- orphaned, outdated
[packages/fvwm.git] / fvwm.spec
2012-06-24 sparky- prepared for new vfmg
2012-06-24 zbyniu- BR: XFree86{,-devel}, imake
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- URL, working Source0 URL, removed obsolete PATH setting
2012-06-24 ankry- fix quoting, rel. 28 AC-STABLE auto/ac/fvwm-1_24r-28
2012-06-24 ankry- %ghost should exist auto/ac/fvwm-1_24r-27
2012-06-24 ankry- %ghost menu file
2012-06-24 ankry- vfmg suppert, rel. 27
2012-06-24 ankry- renamed binary to fvwm1, kill X11R6 in prefix, rel. 26
2012-06-24 ankry- merge -maxpopups patch from Ra
2012-06-24 havner- rel 25 for R:xinitrc-ng auto/ac/fvwm-1_24r-25
2012-06-24 havner- removed wmstyle/fvwm.names, it's obsolete now
2012-06-24 havner- R: xinitrc-ng instead of xinitrc
2012-06-24 Maciej Pijanka- fixed %install, now builds auto/ac/fvwm-1_24r-24
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- fixed xlibdir usage (files must not be packaged as...
2012-06-24 Maciej Pijanka- one typo fixed, %install still fails
2012-06-24 adgor- Added desktop file for gdm/kdm support
2012-06-24 Michal Moskal- massive attack: source-md5
2012-06-24 djrzulf- revert changes, i don't see fvwm2.spec,
2012-06-24 djrzulf- added TODO
2012-06-24 djrzulf- updated to 2.4.15,
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- changed _wmpropsdir to _prefix-independent location...
2012-06-24 juandon- removed two lines with define
2012-06-24 ankryMassive attack:
2012-06-24 kloczek- adapterized. RA-1_0 STABLE fvwm-1_24r-24
2012-06-24 kloczek- removed all Group fields translations (oure rpm now...
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- pl summary, removed bashism from %%build; release 24
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- moved /usr/X11R6/share/gnome/wm-properties to /usr...
2012-06-24 Arkadiusz MiśkiewiczMassive attack. We use -O0 instead -O flags while debug...
2012-06-24 michuz- changed %%{!?debug:...}%%{?debug...} to %%{?debug...
2012-06-24 kloczek- spec adapterized, %%{debug} and new rpm rel. 12 ready. fvwm-1_24r-23
2012-06-24 Jan Rękorajski- release 23
2012-06-24 Jan Rękorajski- release 22
2012-06-24 Jan Rękorajski- release 21
2012-06-24 Jan Rękorajski- release 20
2012-06-24 kloczek- more %%{__make} macros.
2012-06-24 kloczek- added using %%{__make} macro.
2012-06-24 kloczek- spec adapterized.
2012-06-24 Sebastian Zagrodzki- changed all BuildRoot definitons
2012-06-24 arturs-added %description -l pl
2012-06-24 Jan Rękorajski- misc fixes and cleanups
2012-06-24 Jan Rękorajskialmost raw
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