STAILQ_INSERT_HEAD.3 queue.3
153es man3/STAILQ_INSERT_TAIL.3 queue.3
154es man3/STAILQ_LAST.3 queue.3
155es man3/STAILQ_NEXT.3 queue.3
156es man3/STAILQ_REMOVE.3 queue.3
157es man3/STAILQ_REMOVE_HEAD.3 queue.3
158es man3/TAILQ_CONCAT.3 queue.3
159es man3/TAILQ_EMPTY.3 queue.3
78dd76f6 160es man3/TAILQ_ENTRY.3 queue.3
161es man3/TAILQ_FIRST.3 queue.3
162es man3/TAILQ_FOREACH.3 queue.3
163es man3/TAILQ_FOREACH_REVERSE.3 queue.3
78dd76f6 164es man3/TAILQ_HEAD.3 queue.3
9dd8f931 165es man3/TAILQ_HEAD_INITIALIZER.3 queue.3
166es man3/TAILQ_INIT.3 queue.3
167es man3/TAILQ_INSERT_AFTER.3 queue.3
9dd8f931 168es man3/TAILQ_INSERT_BEFORE.3 queue.3
169es man3/TAILQ_INSERT_HEAD.3 queue.3
170es man3/TAILQ_INSERT_TAIL.3 queue.3
171es man3/TAILQ_LAST.3 queue.3
172es man3/TAILQ_NEXT.3 queue.3
173es man3/TAILQ_PREV.3 queue.3
78dd76f6 174es man3/TAILQ_REMOVE.3 queue.3
9dd8f931 175es man3/TAILQ_SWAP.3 queue.3
176es man3/__after_morecore_hook.3 malloc_hook.3
177es man3/__free_hook.3 malloc_hook.3
9dd8f931 178es man3/__malloc_initialize_hook.3 malloc_hook.3
179es man3/__memalign_hook.3 malloc_hook.3
180es man3/__realloc_hook.3 malloc_hook.3
181es man5/at_access.5 at_allow.5
182es man5/at_deny.5 at_allow.5
183es man8/ld-linux.8 ld.so.8
184es man8/ld-linux.so.8 ld.so.8
185fi man1/atq.1 at.1
186fi man1/atrm.1 at.1
187fi man1/batch.1 at.1
188fi man1/dir.1 ls.1
189fi man1/egrep.1 grep.1
190fi man1/fgrep.1 grep.1
191fi man1/vdir.1 ls.1
192fi man6/morse.6 bcd.6
193fi man6/ppt.6 bcd.6
194fi man6/rot13.6 caesar.6
195fr man1/bunzip2.1 bzip2.1
196fr man1/bzcat.1 bzip2.1
197fr man1/bzip2recover.1 bzip2.1
198fr man1/rbash.1 bash.1
199fr man8/reboot.8 halt.8
200hu man1/atq.1 at.1
201hu man1/atrm.1 at.1
202hu man1/batch.1 at.1
203hu man1/bunzip2.1 bzip2.1
204hu man1/bzcat.1 bzip2.1
205hu man1/bzip2recover.1 bzip2.1
206hu man1/dir.1 ls.1
207hu man1/egrep.1 grep.1
208hu man1/fgrep.1 grep.1
209hu man1/vdir.1 ls.1
210hu man7/iso_8859_15.7 iso_8859-15.7
211hu man7/iso-8859-15.7 iso_8859-15.7
212hu man7/iso_8859_1.7 iso_8859-1.7
213hu man7/iso-8859-1.7 iso_8859-1.7
214hu man7/iso_8859_2.7 iso_8859-2.7
215hu man7/iso-8859-2.7 iso_8859-2.7
216hu man7/iso_8859_7.7 iso_8859-7.7
217hu man7/iso-8859-7.7 iso_8859-7.7
218hu man7/latin1.7 iso_8859-1.7
219hu man7/latin2.7 iso_8859-2.7
220hu man7/utf8.7 utf-8.7
221hu man8/ld-linux.8 ld.so.8
222hu man8/ld-linux.so.8 ld.so.8
223hu man8/telinit.8 init.8
224id man1/atq.1 at.1
225id man1/atrm.1 at.1
226id man1/batch.1 at.1
227id man1/dir.1 ls.1
228id man1/vdir.1 ls.1
229id man8/reboot.8 halt.8
230it man1/byacc.1 yacc.1
231it man1/bzip2recover.1 bzip2.1
232it man1/rbash.1 bash.1
