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Project Description
packages/moovida-plugins-bad.git "Bad" plugins for Moovida
packages/elisa-plugins-bad.git "Bad" plugins for elisa
packages/java-commons-chain.git "Chain of Responsibility" pattern implemention
packages/circuslinux.git "Circus Linux!" - a clone of the Atari 2600 game "Circu...
packages/ding-libs.git "Ding is not GLib" assorted utility libraries
packages/five-or-more.git "Five or more" game for GNOME
packages/four-in-a-row.git "Four in a row" game for GNOME
packages/moovida-plugins-good.git "Good" plugins for Moovida
packages/elisa-plugins-good.git "Good" plugins for elisa
packages/habak.git "Ha" Background - setting of window manager background...
packages/labrea.git "Sticky" Honeypot and IDS
packages/lifegeek.git "The Life of a Geek" game
packages/ufoai.git "UFO: Alien Invasion" - squad-based tactical strategy...
packages/ufoai-data.git "UFO: Alien Invasion" - squad-based tactical strategy...
packages/moovida-plugins-ugly.git "Ugly" plugins for Moovida
packages/elisa-plugins-ugly.git "Ugly" plugins for elisa
packages/python-jabber.git "" Python module for Jabber applications
packages/libnet1.git "libpwrite" Network Routine Library
packages/java-cos.git "must have" class library for servlet developers
packages/php-pear-Math_Basex.git %{_class}_%{_subclass} - Base X conversion class
packages/php-pear-Math_Fibonacci.git %{_class}_%{_subclass} - Package to calculat and manipu...
packages/php-pear-Math_Integer.git %{_class}_%{_subclass} - Package to represent and manip...
packages/php-pear-Math_TrigOp.git %{_class}_%{_subclass} - Supplementary trigonometric...
packages/php-pear-Math_Vector.git %{_class}_%{_subclass} - vector and vector operation...
packages/php4-pecl-APC.git %{_modname} - Alternative PHP Cache
packages/php4-pecl-lchash.git %{_modname} - Libc Hash Interface
packages/php4-pecl-geoip.git %{_modname} - Map IP address to geographic places
packages/php4-pecl-parsekit.git %{_modname} - PHP Opcode Analyser
packages/php4-pecl-expect.git %{_modname} - PHP extension for expect library
packages/php4-xcache.git %{_modname} - PHP opcode cacher
packages/php4-pecl-rpmreader.git %{_modname} - RPM file meta information reader
packages/php4-pecl-tidy.git %{_modname} - Tidy HTML Repairing and Parsing
packages/php4-pecl-yaz.git %{_modname} - a Z39.50 client for PHP
packages/php4-pecl-memcache.git %{_modname} - a memcached extension
packages/php4-pecl-zip.git %{_modname} - a zip management extension
packages/php-pam_auth.git %{_modname} - authenticate someone using PAM
packages/php4-pecl-crack.git %{_modname} - checks if password is vulnerable to dicti...
packages/php4-pecl-dbx.git %{_modname} - database abstraction functions
packages/php-sqlite3.git %{_modname} - database bindings
packages/php4-pecl-SQLite.git %{_modname} - database bindings
packages/php4-pecl-http.git %{_modname} - extended HTTP support
packages/php4-pecl-stats.git %{_modname} - extension with routines for statistical...
packages/php4-pecl-intercept.git %{_modname} - intercept function/method calls
packages/php4-pecl-fileinfo.git %{_modname} - libmagic bindings
packages/php4-pecl-statgrab.git %{_modname} - libstatgrab bindings
packages/php4-pecl-runkit.git %{_modname} - mangle with user defined functions and...
packages/php4-pecl-docblock.git %{_modname} - phpDocumentor-style DocBlock tokenizer
packages/php4-pecl-xmlwriter.git %{_modname} - provides fast, non-cached, forward-only...
packages/php4-pecl-xdebug.git %{_modname} - provides functions for functions traces...
packages/php4-pecl-rar.git %{_modname} - read rar archives
packages/php4-pecl-gnupg.git %{_modname} - wrapper around the gpgme library
packages/gtk2-theme-engine-Clearlooks.git %{_name} theme
packages/php-pear-HTML_QuickForm_Rule_Spelling.git %{_pearname} - A HTML_QuickForm rule plugin that checks...
packages/php-pear-Net_Gearman.git %{_pearname} - A PHP interface to Danga's Gearman
packages/php-pear-XML_GRDDL.git %{_pearname} - A PHP library for dealing with GRDDL
packages/php-pear-PEAR_PackageUpdate_Gtk2.git %{_pearname} - A PHP-GTK 2 front end for PEAR_PackageUpdate
packages/php-pear-PEAR_PackageFileManager_GUI_Gtk.git %{_pearname} - A PHP-GTK frontend for the PEAR_PackageF...
packages/php-pear-Payment_Process2.git %{_pearname} - A PHP5 Payment process API
packages/php-pear-Services_GeoNames.git %{_pearname} - A PHP5 interface to the GeoNames public API
packages/php-pear-XML_HTMLSax3.git %{_pearname} - A SAX parser for HTML and other badly...
packages/php-pear-PEAR_PackageFileManager_Frontend_Web.git %{_pearname} - A Web GUI frontend for the PEAR_PackageF...
packages/php-pear-PEAR_PackageUpdate_Web.git %{_pearname} - A Web front end for PEAR_PackageUpdate
packages/php-pear-Crypt_HMAC.git %{_pearname} - A class to calculate RFC 2104 compliant...
packages/php-pear-Crypt_CBC.git %{_pearname} - A class to emulate Perl's Crypt::CBC...
packages/php-pear-DB_DataObject_FormBuilder_Frontend.git %{_pearname} - A frontend for data editing, inserting...
packages/php-pear-Console_CommandLine.git %{_pearname} - A full featured command line options...
packages/php-pear-Services_oEmbed.git %{_pearname} - A package for consuming oEmbed
packages/php-pear-Math_Combinatorics.git %{_pearname} - A package that produces combinations...
packages/php-pear-Net_CheckIP2.git %{_pearname} - A package to determine if an IP (v4...
packages/php-pear-HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless.git %{_pearname} - A replacement for the default renderer...
packages/php-pear-Gtk_ScrollingLabel.git %{_pearname} - A scrolling label for PHP-Gtk
packages/php-pear-HTML_Template_Xipe.git %{_pearname} - A simple, fast and powerful template...
packages/php-pear-UDDI.git %{_pearname} - API for PHP
packages/php-pear-DB_NestedSet.git %{_pearname} - API to build and query nested sets
packages/php-pear-PHP_ArrayOf.git %{_pearname} - Abstract class package to create arrays...
packages/php-Phlickr.git %{_pearname} - Access the Flickr API (PHP 5)
packages/php-pear-Contact_AddressBook.git %{_pearname} - Address book export-import class
packages/php-pear-HTML_QuickForm_altselect.git %{_pearname} - An alternative to HTML_QuickForm_select...
packages/php-pear-Gtk2_ExceptionDump.git %{_pearname} - Analyze exceptions, php and PEAR errors...
packages/php-pear-DBA.git %{_pearname} - Berkeley-style Database Class
packages/php-pear-DBA_Relational.git %{_pearname} - Berkeley-style database abstraction...
packages/php-pear-File_CSV_DataSource.git %{_pearname} - CSV-file data extraction tool
packages/php-pear-Math_Derivative.git %{_pearname} - Calculate the derivative of a mathematic...
packages/php-pear-Net_Vpopmaild.git %{_pearname} - Class for accessing Vpopmail's vpopmaild...
packages/php-pear-Math_Fraction.git %{_pearname} - Classes that represent and manipulate...
packages/php-pear-Math_Histogram.git %{_pearname} - Classes to calculate histogram distributions
packages/php-pear-Services_Delicious.git %{_pearname} - Client for the web service
packages/php-pear-Math_BinaryUtils.git %{_pearname} - Collection of helper methods for easy...
packages/php-pear-Image_Color2.git %{_pearname} - Color conversion and mixing for PHP5
packages/php-pear-Services_Compete.git %{_pearname} - Compete API
packages/php-pear-Text_Wiki_Cowiki.git %{_pearname} - Cowiki parser and renderer for Text_Wiki
packages/php-pear-XML_Query2XML.git %{_pearname} - Creates XML data from SQL queries
packages/php-pear-Text_Wiki_Creole.git %{_pearname} - Creole parser and renderer for Text_Wiki
packages/php-pear-DB_ado.git %{_pearname} - DB driver which use MS ADODB library
packages/php-pear-DB_ldap2.git %{_pearname} - DB drivers for LDAP v2 and v3 database
packages/php-pear-DB_odbtp.git %{_pearname} - DB interface for ODBTP
packages/php-pear-HTML_QuickForm_DHTMLRulesTableless.git %{_pearname} - DHTML replacement for the standard JavaS...
packages/php-pear-Net_DNSBL.git %{_pearname} - DNSBL Checker
packages/php-pear-Validate_AU.git %{_pearname} - Data validation class for Australia
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_CSV.git %{_pearname} - DataSource driver using CSV files
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_DBQuery.git %{_pearname} - DataSource driver using PEAR::DB and...
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_DB.git %{_pearname} - DataSource driver using PEAR::DB result...
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_DataObject.git %{_pearname} - DataSource driver using PEAR::DB_DataObject
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_DBTable.git %{_pearname} - DataSource driver using PEAR::DB_Table
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_MDB2.git %{_pearname} - DataSource driver using PEAR::MDB2 and...
