2012-06-24 Artur Frysiak- Requires(post,postun): gtk-update-icon-cache master
2012-06-24 sparky- BuildRoot capitalization
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- fixed python version hack and cracklib patch
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- crack is used later
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- pl and post/preun/postun fixes
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- removed invalid Application category
2012-06-24 blekot- massive change ( validate errors warrings from deskto...
2012-06-24 czarny- forgotten install patch (thx matkor)
2012-06-24 czarny- init
2012-06-24 czarny- make forcefield use python-cracklib instead of python...
2012-06-24 czarny- init
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