233it man2/vmold.2 vm86.2
234ja man1/byacc.1 yacc.1
235ja man1/flex++.1 flex.1
236ja man1/geqn.1 eqn.1
237ja man1/gindxbib.1 indxbib.1
238ja man1/glookbib.1 lookbib.1
239ja man1/gneqn.1 neqn.1
240ja man1/gnroff.1 nroff.1
241ja man1/gpic.1 pic.1
242ja man1/grefer.1 refer.1
243ja man1/gsoelim.1 soelim.1
244ja man1/gtbl.1 tbl.1
245ja man1/gtroff.1 troff.1
246ja man1/lex.1 flex.1
247ja man2/FD_CLR.2 select.2
248ja man2/FD_ISSET.2 select.2
249ja man2/FD_SET.2 select.2
250ja man2/FD_ZERO.2 select.2
251ja man3/LIST_EMPTY.3 queue.3
252ja man3/LIST_FIRST.3 queue.3
253ja man3/LIST_FOREACH.3 queue.3
254ja man3/LIST_HEAD_INITIALIZER.3 queue.3
255ja man3/LIST_INSERT_BEFORE.3 queue.3
256ja man3/LIST_NEXT.3 queue.3
257ja man3/NLMSG_ALIGN.3 netlink.3
258ja man3/NLMSG_DATA.3 netlink.3
259ja man3/NLMSG_LENGTH.3 netlink.3
260ja man3/NLMSG_NEXT.3 netlink.3
261ja man3/NLMSG_OK.3 netlink.3
262ja man3/NLMSG_PAYLOAD.3 netlink.3
263ja man3/NLMSG_SPACE.3 netlink.3
264ja man3/SLIST_EMPTY.3 queue.3
265ja man3/SLIST_ENTRY.3 queue.3
266ja man3/SLIST_FIRST.3 queue.3
267ja man3/SLIST_FOREACH.3 queue.3
268ja man3/SLIST_HEAD.3 queue.3
269ja man3/SLIST_HEAD_INITIALIZER.3 queue.3
270ja man3/SLIST_INIT.3 queue.3
271ja man3/SLIST_INSERT_AFTER.3 queue.3
272ja man3/SLIST_INSERT_HEAD.3 queue.3
273ja man3/SLIST_NEXT.3 queue.3
274ja man3/SLIST_REMOVE.3 queue.3
275ja man3/SLIST_REMOVE_HEAD.3 queue.3
276ja man3/STAILQ_CONCAT.3 queue.3
277ja man3/STAILQ_EMPTY.3 queue.3
278ja man3/STAILQ_ENTRY.3 queue.3
279ja man3/STAILQ_FIRST.3 queue.3
280ja man3/STAILQ_FOREACH.3 queue.3
281ja man3/STAILQ_HEAD.3 queue.3
282ja man3/STAILQ_HEAD_INITIALIZER.3 queue.3
283ja man3/STAILQ_INIT.3 queue.3
284ja man3/STAILQ_INSERT_AFTER.3 queue.3
285ja man3/STAILQ_INSERT_HEAD.3 queue.3
286ja man3/STAILQ_INSERT_TAIL.3 queue.3
287ja man3/STAILQ_LAST.3 queue.3
288ja man3/STAILQ_NEXT.3 queue.3
289ja man3/STAILQ_REMOVE.3 queue.3
290ja man3/STAILQ_REMOVE_HEAD.3 queue.3
291ja man3/TAILQ_CONCAT.3 queue.3
292ja man3/TAILQ_EMPTY.3 queue.3
293ja man3/TAILQ_FIRST.3 queue.3
294ja man3/TAILQ_FOREACH.3 queue.3
295ja man3/TAILQ_FOREACH_REVERSE.3 queue.3
296ja man3/TAILQ_HEAD_INITIALIZER.3 queue.3
297ja man3/TAILQ_INSERT_BEFORE.3 queue.3
298ja man3/TAILQ_LAST.3 queue.3
299ja man3/TAILQ_NEXT.3 queue.3
300ja man3/TAILQ_PREV.3 queue.3
301ja man3/TAILQ_SWAP.3 queue.3
302ko man1/bunzip2.1 bzip2.1
303ko man1/byacc.1 yacc.1
304ko man1/bzcat.1 bzip2.1
305ko man1/bzip2recover.1 bzip2.1
306ko man1/rbash.1 bash.1
307ko man2/FD_CLR.2 select.2
308ko man2/FD_ISSET.2 select.2
309ko man2/FD_SET.2 select.2
310ko man2/FD_ZERO.2 select.2
311ko man7/iso_8859_1.7 iso_8859-1.7