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_RSS.git %{_pearname} - DataSource driver using RSS files
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_XML.git %{_pearname} - DataSource driver using XML files
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_Array.git %{_pearname} - DataSource driver using arrays
packages/php-pear-File_Bittorrent.git %{_pearname} - Decode and Encode data in Bittorrent...
packages/php-pear-File_Bittorrent2.git %{_pearname} - Decode and Encode data in Bittorrent...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays_Discordian.git %{_pearname} - Driver based class to calculate Discordi...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays_PHPdotNet.git %{_pearname} - Driver based class to calculate birthday...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays_Austria.git %{_pearname} - Driver based class to calculate holidays...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays_Brazil.git %{_pearname} - Driver based class to calculate holidays...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays_Denmark.git %{_pearname} - Driver based class to calculate holidays...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays_EnglandWales.git %{_pearname} - Driver based class to calculate holidays...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays_Germany.git %{_pearname} - Driver based class to calculate holidays...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays_Iceland.git %{_pearname} - Driver based class to calculate holidays...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays_Ireland.git %{_pearname} - Driver based class to calculate holidays...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays_Italy.git %{_pearname} - Driver based class to calculate holidays...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays_Japan.git %{_pearname} - Driver based class to calculate holidays...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays_Norway.git %{_pearname} - Driver based class to calculate holidays...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays_Romania.git %{_pearname} - Driver based class to calculate holidays...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays_Slovenia.git %{_pearname} - Driver based class to calculate holidays...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays_Sweden.git %{_pearname} - Driver based class to calculate holidays...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays_UNO.git %{_pearname} - Driver based class to calculate holidays...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays_USA.git %{_pearname} - Driver based class to calculate holidays...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays_Netherlands.git %{_pearname} - Driver based class to calculate holidays...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays_Ukraine.git %{_pearname} - Driver based class to calculate holidays...
packages/php-pear-HTML_QuickForm_CAPTCHA.git %{_pearname} - Drop-in CAPTCHA element for QuickForm...
packages/php-pear-HTTP_Upload.git %{_pearname} - Easy and secure managment of files submi...
packages/php-pear-Crypt_RC4.git %{_pearname} - Encryption class for RC4 encryption
packages/php-pear-HTML_Crypt.git %{_pearname} - Encrypts text which is later decoded...
packages/php-pear-Testing_FIT.git %{_pearname} - FIT: Framework for Integrated Test
packages/php-pear-Cache_Lite.git %{_pearname} - Fast and Safe little cache system
packages/php-pear-FSM.git %{_pearname} - Finite State Machine
packages/php-pear-XML_MXML.git %{_pearname} - Framework to build Macromedia Flex appli...
packages/php-pear-PHP_FunctionCallTracer.git %{_pearname} - Function Call Tracer
packages/php-pear-PEAR_Frontend_Gtk.git %{_pearname} - GTK+ (Desktop) PEAR Package Manager
packages/php-pear-Gtk2_PHPConfig.git %{_pearname} - GUI Interface to the php.ini file
packages/php-pear-Genealogy_Gedcom.git %{_pearname} - Gedcom parser
packages/php-pear-Text_Spell_Audio.git %{_pearname} - Generates a sound clip saying the conten...
packages/php-pear-Crypt_CHAP.git %{_pearname} - Generating CHAP packets
packages/php-pear-Event_SignalEmitter.git %{_pearname} - Generic signal emitting class with the...
packages/php-pear-Tree.git %{_pearname} - Generic tree management
packages/php-pear-Net_HL7.git %{_pearname} - HL7 messaging API
packages/php-pear-PEAR_Frontend_Web.git %{_pearname} - HTML (Web) PEAR package manager
packages/php-pear-Net_UserAgent_Mobile.git %{_pearname} - HTTP mobile user agent string parser
packages/php-pear-HTTP_Server.git %{_pearname} - HTTP server class
packages/php-pear-Net_IPv4.git %{_pearname} - IPv4 network calculations and validation
packages/php-pear-Net_IRC.git %{_pearname} - IRC client class
packages/php-pear-Crypt_DiffieHellman.git %{_pearname} - Implementation of Diffie-Hellman Key...
packages/php-pear-Crypt_HMAC2.git %{_pearname} - Implementation of Hashed Message Authent...
packages/php-pear-Services_Yadis.git %{_pearname} - Implementation of the Yadis Specificatio...
packages/php-pear-Structures_LinkedList.git %{_pearname} - Implements singly and doubly-linked...
packages/php-pear-Gtk2_IndexedComboBox.git %{_pearname} - Indexed Gtk2 combo box similar to the...
packages/php-pear-HTML_Template_IT.git %{_pearname} - Integrated Templates
packages/php-pear-HTML_Template_Sigma.git %{_pearname} - Integrated Templates API implemetation...
packages/php-pear-Net_UserAgent_Mobile_GPS.git %{_pearname} - Interface for GPS
packages/php-pear-Image_GraphViz.git %{_pearname} - Interface to AT&T's GraphViz tools
packages/php-pear-Gtk_FileDrop.git %{_pearname} - Make Gtk widgets accept file drops
packages/php-pear-Image_Color.git %{_pearname} - Manage and handles color data and conver...
packages/php-pear-File_DNS.git %{_pearname} - Manipulate RFC1033-style DNS Zonefiles
packages/php-pear-Mail_Mbox.git %{_pearname} - Mbox PHP class to Unix MBOX parsing...
packages/php-pear-Text_Wiki_Mediawiki.git %{_pearname} - Mediawiki parser for Text_Wiki
packages/php-pear-Gtk2_EntryDialog.git %{_pearname} - Message box with text entry field
packages/php-pear-Message.git %{_pearname} - Message hash and digest (HMAC) generatio...
packages/php-pear-DB_Sqlite_Tools.git %{_pearname} - OO interface designed to effectively...
packages/php-pear-Net_LDAP.git %{_pearname} - OO interface for searching and manipulat...
packages/php-pear-System_Socket.git %{_pearname} - OO socket API
packages/php-pear-VersionControl_SVN.git %{_pearname} - OO wrapper interface for the Subversion...
packages/php-pear-HTTP_Header.git %{_pearname} - OO-Interface to modify HTTP-Headers...
packages/php-pear-Net_LDAP2.git %{_pearname} - Object oriented interface for searching...
packages/php-pear-HTTP_Session.git %{_pearname} - Object-oriented interface to the session...
packages/php-pear-File_PDF.git %{_pearname} - PDF generation using only PHP
packages/php-pear-PEAR_RemoteInstaller.git %{_pearname} - PEAR Remote installation plugin through FTP
packages/php-pear-QA_Peardoc_Coverage.git %{_pearname} - PEAR documentation coverage analysis
packages/php-pear-HTML_Common.git %{_pearname} - PEAR::HTML_Common is a base class for...
packages/php-pear-Net_Whois.git %{_pearname} - PEAR::Net_Whois class
packages/php-pear-Services_YouTube.git %{_pearname} - PHP Client for YouTube API
packages/php-pear-Testing_Selenium.git %{_pearname} - PHP Client for the Selenium Remote Contr...
packages/php-pear-Services_TwitPic.git %{_pearname} - PHP Interface to TwitPics API
packages/php-pear-Crypt_MicroID.git %{_pearname} - PHP MicroID library
packages/php-pear-Auth.git %{_pearname} - PHP PEAR authentication class
packages/php-pear-HTML_AJAX.git %{_pearname} - PHP and JavaScript library for AJAX
packages/php-pear-Services_Akismet.git %{_pearname} - PHP client for the Akismet REST API
packages/php-pear-Services_Akismet2.git %{_pearname} - PHP client for the Akismet REST API
packages/php-pear-Services_JSON.git %{_pearname} - PHP implementaion of json_encode/decode
packages/php-pear-Services_Amazon_S3.git %{_pearname} - PHP interface to Amazon S3's API
packages/php-pear-Services_Digg.git %{_pearname} - PHP interface to Digg's API
packages/php-pear-Services_Facebook.git %{_pearname} - PHP interface to Facebook's API
packages/php-pear-Services_TinyURL.git %{_pearname} - PHP interface to TinyURL's API
packages/php-pear-Services_Twitter.git %{_pearname} - PHP interface to Twitter's API
packages/php-pear-Services_urlTea.git %{_pearname} - PHP interface to urlTea's API
packages/php-pear-Services_SharedBook.git %{_pearname} - PHP wrapper for SharedBook Open API
packages/php-pear-Gtk_Styled.git %{_pearname} - PHP-GTK pseudo-widgets that mimic GtkDat...
packages/php-pear-HTTP_Session2.git %{_pearname} - PHP5 Session Handler
packages/php-pear-Net_POP3.git %{_pearname} - POP3 class to access POP3 server
packages/php-pear-Net_CDDB.git %{_pearname} - Package to access and query CDDB audio...
packages/php-pear-Math_Polynomial.git %{_pearname} - Package to represent and manipulate...
packages/php-pear-File_MARC.git %{_pearname} - Parse, modify, and create MARC records
packages/php-pear-URI_Template.git %{_pearname} - Parser for URI Templates
packages/php-pear-File_DeliciousLibrary.git %{_pearname} - Parser for the library database of the...
packages/php-pear-RDF.git %{_pearname} - Port of the core RAP API
packages/php-pear-Services_Google.git %{_pearname} - Provides access to the Google Web APIs
packages/php-pear-Math_BigInteger.git %{_pearname} - Pure-PHP arbitrary precission integer...
packages/php-pear-Math_RPN.git %{_pearname} - RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) support
packages/php-pear-XML_RSS.git %{_pearname} - RSS parser
packages/php-pear-Image_JpegXmpReader.git %{_pearname} - Read Photoshop-style XMP metadata from...
packages/php-pear-Text_Figlet.git %{_pearname} - Render text using FIGlet fonts
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_XML.git %{_pearname} - Renderer driver that generates a XML...
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_XUL.git %{_pearname} - Renderer driver that generates the XML...
