descriptionGlide runtime for 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics boards
last changeSat, 21 Sep 2013 11:49:54 +0000 (13:49 +0200)
2013-09-21 Jakub Bogusz- added format patch (fixes build with -Werror=format... master auto/th/Glide_VG-2.46-11
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- versioned Glide2x-devel Provides
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- added glide2_sdk bcond (off by default, glide2x will...
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- removed texus sources from SDK
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- provide symlink too
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- Glide2x_SDK Conflicts: Glide_SDK
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- I don't see any reason to use 2.1 as SDK version...
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- updated soname patch to use sonames compatibla with...
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- pass CC
2012-06-24 Jakub Bogusz- updated to use modern xorg implementation instead...
2012-06-24 sparky- dropped pre-cvs changelog
2012-06-24 spider- rel++ auto/th/Glide_VG-2_46-10 auto/ti/Glide_VG-2_46-10
2012-06-24 Elan Ruusamäe- tabs in preamle
2012-06-24 Jan Rękorajski- converted to UTF-8
2012-06-24 Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz- kill Icon: field (support for these is obsolete says...
2012-06-24 Mariusz Mazur- rel 9; builds with gcc4 auto/th/Glide_VG-2_46-9
5 years ago auto/th/Glide_VG-2.46-11
6 years ago auto/ti/Glide_VG-2_46-10
6 years ago auto/th/Glide_VG-2_46-9
6 years ago auto/th/Glide_VG-2_46-8
6 years ago auto/th/Glide_VG-2_46-10
6 years ago auto/ac/Glide_VG-2_46-8
6 years ago auto/ac/Glide_VG-2_46-7
6 years ago auto/ac/Glide_VG-2_46-6
6 years ago STABLE
6 years ago RA-1_0
6 years ago Glide_VG-2_46-5
5 years ago master
6 years ago RA-branch
6 years ago AC-branch
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