312ko man7/iso-8859-1.7 iso_8859-1.7
313ko man7/iso_8859_7.7 iso_8859-7.7
314ko man7/iso-8859-7.7 iso_8859-7.7
315ko man7/latin1.7 iso_8859-1.7
316ko man8/telinit.8 init.8
317nl man1/egrep.1 grep.1
318nl man1/fgrep.1 grep.1
319nl man1/rbash.1 bash.1
320nl man1/red.1 ed.1
321nl man2/FD_CLR.2 select.2
322nl man2/FD_ISSET.2 select.2
323nl man2/FD_SET.2 select.2
324nl man2/FD_ZERO.2 select.2
325pl man1/bzip2recover.1 bzip2.1
326pl man1/flex++.1 flex.1
327pl man1/ghostscript.1 gs.1
328pl man1/gnroff.1 nroff.1
329pl man1/gsoelim soelim.1
330pl man1/gtbl.1 tbl.1
331pl man1/lex.1 flex.1
332pl man1/pftp.1 ftp.1
333pl man1/rbash.1 bash.1
334pl man2/vm86old.2 vm86.2
335pl man8/ld-linux.8 ld.so.8
336pl man8/ld-linux.so.8 ld.so.8
337pt_BR man1/pftp.1 ftp.1
338pt_BR man2/FD_CLR.2 select.2
339pt_BR man2/FD_ISSET.2 select.2
340pt_BR man2/FD_SET.2 select.2
341pt_BR man2/FD_ZERO.2 select.2
342pt_BR man2/inb.2 outb.2
343pt_BR man2/inb_p.2 outb.2
344pt_BR man2/inl.2 outb.2
345pt_BR man2/inl_p.2 outb.2
346pt_BR man2/insb.2 outb.2
347pt_BR man2/insl.2 outb.2
348pt_BR man2/insw.2 outb.2
349pt_BR man2/inw.2 outb.2
350pt_BR man2/inw_p.2 outb.2
351pt_BR man2/outb_p.2 outb.2
352pt_BR man2/outl.2 outb.2
353pt_BR man2/outl_p.2 outb.2
354pt_BR man2/outsb.2 outb.2
355pt_BR man2/outsl.2 outb.2
356pt_BR man2/outsw.2 outb.2
357pt_BR man2/outw.2 outb.2
358pt_BR man2/outw_p.2 outb.2
359pt_BR man2/pwrite.2 pread.2
360pt_BR man2/vm86old.2 vm86.2
361pt_BR man3/NLMSG_ALIGN.3 netlink.3
362pt_BR man3/NLMSG_DATA.3 netlink.3
363pt_BR man3/NLMSG_LENGTH.3 netlink.3
364pt_BR man3/NLMSG_NEXT.3 netlink.3
365pt_BR man3/NLMSG_OK.3 netlink.3
366pt_BR man3/NLMSG_PAYLOAD.3 netlink.3
367pt_BR man3/NLMSG_SPACE.3 netlink.3
368pt_BR man4/urandom.4 random.4
369ru man2/FD_CLR.2 select.2
370ru man2/FD_ISSET.2 select.2
371ru man2/FD_SET.2 select.2
372ru man2/FD_ZERO.2 select.2
373ru man2/vm86old.2 vm86.2
374ru man3/CIRCLEQ_ENTRY.3 queue.3
375ru man3/CIRCLEQ_HEAD.3 queue.3
376ru man3/CIRCLEQ_INIT.3 queue.3
377ru man3/CIRCLEQ_INSERT_AFTER.3 queue.3
378ru man3/CIRCLEQ_INSERT_BEFORE.3 queue.3
379ru man3/CIRCLEQ_INSERT_HEAD.3 queue.3
380ru man3/CIRCLEQ_INSERT_TAIL.3 queue.3
381ru man3/CIRCLEQ_REMOVE.3 queue.3
9dd8f931 382ru man3/LIST_EMPTY.3 queue.3
78dd76f6 383ru man3/LIST_ENTRY.3 queue.3
384ru man3/LIST_FOREACH.3 queue.3
385ru man3/LIST_FIRST.3 queue.3
78dd76f6 386ru man3/LIST_HEAD.3 queue.3
9dd8f931 387ru man3/LIST_HEAD_INITIALIZER.3 queue.3
388ru man3/LIST_INIT.3 queue.3
389ru man3/LIST_INSERT_AFTER.3 queue.3
9dd8f931 390ru man3/LIST_INSERT_BEFORE.3 queue.3
78dd76f6 391ru man3/LIST_INSERT_HEAD.3 queue.3
9dd8f931 392ru man3/LIST_NEXT.3 queue.3