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_HTMLTable.git %{_pearname} - Renderer driver using PEAR::HTML_Table
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_Pager.git %{_pearname} - Renderer driver using PEAR::Pager
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_XLS.git %{_pearname} - Renderer driver using PEAR::Spreadsheet_...
packages/php-pear-Image_Remote.git %{_pearname} - Retrieve information on remote image...
packages/php-pear-Net_SMPP.git %{_pearname} - SMPP v3.4 protocol implementation
packages/php-pear-SOAP_Interop.git %{_pearname} - SOAP Interop test application
packages/php-pear-Net_Wifi.git %{_pearname} - Scans for wireless networks
packages/php-pear-Services_OpenSearch.git %{_pearname} - Search A9 OpenSearch compatible engines
packages/php-pear-JSON.git %{_pearname} - Simple encoder and decoder for JSON...
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_HTMLSortForm.git %{_pearname} - Sorting form renderer for Structures_Dat...
packages/php-pear-CodeGen.git %{_pearname} - Tool to create Code generaters that...
packages/php-pear-CodeGen_MySQL_UDF.git %{_pearname} - Tool to generate MySQL UDF extensions...
packages/php-pear-CodeGen_PECL.git %{_pearname} - Tool to generate PECL extensions from...
packages/php-pear-I18N_UnicodeNormalizer.git %{_pearname} - Unicode Normalizer
packages/php-pear-Validate.git %{_pearname} - Validation class
packages/php-pear-Validate_AT.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for AT
packages/php-pear-Validate_AR.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for Argentina
packages/php-pear-Validate_BE.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for Belgium
packages/php-pear-Validate_ptBR.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for Brazil
packages/php-pear-Validate_CH.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for CH
packages/php-pear-Validate_CA.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for Canada
packages/php-pear-Validate_Finance_CreditCard.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for Credit Cards
packages/php-pear-Validate_DE.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for DE
packages/php-pear-Validate_ES.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for ES
packages/php-pear-Validate_FR.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for FR
packages/php-pear-Validate_FI.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for Finland
packages/php-pear-Validate_HU.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for Hungary
packages/php-pear-Validate_IS.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for Iceland
packages/php-pear-Validate_LV.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for Latvia
packages/php-pear-Validate_NL.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for NL
packages/php-pear-Validate_NZ.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for New Zeland
packages/php-pear-Validate_PL.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for PL
packages/php-pear-Validate_ZA.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for South Africa
packages/php-pear-Validate_UK.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for UK
packages/php-pear-Validate_US.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for US
packages/php-pear-Validate_IN.git %{_pearname} - Validation class for the Republic of...
packages/php-pear-VFS.git %{_pearname} - Virtual File System API
packages/php-pear-XML_Wddx.git %{_pearname} - Wddx pretty serializer and deserializer
packages/php-pear-Services_Yahoo_JP.git %{_pearname} - WebServices for Yahoo!JAPAN
packages/php-pear-Auth_RADIUS.git %{_pearname} - Wrapper Classes for the RADIUS PECL
packages/php-pear-Search_Mnogosearch.git %{_pearname} - Wrapper classes for the mnoGoSearch...
packages/php-pear-PHP_Fork.git %{_pearname} - Wrapper for pcntl_fork() with Java-like API
packages/php-pear-MDB2_Schema.git %{_pearname} - XML based database schema manager
packages/php-pear-XML_Parser.git %{_pearname} - XML parsing class based on PHP's bundled...
packages/php-pear-XML_Transformer.git %{_pearname} - XML transformations in PHP
packages/php-pear-XML_XPath.git %{_pearname} - XPath/DOM XML manipulation, maneuvering...
packages/php-pear-Archive_Zip.git %{_pearname} - Zip file management class
packages/php-pear-PHP_Parser.git %{_pearname} - a PHP grammar parser
packages/php-pear-Services_Pingback.git %{_pearname} - a Pingback User-Agent class
packages/php-pear-XML_HTMLSax.git %{_pearname} - a SAX based parser for HTML and other...
packages/php-pear-Mail_IMAP.git %{_pearname} - a c-client webmail backend
packages/php-pear-Services_Technorati.git %{_pearname} - a class for interacting with the Technor...
packages/php-pear-File_Find.git %{_pearname} - a class that facillitates the search...
packages/php-pear-Console_Getargs.git %{_pearname} - a command-line arguments parser
packages/php-pear-XML_SaxFilters.git %{_pearname} - a framework for building XML filters...
packages/php-pear-Services_Trackback.git %{_pearname} - a generic class for sending and receivin...
packages/php-pear-Services_Atlassian_Crowd.git %{_pearname} - a package to use Atlassian Crowd from PHP
packages/php-pear-Gtk2_ScrollingLabel.git %{_pearname} - a scrolling label for PHP-Gtk2
packages/php-pear-Gtk2_VarDump.git %{_pearname} - a simple GUI to examine PHP data trees
packages/php-pear-Gtk_VarDump.git %{_pearname} - a simple GUI to example PHP data trees
packages/php-pear-Net_URL_Mapper.git %{_pearname} - a simple and flexible way to build nice...
packages/php-pear-PEAR_PackageUpdate.git %{_pearname} - a simple way to update packages at runtime
packages/php-pear-HTML_Common2.git %{_pearname} - abstract base class for HTML classes...
packages/php-pear-CodeGen_MySQL.git %{_pearname} - abstract base package for MySQL code...
packages/php-pear-File_Ogg.git %{_pearname} - access Ogg bitstreams
packages/php-pear-Services_Amazon.git %{_pearname} - access to's web services
packages/php-pear-HTML_QuickForm_Controller.git %{_pearname} - add-on to HTML_QuickForm that allows...
packages/php-pear-Stream_Var.git %{_pearname} - allows stream based access to any variable
packages/php-pear-Net_Cyrus.git %{_pearname} - an API for the administration of Cyrus...
packages/php-pear-Gtk_MDB_Designer.git %{_pearname} - an GTK+ Database schema designer
packages/php-pear-Net_Curl.git %{_pearname} - an OO interface to the cURL extension
packages/php-pear-DB_QueryTool.git %{_pearname} - an OO-interface for easily retrieving...
packages/php-pear-MDB_QueryTool.git %{_pearname} - an OO-interface for easily retrieving...
packages/php-pear-Crypt_XXTEA.git %{_pearname} - an implementation of XXTEA encryption...
packages/php-pear-HTML_Javascript.git %{_pearname} - an interface for creating simple JS...
packages/php-pear-Services_Weather.git %{_pearname} - an interface to various online weather...
packages/php-pear-HTML_Table_Matrix.git %{_pearname} - autofill a table with data
packages/php-pear-DB_Table.git %{_pearname} - automate table creation
packages/php-pear-Text_TeXHyphen.git %{_pearname} - automated word hyphenation with the...
packages/php-pear-HTML_Page.git %{_pearname} - base class for XHTML page generation
packages/php-pear-Contact_Vcard_Build.git %{_pearname} - build (create) and fetch vCard 2.1 and...
packages/php-pear-Calendar.git %{_pearname} - building calendar data structures (irres...
packages/php-pear-Net_IPv6.git %{_pearname} - check and validate IPv6 addresses
packages/php-pear-Net_CheckIP.git %{_pearname} - check the syntax of IPv4 adresses
packages/php-pear-Translation.git %{_pearname} - class for creating multilingual websites
packages/php-pear-HTML_CSS.git %{_pearname} - class for generating CSS declarations
packages/php-pear-File_SMBPasswd.git %{_pearname} - class for managing SAMBA style password...
packages/php-pear-Translation2.git %{_pearname} - class for multilingual applications...
packages/php-pear-Config.git %{_pearname} - class for reading and writing Config...
packages/php-pear-XML_Serializer.git %{_pearname} - class to build XML documents from data...
packages/php-pear-XML_Beautifier.git %{_pearname} - class to format XML documents
packages/php-pear-Math_Matrix.git %{_pearname} - class to represent matrices and matrix...
packages/php-pear-System_SharedMemory.git %{_pearname} - common OO-style shared memory API
packages/php-pear-Image_Canvas.git %{_pearname} - common interface to image drawing
packages/php-pear-Text_Statistics.git %{_pearname} - compute readability indexes for documents
packages/php-pear-Games_Chess.git %{_pearname} - construct and validate a logical chess...
packages/php-pear-Numbers_Roman.git %{_pearname} - converting to and from Roman numerals
packages/php-pear-XML_svg2image.git %{_pearname} - converts a SVG file to a PNG/JPEG image
packages/php-pear-XML_fo2pdf.git %{_pearname} - converts a xsl-fo file to pdf/ps/pcl...
packages/php-pear-MP3_Playlist.git %{_pearname} - create MP3 playlists on the fly
packages/php-pear-File_IMC.git %{_pearname} - create and parse Internet Mail Consortiu...
packages/php-pear-PHP_Archive.git %{_pearname} - create and use PHP Archive files
packages/php-pear-Payment_Clieop.git %{_pearname} - create clieop03 file to send to Dutch...
packages/php-pear-Payment_DTA.git %{_pearname} - creates DTA files containing money trans...
packages/php-pear-Text_Password.git %{_pearname} - creating passwords with PHP
packages/php-pear-HTTP_SessionServer.git %{_pearname} - daemon to store session data
packages/php-pear-PEAR_Delegator.git %{_pearname} - delegation for PHP
packages/php-pear-HTTP_FloodControl.git %{_pearname} - detect and protect from attempts to...
packages/php-pear-PHP_CompatInfo.git %{_pearname} - determine minimal requirements for a...
packages/php-pear-Net_UserAgent_Detect.git %{_pearname} - determines the Web browser
packages/php-pear-Event_Dispatcher.git %{_pearname} - dispatch notifications using PHP callbacks
packages/php-pear-Image_Graph.git %{_pearname} - drawing graphs out of numerical data...
