- release 3,
[packages/ftpd-BSD.git] / ftpd-BSD.spec
9eaf0992 1Summary: OpenBSD's ftpd ported to Linux (with IPv6 support)
963e2124 2Name: ftpd-BSD
e978ba2c 3Version: 0.3.2
c1c6f6cb 4Release: 3
963e2124 5License: BSD-like
6Group: Networking/Daemons
49b75143 7Group(pl): Sieciowe/Serwery
8fab0a0a 8Source0: ftp://quatramaran.ens.fr/pub/madore/ftpd-BSD/%{name}-%{version}.tar.gz
963e2124 9Source1: %{name}.inetd
10Source2: %{name}.pamd
9eaf0992 11Source3: %{name}-ftpusers
2c794332 12Patch0: %{name}-anonuser.patch
f663eb48 13Buildrequires: libwrap-devel
14Buildrequires: pam-devel
963e2124 15Requires: rc-inetd
16Requires: inetdaemon
963e2124 17Provides: ftpserver
b3e60b19 18BuildRoot: %{tmpdir}/%{name}-%{version}-root-%(id -u -n)
f663eb48 19Obsoletes: wu-ftpd
20Obsoletes: proftpd
21Obsoletes: heimdal-ftpd
56dbe8db 22Obsoletes: linux-ftpd
963e2124 23
f7893e6b 25This is a Linux port of the BSD ftp server (ftpd). It doesn't have all
26the bells and whistles of wu-ftpd, but it is also probably less buggy
27and more secure (at least, it was certainly so before I ported it, and
28I hope I didn't mess things up *too* much).
963e2124 29
f7893e6b 30The source code was taken from the OpenBSD CVS as of 2000/01/23 (this
31is between releases 2.6 and 2.7). The ftpd version number is 6.4 and
32this port's version number is 0.3.0.
963e2124 33
48a88c42 34%description -l pl
f7893e6b 35Pakiet ten zawiera linuksowy port serwera ftp BSD (ftpd). Nie zawiera