2015-02-27 Elan Ruusamäe- x32 rebuild master auto/th/SDL_net-1.2.8-2
2014-06-13 Jakub Bogusz- typo
2014-06-13 Jakub Bogusz- updated URL and SDL version
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- updated to 1.2.8 (now on zlib-like license) auto/th/SDL_net-1_2_8-1 auto/ti/SDL_net-1_2_8-1
2012-06-24 Jan Rękorajski- rel 3 auto/th/SDL_net-1_2_7-3
2012-06-24 Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz- release 2 auto/aidath/SDL_net-1_2_7-2 auto/th/SDL_net-1_2_7-2 auto/ti/SDL_net-1_2_7-2
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- updated to 1.2.7 auto/th/SDL_net-1_2_7-1 auto/ti/SDL_net-1_2_7-1
2012-06-24 Elan Ruusamäe- tabs in preamble auto/th/SDL_net-1_2_6-1
2012-06-24 Jan Rękorajski- converted to UTF-8
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- updated to 1.2.6, moved base docs to base
2012-06-24 paladine- spaces->tabs auto/th/SDL_net-1_2_5-2
2012-06-24 radek- cosmetics (spaces -> tabs)
2012-06-24 Paweł Sikora- strict deps.
2012-06-24 Jacek Konieczny- Release: 2 (STBR after AMD64 fixes) AC-branch AC-STABLE auto/ac/SDL_net-1_2_5-2
2012-06-24 Jacek Konieczny- copy config.sub from automake
2012-06-24 Paweł Gołaszewski- many small fixes, mostly inpired by kloczek auto/ac/SDL_net-1_2_5-1
2012-06-24 Michal Moskal- massive attack, adding Source-md5
2012-06-24 misi3k- massive attack s/
2012-06-24 kloczek- merge translations from Conectiva. SDL_net-1_2_5-1 STABLE
2012-06-24 grzegol- updated to 1.2.5
2012-06-24 trojan- massive attack: perl -pi -e "s/^#+\%\{/#\%\%\{/"
2012-06-24 aflinta- moved to /usr; release 3
2012-06-24 Paweł Gołaszewski- spelling fixes by Tomasz "Witek" Wittner <wittt_...
2012-06-24 ankry- massive attack: no need for 755 for *.la
2012-06-24 kloczek- use more macros, some cosmetics, added missing "rm...
2012-06-24 kloczek- perl -pi -e "s/^libtoolize --copy --force/\%\{__libto...
2012-06-24 kloczekperl -pi -e "s/^automake -a -c -f --foreing/\%\{__autom...
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- removed PBProjects.tar.gz from doc (it's big and... RA-1_0 SDL_net-1_2_4-2
2012-06-24 kloczek- libSDL_net1.2{,-devel} added to Obsoletes for allow... SDL_net-1_2_4-1
2012-06-24 marcus- updated to 1.2.4
2012-06-24 kloczek- perl -pi -e "s/^automake -a -c$/automake -a -c -f/"
2012-06-24 kloczek- removed all Group fields translations (oure rpm now...
2012-06-24 ankry- adding es/fr/pt_BR/ru/uk (and eventually de) Group...
2012-06-24 ankry- added Group(es/pt_BR/ru/uk)
2012-06-24 kloczekperl -pi -e "s/pld-list\\
2012-06-24 kloczek- updated to 1.2.3 (bugfix release). SDL_net-1_2_3-2
2012-06-24 kloczek- updated to 1.2.2 and make spec ac 2.5x ready. SDL_net-1_2_2-2
2012-06-24 kloczek- spec adapterized.
2012-06-24 kloczek- updated to 1.2.0. SDL_net-1_2_0-2
2012-06-24 kloczek- changed Buildrequires for SDL-devel to ">= 1.2.0". SDL_net-1_1_1-3
2012-06-24 Arkadiusz Miśkiewiczrelease 3; rebuild with SDL 1.2.0; stb
2012-06-24 kloczek- release 2, SDL_net-1_1_1-2
2012-06-24 kloczek- completly rewrited in PLD style. SDL_net-1_1_1-1
2012-06-24 kloczek- raw version.
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