packages/php-pear-HTML_QuickForm_SelectFilter.git %{_pearname} - dynamic filters on the client side for...
packages/php-pear-Console_Color.git %{_pearname} - easily use ANSI console colors in your...
packages/php-pear-Net_URL.git %{_pearname} - easy parsing of URLs
packages/php-pear-Net_URL2.git %{_pearname} - easy parsing of URLs
packages/php-pear-HTTP_Client.git %{_pearname} - easy way to perform multiple HTTP requests
packages/php-pear-HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect.git %{_pearname} - element for HTML_QuickForm that emulate...
packages/php-pear-Net_Ping.git %{_pearname} - execute ping
packages/php-pear-Net_Traceroute.git %{_pearname} - execute traceroute
packages/php-pear-Image_IPTC.git %{_pearname} - extract, modify, and save IPTC data
packages/php-pear-MDB2_Driver_fbsql.git %{_pearname} - fbsql MDB2 driver
packages/php-pear-HTML_TagCloud.git %{_pearname} - generate a "tag cloud" in HTML
packages/php-pear-Auth_SASL.git %{_pearname} - generate responses to common SASL mechanisms
packages/php-pear-HTML_Menu.git %{_pearname} - generates HTML Menu from multidimensiona...
packages/php-pear-Image_Puzzle.git %{_pearname} - generates puzzle pieces from image file
packages/php-pear-Text_CAPTCHA.git %{_pearname} - generation of CAPTCHA imgaes
packages/php-pear-Net_Geo.git %{_pearname} - geographical locations based on Internet...
packages/php-pear-MDB2_Driver_ibase.git %{_pearname} - ibase MDB2 driver
packages/php-pear-Net_Ident.git %{_pearname} - identification protocol implementation
packages/php-pear-XML_image2svg.git %{_pearname} - image to SVG conversion
packages/php-pear-Net_SMTP.git %{_pearname} - implementation of the SMTP protocol
packages/php-pear-XML_RPC.git %{_pearname} - implementation of the XML-RPC protocol
packages/php-pear-Net_DIME.git %{_pearname} - implements DIME encoding
packages/php-pear-HTML_Progress2.git %{_pearname} - include a loading bar in your XHTML...
packages/php-pear-HTML_Progress.git %{_pearname} - including a loading bar in your XHTML...
packages/php-pear-File_Fortune.git %{_pearname} - interface for reading from and writing...
packages/php-pear-Net_GameServerQuery.git %{_pearname} - interface to query a game server
packages/php-pear-Net_Dict.git %{_pearname} - interface to the DICT protocol
packages/php-pear-Net_Dig.git %{_pearname} - interface to the dig command
packages/php-pear-I18Nv2.git %{_pearname} - internationalization
packages/php-pear-I18N.git %{_pearname} - internationalization package
packages/php-pear-HTML_Entities.git %{_pearname} - konvert text to/from HTML entities
packages/php-pear-Text_Huffman.git %{_pearname} - lossless compression algorithm
packages/php-pear-Gtk2_FileDrop.git %{_pearname} - make Gtk widgets accept file drops
packages/php-pear-HTML_Table.git %{_pearname} - makes the design of HTML tables easy...
packages/php-pear-File_HtAccess.git %{_pearname} - manipulate .htaccess files
packages/php-pear-Image_XBM.git %{_pearname} - manipulate XBM images
packages/php-pear-File_Passwd.git %{_pearname} - manipulate password files
packages/php-pear-XML_CSSML.git %{_pearname} - methods for creating cascading style...
packages/php-pear-Var_Dump.git %{_pearname} - methods for dumping information about...
packages/php-pear-HTTP.git %{_pearname} - miscellaneous HTTP utilities
packages/php-pear-System_ProcWatch.git %{_pearname} - monitor processes
packages/php-pear-System_Mount.git %{_pearname} - mount and unmount devices in fstab
packages/php-pear-MDB2_Driver_mssql.git %{_pearname} - mssql MDB2 driver
packages/php-pear-MDB2_Driver_mysql.git %{_pearname} - mysql MDB2 driver
packages/php-pear-MDB2_Driver_mysqli.git %{_pearname} - mysqli MDB2 driver
packages/php-pear-Math_Numerical_RootFinding.git %{_pearname} - numerical analysis root finding methods
packages/php-pear-XML_Statistics.git %{_pearname} - obtain statistical information from...
packages/php-pear-MDB2_Driver_oci8.git %{_pearname} - oci8 MDB2 driver
packages/php-pear-Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer.git %{_pearname} - package for generating Excel spreadsheets
packages/php-pear-File_DICOM.git %{_pearname} - package for reading and modifying DICOM...
packages/php-pear-XML_NITF.git %{_pearname} - parse NITF documents
packages/php-pear-Contact_Vcard_Parse.git %{_pearname} - parse vCard 2.1 and 3.0 files
packages/php-pear-Text_Wiki.git %{_pearname} - parsing and rendering rules for Wiki...
packages/php-pear-XML_DTD.git %{_pearname} - parsing of DTD files and DTD validation...
packages/php-pear-File_SearchReplace.git %{_pearname} - performs search and replace routines
packages/php-pear-MDB2_Driver_pgsql.git %{_pearname} - pgsql MDB2 driver
packages/php-pear-Net_Portscan.git %{_pearname} - portscanner utilities
packages/php-pear-PHP_UML.git %{_pearname} - produce an UML/XMI representation of...
packages/php-pear-Crypt_RSA.git %{_pearname} - provides RSA-like encryption support
packages/php-pear-Mail_IMAPv2.git %{_pearname} - provides a c-client backend for webmail
packages/php-pear-Services_DynDNS.git %{_pearname} - provides access to the DynDNS web service
packages/php-pear-Services_Yahoo.git %{_pearname} - provides access to the Yahoo! Web Services
packages/php-pear-HTML_TreeMenu.git %{_pearname} - provides an api to create a HTML tree
packages/php-pear-HTTP_Request.git %{_pearname} - provides an easy way to perform HTTP...
packages/php-pear-Console_ProgressBar.git %{_pearname} - provides an easy-to-use interface to...
packages/php-pear-PHP_Debug.git %{_pearname} - provides assistance in debugging PHP...
packages/php-pear-PhpDocumentor.git %{_pearname} - provides automatic documenting of PHP...
packages/php-pear-PHP_Compat.git %{_pearname} - provides missing functionality for older...
packages/php-pear-Net_IDNA.git %{_pearname} - punycode encoding and decoding
packages/php-pear-Mail_Queue.git %{_pearname} - put mails in queue and send them later...
packages/php-pear-Net_Finger.git %{_pearname} - querying finger servers
packages/php-pear-MDB2_Driver_querysim.git %{_pearname} - querysim MDB2 driver
packages/php-pear-Crypt_Blowfish.git %{_pearname} - quick two-way blowfish encryption
packages/php-pear-XML_RDDL.git %{_pearname} - read RDDL (Resource Directory Descriptio...
packages/php-pear-File_Fstab.git %{_pearname} - read and write fstab files
packages/php-pear-Image_JpegMarkerReader.git %{_pearname} - read arbitrary markers from JPEG files
packages/php-pear-OpenDocument.git %{_pearname} - read, create or modify office documents...
packages/php-pear-MP3_Id.git %{_pearname} - read/write MP3-Tags
packages/php-pear-PHPUnit.git %{_pearname} - regression testing framework for unit...
packages/php-pear-PHPUnit2.git %{_pearname} - regression testing framework for unit...
packages/php-saucelabs-PHPUnit.git %{_pearname} - regression testing framework for unit...
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_CSV.git %{_pearname} - renderer driver that generates a CSV...
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_Flexy.git %{_pearname} - renderer driver using Flexy
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_Console.git %{_pearname} - renderer driver using PEAR::Console_Table
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_Smarty.git %{_pearname} - renderer driver using Smarty
packages/php-pear-XML_Tree.git %{_pearname} - represent XML data in a tree structure
packages/php-pear-Net_DNS.git %{_pearname} - resolver library to communicate with...
packages/php-pear-DB_Pager.git %{_pearname} - retrieve and return information of datab...
packages/php-pear-XML_sql2xml.git %{_pearname} - returns XML from a SQL-query
packages/php-pear-HTTP_Download.git %{_pearname} - send HTTP Downloads
packages/php-pear-Stream_SHM.git %{_pearname} - shared memory stream
packages/php-pear-PEAR_Info.git %{_pearname} - show Information about your PEAR install...
packages/php-pear-HTML_Form.git %{_pearname} - simple HTML form package
packages/php-pear-XML_XSLT_Wrapper.git %{_pearname} - single interface to the different XSLT...
packages/php-pear-HTML_Select_Common.git %{_pearname} - small classes to handle common <select...
packages/php-pear-MDB2_Driver_sqlite.git %{_pearname} - sqlite MDB2 driver
packages/php-pear-Image_Transform.git %{_pearname} - standard interface to manipulate images...
packages/php-pear-HTML_Safe.git %{_pearname} - strips down dangerous content
packages/php-pear-Text_Highlighter.git %{_pearname} - syntax highlighting
packages/php-pear-PEAR_PackageFileManager.git %{_pearname} - takes an existing package.xml file and...
packages/php-pear-Crypt_Xtea.git %{_pearname} - the Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA)...
packages/php-pear-PEAR_PackageFileManager_Frontend.git %{_pearname} - the singleton-based frontend for user...
packages/php-pear-Image_Tools.git %{_pearname} - tool collection for images
packages/php-pear-CodeGen_MySQL_Plugin.git %{_pearname} - tool to generate MySQL Plugins from...