393ru man3/LIST_REMOVE.3 queue.3
394ru man3/NLMSG_ALIGN.3 netlink.3
395ru man3/NLMSG_DATA.3 netlink.3
396ru man3/NLMSG_LENGTH.3 netlink.3
397ru man3/NLMSG_NEXT.3 netlink.3
398ru man3/NLMSG_OK.3 netlink.3
399ru man3/NLMSG_PAYLOAD.3 netlink.3
400ru man3/NLMSG_SPACE.3 netlink.3
401ru man3/SLIST_EMPTY.3 queue.3
402ru man3/SLIST_ENTRY.3 queue.3
403ru man3/SLIST_FIRST.3 queue.3
404ru man3/SLIST_FOREACH.3 queue.3
405ru man3/SLIST_HEAD.3 queue.3
406ru man3/SLIST_HEAD_INITIALIZER.3 queue.3
407ru man3/SLIST_INIT.3 queue.3
408ru man3/SLIST_INSERT_AFTER.3 queue.3
409ru man3/SLIST_INSERT_HEAD.3 queue.3
410ru man3/SLIST_NEXT.3 queue.3
411ru man3/SLIST_REMOVE.3 queue.3
412ru man3/SLIST_REMOVE_HEAD.3 queue.3
413ru man3/STAILQ_CONCAT.3 queue.3
414ru man3/STAILQ_EMPTY.3 queue.3
415ru man3/STAILQ_ENTRY.3 queue.3
416ru man3/STAILQ_FIRST.3 queue.3
417ru man3/STAILQ_FOREACH.3 queue.3
418ru man3/STAILQ_HEAD.3 queue.3
419ru man3/STAILQ_HEAD_INITIALIZER.3 queue.3
420ru man3/STAILQ_INIT.3 queue.3
421ru man3/STAILQ_INSERT_AFTER.3 queue.3
422ru man3/STAILQ_INSERT_HEAD.3 queue.3
423ru man3/STAILQ_INSERT_TAIL.3 queue.3
424ru man3/STAILQ_LAST.3 queue.3
425ru man3/STAILQ_NEXT.3 queue.3
426ru man3/STAILQ_REMOVE.3 queue.3
427ru man3/STAILQ_REMOVE_HEAD.3 queue.3
428ru man3/TAILQ_CONCAT.3 queue.3
429ru man3/TAILQ_EMPTY.3 queue.3
78dd76f6 430ru man3/TAILQ_ENTRY.3 queue.3
431ru man3/TAILQ_FIRST.3 queue.3
432ru man3/TAILQ_FOREACH.3 queue.3
433ru man3/TAILQ_FOREACH_REVERSE.3 queue.3
78dd76f6 434ru man3/TAILQ_HEAD.3 queue.3
9dd8f931 435ru man3/TAILQ_HEAD_INITIALIZER.3 queue.3
436ru man3/TAILQ_INIT.3 queue.3
437ru man3/TAILQ_INSERT_AFTER.3 queue.3
9dd8f931 438ru man3/TAILQ_INSERT_BEFORE.3 queue.3
439ru man3/TAILQ_INSERT_HEAD.3 queue.3
440ru man3/TAILQ_INSERT_TAIL.3 queue.3
441ru man3/TAILQ_LAST.3 queue.3
442ru man3/TAILQ_NEXT.3 queue.3
443ru man3/TAILQ_PREV.3 queue.3
78dd76f6 444ru man3/TAILQ_REMOVE.3 queue.3
9dd8f931 445ru man3/TAILQ_SWAP.3 queue.3
446ru man3/__after_morecore_hook.3 malloc_hook.3
447ru man3/__free_hook.3 malloc_hook.3
448ru man3/__malloc_initialize_hook.3 malloc_hook.3
449ru man3/__memalign_hook.3 malloc_hook.3
450ru man3/__realloc_hook.3 malloc_hook.3
451zh_CN man1/atq.1 at.1
452zh_CN man1/atrm.1 at.1
453zh_CN man1/batch.1 at.1
454zh_CN man1/byacc.1 yacc.1
455zh_CN man1/pftp.1 ftp.1
456zh_CN man1/rbash.1 bash.1
457zh_CN man3/dirname.3 basename.3
458zh_CN man3/execl.3 exec.3
459zh_CN man3/execle.3 exec.3
460zh_CN man3/execlp.3 exec.3
461zh_CN man3/execv.3 exec.3
462zh_CN man3/execvp.3 exec.3
463zh_CN man7/utf8.7 utf-8.7
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