2012-06-24 Adam Gołębiowski- new master auto/th/arrayprobe-2_0-2
2012-06-24 Adam Gołębiowski- newline.patch; release 2
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- updated headers patch to stop using <linux/compiler...
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- don't use <linux/compiler.h> in userspace
2012-06-24 areq- rel 1, works fine auto/th/arrayprobe-2_0-1
2012-06-24 areq- add include/linux/compiler.h
2012-06-24 Elan Ruusamäe- tabs in preamble
2012-06-24 Jan Rękorajski- converted to UTF-8
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- new
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- needed headers from Linux 2.4.32 sources + configure...
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