packages/php-pear-PHP_LexerGenerator.git %{_pearname} - translate lexer files in lex2php format...
packages/php-pear-XML_Feed_Parser.git %{_pearname} - unified API for handling RSS and ATOM...
packages/php-pear-MDB.git %{_pearname} - unified database API
packages/php-pear-MDB2.git %{_pearname} - unified database API
packages/php-pear-Payment_Process.git %{_pearname} - unified payment processor
packages/php-pear-LiveUser.git %{_pearname} - user authentication and permission manag...
packages/php-pear-LiveUser_Admin.git %{_pearname} - user authentication and permission manag...
packages/php-pear-MIME_Type.git %{_pearname} - utility class for dealing with MIME...
packages/php-pear-Net_MAC.git %{_pearname} - validates and formats MAC addresses
packages/php-pear-Validate_ISPN.git %{_pearname} - validation class for ISPN (International...
packages/php-pear-Image_GIS.git %{_pearname} - visualization of GIS data
packages/php-pecl-ereg.git %{modname} -
packages/php-pecl-lzf.git %{modname} - (de)compression
packages/php-pecl-bz2.git %{modname} - A bzip2 management system
packages/php-pecl-xslcache.git %{modname} - A modification of PHP's standard XSL exten...
packages/php-pecl-xmms.git %{modname} - A simple libxmms extension
packages/php-pecl-amfext.git %{modname} - ActionScript Message Format extension
packages/php-pecl-funcall.git %{modname} - Add callbacks for any function/method
packages/php-pecl-APC.git %{modname} - Alternative PHP Cache
packages/php-pecl-uploadprogress.git %{modname} - An extension to track progress of a file...
packages/php-pecl-cvsclient.git %{modname} - CVS pserver client
packages/php-pecl-hidef.git %{modname} - Constants for real
packages/php-pecl-sasl.git %{modname} - Cyrus SASL extension
packages/php-pecl-dio.git %{modname} - Direct I/O functions
packages/php-pecl-esmtp.git %{modname} - ESMTP client extension
packages/php-pecl-fam.git %{modname} - File Alteration Monitor Functions
packages/php-pecl-ffi.git %{modname} - Foreign Function Interface
packages/php-pecl-hash.git %{modname} - HASH Message Digest Framework
packages/php-pecl-html_parse.git %{modname} - HTML parser extension
packages/php-pecl-haru.git %{modname} - Haru PDF functions
packages/php-pecl-fribidi.git %{modname} - Implementation of the Unicode BiDi algorithm
packages/php-pecl-clips.git %{modname} - Integrated CLIPS environment for deploymen...
packages/php-pecl-intl.git %{modname} - Internationalization extension
packages/php-pecl-lchash.git %{modname} - Libc Hash Interface
packages/php-pecl-mdbtools.git %{modname} - MDB data file access library
packages/php-pecl-geoip.git %{modname} - Map IP address to geographic places
packages/php-pecl-mongo.git %{modname} - MongoDB database driver
packages/php-pecl-netools.git %{modname} - Networking tools
packages/php-pecl-odbtp.git %{modname} - ODBTP client functions
packages/php-pecl-oggvorbis.git %{modname} - Ogg wrapper for Ogg/Vorbis files
packages/php-pecl-pam.git %{modname} - PAM integration
packages/php-pecl-fdf.git %{modname} - PDF Form Data Format functions
packages/php-pecl-parsekit.git %{modname} - PHP Opcode Analyser
packages/php-pecl-json_post.git %{modname} - PHP content type handler for JSON data
packages/php-pecl-expect.git %{modname} - PHP extension for expect library
packages/php-pecl-htscanner.git %{modname} - PHP module to emulate .htaccess support...
packages/php-xcache.git %{modname} - PHP opcode cacher
packages/php-pecl-zorba.git %{modname} - PHP support for XQuery
packages/php-pecl-imagick.git %{modname} - PHP wrapper to the Image Magick Library
packages/php-pecl-valkyrie.git %{modname} - POST and GET validation extension
packages/php-pecl-propro.git %{modname} - Property proxy
packages/php-pecl-flvinfo.git %{modname} - Provides file info of FLV files
packages/php-pecl-rpmreader.git %{modname} - RPM file meta information reader
packages/php-pecl-raphf.git %{modname} - Resource and persistent handles factory
packages/php-pecl-txforward.git %{modname} - Reverse Proxy (web accelerator) PHP compat...
packages/php-pecl-spidermonkey.git %{modname} - Spidermonkey JavaScript engine for PHP
packages/php-pecl-ncurses.git %{modname} - Terminal screen handling and optimization...
packages/php-pecl-tidy.git %{modname} - Tidy HTML Repairing and Parsing
packages/php-pecl-uuid.git %{modname} - UUID support functions
packages/php-pecl-syck.git %{modname} - YAML-1.0 parser and emitter
packages/php-pecl-yp.git %{modname} - YP/NIS functions
packages/php-pecl-zmq.git %{modname} - ZeroMQ messaging
packages/php-pecl-yaz.git %{modname} - a Z39.50 client for PHP
packages/php-pecl-bcompiler.git %{modname} - a bytecode compiler for classes
packages/php-pecl-markdown.git %{modname} - a fast Markdown parser
packages/php-pecl-memcache.git %{modname} - a memcached extension
packages/php-pecl-zip.git %{modname} - a zip management extension
packages/php-pecl-mono.git %{modname} - allows you to access .NET assemblies from PHP
packages/php-pecl-ps.git %{modname} - an extension to create PostScript files
packages/php-pecl-mcrypt_filter.git %{modname} - applies mcrypt symmetric encryption using...
packages/php-pecl-fann.git %{modname} - artificial neural networks
packages/php-pecl-ares.git %{modname} - asynchronous resolver
packages/php-pecl-ecasound.git %{modname} - audio recording and processing functions
packages/php-pecl-courierauth.git %{modname} - binding to courier-authlib library
packages/php-pecl-idn.git %{modname} - binding to the GNU libidn
packages/php-pecl-ssh2.git %{modname} - bindings for the libssh2 library
packages/php-pecl-openal.git %{modname} - bindings to OpenAL
packages/php-pecl-bz2_filter.git %{modname} - bz2 filter implementation backport for...
packages/php-pecl-crack.git %{modname} - checks if password is vulnerable to dictio...
packages/php-pecl-sphinx.git %{modname} - client for sphinx SQL full-text search...
packages/php-pecl-oauth.git %{modname} - consumer extension
packages/php-pecl-pdflib.git %{modname} - creating PDF on the fly with the PDFlib...
packages/php-pecl-dbase.git %{modname} - dBase database file access functions
packages/php-pecl-dbx.git %{modname} - database abstraction functions
packages/php-pecl-gender.git %{modname} - determine gender for a given name
packages/php-pecl-cyrus.git %{modname} - eases manipulation of IMAP servers
packages/php-pecl-mailparse.git %{modname} - email message manipulation
packages/php-pecl-python.git %{modname} - embedded Python
packages/php-pecl-event.git %{modname} - event scheduling engine
packages/php-pecl-http.git %{modname} - extended HTTP support
packages/php-pecl-xattr.git %{modname} - extended attributes
packages/php-pecl-newt.git %{modname} - extension for RedHat Newt windowing library
packages/php-pecl-cpdf.git %{modname} - extension module for PHP
packages/php-pecl-msession.git %{modname} - extension module for PHP
packages/php-pecl-stats.git %{modname} - extension with routines for statistical...
packages/php-pecl-xdiff.git %{modname} - file differences/patches
packages/php-pecl-Net_Gopher.git %{modname} - fopen wrapper for the gopher protocol
packages/php-pecl-apd.git %{modname} - full-featured engine-level profiler/debugger
packages/php-pecl-namazu.git %{modname} - full-text search extension using Namazu
packages/php-pecl-id3.git %{modname} - functions to read and write ID3 tags in...
packages/php-pecl-enchant.git %{modname} - libenchant binder
packages/php-pecl-fileinfo.git %{modname} - libmagic bindings
packages/php-pecl-statgrab.git %{modname} - libstatgrab bindings
packages/php-pecl-huffman.git %{modname} - lossless compression algorithm
packages/php-pecl-bitset.git %{modname} - managing sets of bits
packages/php-pecl-runkit.git %{modname} - mangle with user defined functions and...
packages/php-pecl-archive.git %{modname} - manipulate tar/cpio archives
packages/php-pecl-mnogosearch.git %{modname} - mnoGoSearch extension module for PHP
packages/php-pecl-operator.git %{modname} - operator overloading
packages/php-pecl-apfd.git %{modname} - parse form data
packages/php-pecl-bbcode.git %{modname} - parsing extension
packages/php-pecl-inotify.git %{modname} - php bindings
packages/php-pecl-docblock.git %{modname} - phpDocumentor-style DocBlock tokenizer
packages/php-pecl-vld.git %{modname} - provides functionality to dump the interna...
packages/php-pecl-xdebug.git %{modname} - provides functions for functions traces...
packages/php-pecl-rar.git %{modname} - read rar archives
packages/php-pecl-classkit.git %{modname} - runtime redefinition of class methods
packages/php-pecl-big_int.git %{modname} - set of functions for calculations with...
packages/php-pecl-tcpwrap.git %{modname} - tcpwrapper bindings
packages/php-pecl-timezonedb.git %{modname} - timezone database to be used with PHP...
packages/php-pecl-translit.git %{modname} - transliterates non-latin character sets...
packages/php-pecl-blenc.git %{modname} - transparent PHP script encryption using...
packages/php-pecl-memtrack.git %{modname} - watch memory consumption in PHP scripts
packages/php-pecl-gnupg.git %{modname} - wrapper around the gpgme library
packages/php-pecl-zlib_filter.git %{modname} - zlib filter implementation backport for...
packages/php-redis.git %{modname} A PHP extension for Redis
packages/ocaml-fuse.git %{modname} binding for OCaml
packages/php-symfony2-TwigBridge.git %{package} - Symfony2 Twig Bridge
packages/php-pear-Testing_DocTest.git %{pearname} - A Unit Test framework for writing tests...
packages/php-phpunit-bytekit.git %{pearname} - A command-line tool built on the PHP...
packages/php-horde-Horde_Kolab_Storage.git %{pearname} - A package for handling Kolab data stored...
packages/php-horde-Horde_Kolab_Server.git %{pearname} - A package for manipulating the Kolab...
packages/php-horde-Horde_Kolab_Format.git %{pearname} - A package for reading/writing Kolab data...
packages/php-horde-Horde_Kolab_Session.git %{pearname} - A package managing an active Kolab session
packages/php-pear-Services_ProjectHoneyPot.git %{pearname} - A package to interface the http:bl API...
packages/php-theseer-DirectoryScanner.git %{pearname} - A recursive directory scanner and filter
packages/php-ezc-ConsoleTools.git %{pearname} - A set of classes to do different actions...
packages/php-pear-Net_Nmap.git %{pearname} - A simple wrapper class for the Nmap utility
packages/php-horde-Horde_History.git %{pearname} - API for tracking the history of an object
packages/php-pear-Services_Libravatar.git %{pearname} - API interfacing class for
packages/php-bartlett-PHP_Reflect.git %{pearname} - Adds the ability to reverse-engineer...
packages/php-pear-Services_W3C_CSSValidator.git %{pearname} - An Object Oriented Interface to the W3C...
packages/php-pear-Mail.git %{pearname} - Class that provides multiple interfaces...
packages/php-pear-SOAP.git %{pearname} - Client/Server for PHP
packages/php-pear-Console_Getopt.git %{pearname} - Command-line option parser
packages/php-pear-File.git %{pearname} - Common file and directory routines
packages/php-pear-File_Util.git %{pearname} - Common file and directory utility functions
packages/php-pear-DB_ldap.git %{pearname} - DB interface to LDAP server
packages/php-horde-Horde_Serialize.git %{pearname} - Data Encapulation API
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_PDO.git %{pearname} - DataSource driver using PHP Data Objects...
packages/php-horde-Horde_DataTree.git %{pearname} - DataTree API
packages/php-pear-DB.git %{pearname} - Database Abstraction Layer
packages/php-pear-MDB2_TableBrowser.git %{pearname} - Database table abstraction library
packages/php-zz-MIME_Type_PlainDetect.git %{pearname} - Detect the MIME type of source code files
packages/php-pear-PHP_DocBlockGenerator.git %{pearname} - DocBlock Generator
packages/php-horde-Horde_Text_Diff.git %{pearname} - Engine for performing and rendering text...
packages/php-pear-Text_Diff.git %{pearname} - Engine for performing and rendering text...
packages/php-bartlett-PHP_CompatInfo.git %{pearname} - Find out the minimum version and the...
packages/php-pear-Cache.git %{pearname} - Framework for caching of arbitrary data
packages/php-pear-File_Gettext.git %{pearname} - GNU Gettext file parser
packages/php-pear-Crypt_GPG.git %{pearname} - GNU Privacy Guard (GPG)
packages/php-pear-Date_HumanDiff.git %{pearname} - Generate textual time differences that...
packages/php-pear-HTML_QuickForm_ElementGrid.git %{pearname} - HTML_QuickForm meta-element which holds...
packages/php-pear-Auth_HTTP.git %{pearname} - HTTP authentication system using PHP
packages/php-pear-Structures_BibTex.git %{pearname} - Handling of BibTex Data
packages/php-horde-Horde_Text_Flowed.git %{pearname} - Horde API for flowed text as per RFC...
packages/php-horde-Horde_ActiveSync.git %{pearname} - Horde ActiveSync Server Library
packages/php-horde-Horde_Auth.git %{pearname} - Horde Authentication API
packages/php-horde-Horde_Autoloader.git %{pearname} - Horde Autoloader
packages/php-horde-Horde_Browser.git %{pearname} - Horde Browser API
packages/php-horde-Horde_Cache.git %{pearname} - Horde Caching API
packages/php-horde-Horde_Cli.git %{pearname} - Horde Command Line Interface API
packages/php-horde-Horde_Compress.git %{pearname} - Horde Compression API
packages/php-horde-Horde_Constraint.git %{pearname} - Horde Constraint library
packages/php-horde-Horde_Controller.git %{pearname} - Horde Controller libraries
packages/php-horde-Horde_Core.git %{pearname} - Horde Core Framework libraries
packages/php-horde-Horde_Crypt.git %{pearname} - Horde Cryptography API
packages/php-horde-Horde_Data.git %{pearname} - Horde Data API
packages/php-horde-Horde_Db.git %{pearname} - Horde Database Libraries
packages/php-horde-Horde_Date.git %{pearname} - Horde Date package
packages/php-horde-Horde_Editor.git %{pearname} - Horde Editor API
packages/php-horde-Horde_Exception.git %{pearname} - Horde Exception Handler
packages/php-horde-Horde_Form.git %{pearname} - Horde Form API
packages/php-horde-Horde_Http.git %{pearname} - Horde HTTP libraries
packages/php-horde-Horde_Imap_Client.git %{pearname} - Horde IMAP abstraction interface
packages/php-horde-Horde_Image.git %{pearname} - Horde Image API
packages/php-horde-Horde_Ldap.git %{pearname} - Horde LDAP libraries
packages/php-horde-Horde_Log.git %{pearname} - Horde Logging library
packages/php-horde-Horde_LoginTasks.git %{pearname} - Horde Login Tasks System
packages/php-horde-Horde_Mime.git %{pearname} - Horde MIME Library
packages/php-horde-Horde_Mime_Viewer.git %{pearname} - Horde MIME Viewer Library
packages/php-horde-Horde_Mail.git %{pearname} - Horde Mail Library
packages/php-horde-Horde_Memcache.git %{pearname} - Horde Memcache API
packages/php-horde-Horde_Notification.git %{pearname} - Horde Notification System
packages/php-horde-Horde_Oauth.git %{pearname} - Horde OAuth client/server
packages/php-horde-Horde_Perms.git %{pearname} - Horde Permissions System
packages/php-horde-Horde_Prefs.git %{pearname} - Horde Preferences API
packages/php-horde-Horde_Rpc.git %{pearname} - Horde RPC API
packages/php-horde-Horde_Lock.git %{pearname} - Horde Resource Locking System
packages/php-horde-Horde_Routes.git %{pearname} - Horde Routes URL mapping system
packages/php-horde-Horde_SessionHandler.git %{pearname} - Horde Session Handler API
packages/php-horde-Horde_Share.git %{pearname} - Horde Shared Permissions System
packages/php-horde-Horde_Stream_Filter.git %{pearname} - Horde Stream filters
packages/php-horde-Horde_Stream_Wrapper.git %{pearname} - Horde Stream wrappers
packages/php-horde-Horde_Template.git %{pearname} - Horde Template System
packages/php-horde-Horde_Text_Filter.git %{pearname} - Horde Text Filter API
packages/php-horde-Horde_Text_Filter_Csstidy.git %{pearname} - Horde Text Filter API
packages/php-horde-Horde_Token.git %{pearname} - Horde Token API
packages/php-horde-Horde_Tree.git %{pearname} - Horde Tree API
packages/php-horde-Horde_Service_Twitter.git %{pearname} - Horde Twitter client
packages/php-horde-Horde_Url.git %{pearname} - Horde Url class
packages/php-horde-Horde_Group.git %{pearname} - Horde User Groups System
packages/php-horde-Horde_Util.git %{pearname} - Horde Utility Libraries
packages/php-horde-Horde_View.git %{pearname} - Horde View API
packages/php-horde-Horde_Xml_Element.git %{pearname} - Horde Xml Element object
packages/php-horde-Horde_Alarm.git %{pearname} - Horde alarm libraries
packages/php-horde-Horde_Argv.git %{pearname} - Horde command-line argument parsing package
packages/php-horde-Horde_Injector.git %{pearname} - Horde dependency injection container
packages/php-horde-Horde_Support.git %{pearname} - Horde support package
packages/php-horde-Horde_Test.git %{pearname} - Horde testing base classes
packages/php-horde-Horde_Translation.git %{pearname} - Horde translation library
packages/php-horde-Horde_SyncMl.git %{pearname} - Horde_SyncMl provides an API for processi...
packages/php-horde-Horde_Xml_Wbxml.git %{pearname} - Horde_Xml_Wbxml provides an API for encod...
packages/php-horde-Horde_Imsp.git %{pearname} - IMSP API
packages/php-pear-Net_SmartIRC.git %{pearname} - IRC client class
packages/php-phpunit-PHP_CodeCoverage.git %{pearname} - Library that provides collection, process...
packages/php-pear-Net_GeoIP.git %{pearname} - Library to perform geo-location lookups...
packages/php-pear-System_Folders.git %{pearname} - Location of system folders
packages/php-phpunit-PHPUnit_MockObject.git %{pearname} - Mock Object library for PHPUnit
packages/php-horde-Horde_Role.git %{pearname} - PEAR installer role used to install Horde...
packages/php-docblox-DocBlox.git %{pearname} - PHP 5.3 compatible API Documentation...
packages/php-pear-Log.git %{pearname} - PHP PEAR logging utilities
packages/php-phpdocs-pman.git %{pearname} - PHP Unix manual pages
packages/php-indeyets-pake.git %{pearname} - PHP automation tool with capabilities...
packages/php-pear-OpenID.git %{pearname} - PHP implementation of OpenID 1.1 and 2.0
packages/php-pear-Net_DNS2.git %{pearname} - PHP5 Resolver library used to communicate...
packages/php-pear-HTML_QuickForm2.git %{pearname} - PHP5 rewrite of HTML_QuickForm package
packages/php-pear-Payment_PayPal_SOAP.git %{pearname} - PayPal SOAP API client
packages/php-pear-VersionControl_Git.git %{pearname} - Provides OO interface to handle Git repos...
packages/php-pear-HTTP_Request2.git %{pearname} - Provides an easy way to perform HTTP...
packages/php-pear-Text_PathNavigator.git %{pearname} - Provides convenient access to path substrings
packages/php-pear-Net_IDNA2.git %{pearname} - Punycode encoding and decoding
packages/php-pear-File_CSV.git %{pearname} - Read and write of CSV files
packages/php-pear-Net_SMPP_Client.git %{pearname} - SMPP v3.4 client
packages/php-pear-Net_SMS.git %{pearname} - SMS functionality
packages/php-horde-Horde_Scribe.git %{pearname} - Scribe
packages/php-horde-Horde_Secret.git %{pearname} - Secret Encryption API
packages/php-phpunit-PHPUnit_Selenium.git %{pearname} - Selenium RC integration for PHPUnit
packages/php-pear-Net_Growl.git %{pearname} - Send notifications to Growl from PHP...
packages/php-phpunit-Text_Template.git %{pearname} - Simple template engine
packages/php-horde-Horde_SpellChecker.git %{pearname} - Spellcheck API
packages/php-phpunit-PHPUnit_Story.git %{pearname} - Story extension for PHPUnit to facilitate...
packages/php-pear-Archive_Tar.git %{pearname} - Tar file management class
packages/php-ezc-Base.git %{pearname} - The Base package provides the basic infra...
packages/php-symfony-YAML.git %{pearname} - The Symfony YAML Component
packages/php-pear-Console_Color2.git %{pearname} - This Class allows you to easily use ANSI...
packages/php-horde-Horde_Nls.git %{pearname} - This package provides Native Language...
packages/php-horde-Horde_Thrift.git %{pearname} - Thrift
packages/php-phpunit-PHPUnit_SkeletonGenerator.git %{pearname} - Tool that can generate skeleton test...
packages/php-pear-System_Daemon.git %{pearname} - Turn PHP scripts into Linux daemons
packages/php-phpunit-PHP_Invoker.git %{pearname} - Utility class for invoking callables...
packages/php-phpunit-PHP_Timer.git %{pearname} - Utility class for timing
packages/php-pear-Validate_DK.git %{pearname} - Validation class for Denmark
packages/php-pear-Validate_IE.git %{pearname} - Validation class for Ireland
packages/php-pear-Validate_Finance.git %{pearname} - Validation class for finance
packages/php-horde-Horde_Vfs.git %{pearname} - Virtual File System API
packages/php-pear-HTTP_WebDAV_Server.git %{pearname} - WebDAV Server Baseclass
packages/php-pear-HTTP_WebDAV_Client.git %{pearname} - WebDAV stream wrapper class
packages/php-pear-Services_Hatena.git %{pearname} - WebServices for Hatena
packages/php-phpunit-PHP_TokenStream.git %{pearname} - Wrapper around PHP's tokenizer extension
packages/php-pear-XML_Parser2.git %{pearname} - XML parsing class based on PHP's bundled...
packages/php-pear-XML_Util.git %{pearname} - XML utility class
packages/php-pear-XML_Util2.git %{pearname} - XML utility class
packages/php-pear-XML_RPC2.git %{pearname} - XML-RPC client/server library
packages/php-pear-XML_SVG.git %{pearname} - XML_SVG API
packages/php-pear-PEAR_PackageFileManager_Cli.git %{pearname} - a command line interface to PEAR_PackageF...
packages/php-pear-HTML_Template_Flexy.git %{pearname} - a flexible caching template engine based...
packages/php-pear-Services_Blogging.git %{pearname} - access your blog with PHP
packages/php-pear-SQL_Parser.git %{pearname} - an SQL Parser
packages/php-pear-DB_DataObject.git %{pearname} - an SQL builder, object interface to datab...
packages/php-pear-Net_IMAP.git %{pearname} - an implementation of the IMAP protocol
packages/php-pear-Net_LMTP.git %{pearname} - an implementation of the RFC2033 LMTP...
packages/php-pear-PHP_Shell.git %{pearname} - an interactive PHP Shell like IPython
packages/php-pear-DB_DataObject_FormBuilder.git %{pearname} - automatically build HTML_QuickForm object...
packages/php-pear-HTML_Page2.git %{pearname} - base class for XHTML page generation
packages/php-pear-PHP_Beautifier.git %{pearname} - beautifier for PHP
packages/php-pear-Benchmark.git %{pearname} - benchmark PHP scripts or function calls
packages/php-pear-HTML_Select.git %{pearname} - class for generating HTML form select...
packages/php-pear-XML_XUL.git %{pearname} - class to build Mozilla XUL applications
packages/php-pear-Mail_Mime.git %{pearname} - classes to create and decode mime messages
packages/php-pear-Net_FTP.git %{pearname} - comfortable communication with FTP-servers
packages/php-pear-Image_Text.git %{pearname} - comfortable processing of texts in images
packages/php-pear-System_Command.git %{pearname} - commandline execution interface
packages/php-pear-Net_NNTP.git %{pearname} - communicate with an NNTP server
packages/php-pear-File_Sitemap.git %{pearname} - create and manage sitemap files
packages/php-pear-Structures_DataGrid.git %{pearname} - create grid like structure based on a...
packages/php-pear-Date.git %{pearname} - date and time zone classes
packages/php-pear-Mail_mimeDecode.git %{pearname} - decode MIME messages
packages/php-pear-PEAR_Size.git %{pearname} - determine and list how much filespace...
packages/php-pear-Date_Holidays.git %{pearname} - driver based class to calculate holidays
packages/php-pear-HTML_QuickForm_Livesearch.git %{pearname} - element for HTML_QuickForm to enable...
packages/php-pear-XML_FastCreate.git %{pearname} - fast creation of valid XML with DTD contr...
packages/php-pear-Text_CAPTCHA_Numeral.git %{pearname} - generation of numeral maths captchas
packages/php-pear-Pager.git %{pearname} - generic data paging class
packages/php-pear-Net_Server.git %{pearname} - generic server class
packages/php-pear-Structures_Graph.git %{pearname} - graph datastructure manipulation library
packages/php-pear-PEAR_Frontend_Gtk2.git %{pearname} - graphical PEAR installer based on PHP...
packages/php-pear-Net_Sieve.git %{pearname} - handles talking to timsieved
packages/php-horde-Horde_Icalendar.git %{pearname} - iCalendar API
packages/php-pear-Services_Ebay.git %{pearname} - interface to eBay's XML-API
packages/php-pear-Text_LanguageDetect.git %{pearname} - language detection class
packages/php-pear-PEAR_Command_Packaging.git %{pearname} - make-rpm-spec command for managing RPM...
packages/php-pear-Console_Table.git %{pearname} - makes it easy to build console style...
packages/php-pear-Science_Chemistry.git %{pearname} - manipulate chemical objects: atoms, molec...
packages/php-pear-File_Archive.git %{pearname} - manipulate easily the tar, gz, bz2 and...
packages/php-pear-File_XSPF.git %{pearname} - manipulating XSPF playlists
packages/php-pear-HTML_QuickForm.git %{pearname} - methods for creating, validating, process...
packages/php-pear-Net_Socket.git %{pearname} - network socket interface
packages/php-pear-OLE.git %{pearname} - package for reading and writing OLE conta...
packages/php-pear-HTML_BBCodeParser.git %{pearname} - parser to replace UBB style tags with...
packages/php-pear-Services_ExchangeRates.git %{pearname} - performs currency conversion
packages/php-pear-Auth_PrefManager.git %{pearname} - preferences management class
packages/php-pear-HTML_Template_PHPLIB.git %{pearname} - preg_* based template system
packages/php-pear-I18N_UnicodeString.git %{pearname} - provides a way to work with self containe...
packages/php-pear-Numbers_Words.git %{pearname} - provides methods for spelling numerals...
packages/php-pear-XML_FOAF.git %{pearname} - provides the ability to manipulate FOAF...
packages/php-pear-MP3_IDv2.git %{pearname} - read/write IDv2-Tags
packages/phpunit.git %{pearname} - regression testing framework for unit...
packages/php-pear-Net_Monitor.git %{pearname} - remote service monitor
packages/php-pear-Image_Barcode.git %{pearname} - render barcodes
packages/php-pear-MDB2_Driver_sqlite3.git %{pearname} - sqlite MDB2 driver
packages/java-DbConnectionBroker.git %{srcname} - database connection pool management
packages/diffuse.git 'Diffuse program' collection
packages/toppler.git 'Jump and run' game
packages/festival-lex-POS.git 'Part of Speech' lexical models
packages/depant.git (DE)fault (PA)ssword (N)etwork (T)ool
packages/shfs.git (Secure) SHell FileSystem utilities
packages/xmedcon.git (X)MedCon - image conversion utility
packages/asciijump.git (a)sci(i)jump game
packages/perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-Store-DBIC.git **DEPRECATED** Authentication and authorization against...
packages/libppskype.git ++Skype library
packages/g3dviewer.git -
packages/perl-Text-DHCPLeases.git -
packages/blam.git .NET RSS Reader
packages/dotnet-libgphoto2-sharp.git .NET binding to libgphoto2
packages/dotnet-gkeyfile-sharp.git .NET bindings for GLib2's keyfile implementation
packages/dotnet-gstreamer0.10-sharp.git .NET bindings for GStreamer 0.10
packages/dotnet-gstreamer-sharp.git .NET bindings for GStreamer 1.0
packages/dotnet-gtk-sharp-beans.git .NET bindings for GTK+ API not included in GTK#
packages/dotnet-libextractor.git .NET bindings for libextractor
packages/dotnet-gudev-sharp.git .NET bindings for udev-glib
packages/dotnet-gio-sharp.git .NET language bindings for GIO
packages/dotnet-gtk-sharp2.git .NET language bindings for GTK+
packages/dotnet-gtk-sharp3.git .NET language bindings for GTK+ 3
packages/dotnet-gtk-sharp.git .NET language bindings for GTK+ and GNOME
packages/dotnet-galago-sharp.git .NET language bindings for Galago
packages/dotnet-gtksourceview-sharp.git .NET language bindings for GtkSourceView
packages/dotnet-gtksourceview-sharp2.git .NET language bindings for GtkSourceView
packages/dotnet-ndesk-dbus-sharp.git .NET library for using D-Bus message bus
packages/dotnet-ndesk-dbus-glib-sharp.git .NET library for using D-Bus message bus (GLib integration)
packages/dotnet-flickrnet.git .NET support for Flickr
packages/dotnet-njb-sharp.git .NET support for NJB players
packages/dotnet-ipod-sharp.git .NET support for iPods
packages/initng-ifiles.git .i files for initng
packages/btype.git .torrent file editor
packages/dev.git /dev entries
packages/etcnet.git /etc/net network configuration system
packages/zeromq.git 0MQ - Zero Message Queue
packages/0verkill.git 0verkill - ASCII-art multiplayer game
packages/lightyears.git 20,000 Light Years Into Space - a real-time strategy...
packages/edgar.git 2D Platform game
packages/rafkill.git 2D arcade-style jet fighting shooter
packages/trophy.git 2D car racing action game
packages/skia.git 2D graphic library
packages/grx.git 2D graphics C library
packages/blobwars.git 2D platform action game
packages/qwt.git 2D plotting widget extension to the Qt GUI
packages/jag.git 2d arcade-puzzle game like KDiamonds
packages/kulic.git 2d shooting game
packages/jackEQ.git 3-Band Equalizer for JACK
packages/t3.git 3-D extrapolation of tetris
packages/erecoder.git 31337 recoder is a text/data recoder swiss army knife...
packages/389-admin-console.git 389 Admin Server Management Console
packages/389-admin.git 389 Administration Server (admin)
packages/389-ds-base.git 389 Directory Server (base)
packages/qwtplot3d.git 3D Graphics extension to the Qt GUI application framework
packages/blobAndConquer.git 3D action game
packages/BillardGL.git 3D billard simulation using OpenGL
packages/brutalchess.git 3D chess game for X-Window
packages/dreamchess.git 3D chess game for X-Window
packages/exg.git 3D data exchange library
packages/3dfb.git 3D file manager
packages/alphashooter.git 3D first-person shooter
packages/quakeforge.git 3D game engine based on id Software's Quake engine
packages/xbl.git 3D geometry game
packages/blender.git 3D modeling, rendering, animation and game creation...
packages/superficie.git 3D objects visualizer
packages/cura.git 3D printer control software
packages/warzone2100.git 3D realtime strategy on a future Earth
packages/matrixgl.git 3D screensaver
packages/stardust.git 3D space flight simulator
packages/wings.git 3D subdivision modeller
packages/csmash.git 3D tabletennis game
packages/3dwm.git 3D user environment
packages/R-cran-rgl.git 3D visualization device system (OpenGL)
packages/3DM2-7000.git 3DM2 Management Utility
packages/3DM2-9650SE.git 3DM2 Management Utility
packages/amrnb.git 3GPP AMR-NB Floating-point Speech Codec
packages/amrwb.git 3GPP AMR-WB Floating-point Speech Codec
packages/cal3d.git 3d character animation library
packages/psypong3d.git 3d pong clone game
packages/openquicktime-codec-3ivx.git 3ivX codec for OpenQuickTime
packages/xanim-codec-3ivx.git 3ivX codec for XAnim
packages/3store.git 3store RDF engine
packages/3store3.git 3store RDF engine
packages/tn5250.git 5250 Telnet protocol and Terminal
packages/lib765.git 765 FDC library
packages/8Kingdoms.git 8 Kingdoms is a 3D turn-based fantasy strategic game
packages/airsnort.git 802.11 WEP Encryption Cracking Tool
packages/vlan.git 802.1q vlan Linux implementation
packages/yasmin.git 8051 simulator
packages/oxygen-editor.git <oXygen/> XML Editor
packages/kf5-baloo.git A file indexing and file search framework
packages/sawfish-theme-pack-aqua.git A "pack" of aqua themes for Sawfish
packages/sawfish-theme-pack-0.git A "pack" of themes for Sawfish - starting with char...
packages/maradns.git A (currently) authoritative-only DNS server made with...
packages/etswitch.git A *nix 'minimizer' for a few games
packages/nant.git A .NET based build tool
packages/log4net.git A .NET framework for logging
packages/java-pdf-renderer.git A 100% Java PDF renderer and viewer
packages/tickletankle.git A 2-player tank game
packages/gnome-2048.git A 2048 clone for GNOME
packages/bombic.git A 2D Dynablaster clone
packages/poly2tri.git A 2D constrained Delaunay triangulation library
packages/poly2tri-c.git A 2D constrained Delaunay triangulation library
packages/adonthell.git A 2D graphical RPG game
packages/offender.git A 2D space shooter
packages/metisse.git A 3D X Desktop
packages/Slune.git A 3D action car game
packages/opencity.git A 3D city simulator
packages/glparchis.git A 3D game of Parcheesi
packages/pybik.git A 3D interactive graphics puzzle (similar to a Rubik...
packages/gmsh.git A 3D mesh generator with pre- and post-processing facil...
packages/scorched3d.git A 3D version of the classic DOS game Scorched Earth
packages/python-BeautifulSoup.git A BeautifulSoup library for Python
packages/abcde.git A Better CD Encoder
packages/xboing.git A Breakout style X Window System based game
packages/python-bugzilla.git A Bugzilla library for Python
packages/python-ReportLab-rl_accel.git A C coded extension accelerator for the ReportLab Toolkit
packages/uncc.git A C decompiler
packages/tcl-more.git A C language extension library for TCL
packages/cgic.git A C library for CGI programming
packages/yaml.git A C library for parsing and emitting YAML
packages/crossarm-newlib.git A C library intended for use on embedded systems
packages/libgcal.git A C library to handle Google calendar and contacts
packages/libtorrent-rasterbar.git A C++ BitTorrent library
packages/libevocosm.git A C++ Framework for Evolutionary Computing
packages/glog.git A C++ application logging library
packages/libgtksourceviewmm.git A C++ binding of GtkSourceView
packages/gtksourceviewmm2.git A C++ binding of GtkSourceView2
packages/gtksourceviewmm3.git A C++ binding of GtkSourceView3
packages/gstreamermm.git A C++ bindings for the GStreamer library
packages/gstreamermm0.10.git A C++ bindings for the GStreamer library
packages/libcmis.git A C++ client library for the CMIS interface
packages/atkmm.git A C++ interface for atk library
packages/crossmingw32-atkmm.git A C++ interface for atk library - cross MinGW32 version
packages/glibmm.git A C++ interface for glib library
packages/crossmingw32-glibmm.git A C++ interface for glib library - cross MinGW32 version
packages/pangomm.git A C++ interface for pango library
packages/crossmingw32-pangomm.git A C++ interface for pango library - cross MinGW32 version
packages/socket++.git A C++ interface for sockets
packages/gtkmm.git A C++ interface for the GTK+ (a GUI library for X)
packages/gtkmm1.git A C++ interface for the GTK+ (a GUI library for X)
packages/gtkmm22.git A C++ interface for the GTK+ (a GUI library for X)
packages/gtkmm3.git A C++ interface for the GTK+ (a GUI library for X)
packages/crossmingw32-gtkmm.git A C++ interface for the GTK+ (a GUI library for X)...
packages/webkitmm.git A C++ interface for the Webkit/GTK+
packages/libbonobomm.git A C++ interface for the libbonobo
packages/libbonobouimm.git A C++ interface for the libbonoboui
packages/cgicc.git A C++ library for CGI programming
packages/galib.git A C++ library of genetic algorithm components
packages/mcpp.git A C/C++ preprocessor
packages/cgterm.git A C/G graphics C64 BBS client
packages/bchunk.git A CD image format converter from .bin/.cue to .iso...
packages/cgilib.git A CGI (Common Gateway Interface) library for C++
packages/webdot.git A CGI graph server script that uses tcldot utility
packages/xapian-omega.git A CGI search frontend and indexers built on Xapian
packages/gnochm.git A CHM file viewer for Gnome
packages/kchm.git A CHM file viewer for KDE
packages/Zope-CMFContentPanels.git A CMF/Plone portlets product
packages/cpuinfo.git A CPU identification tool and library
packages/ct-crm.git A CRM for small to medium firms
packages/python-cssutils.git A CSS Cascading Style Sheets library for Python 2
packages/libcroco.git A CSS2 parsing library
packages/cvsup.git A CVS-aware network file distribution system
packages/test-kitchen.git A Chef convergence integration test harness
packages/squidclamav.git A Clamav Antivirus scanner for Squid 3.x
packages/ctdb.git A Clustered Database based on Samba's Trivial Database...
packages/libsidplay.git A Commodore 64 music player and SID chip emulator library
packages/libsidplay2.git A Commodore 64 music player and SID chip emulator library
packages/subversion.git A Concurrent Versioning system similar to but better...
packages/fontik.git A Configuration Tool for Font-wise, User-set Fontconfig...
packages/nagios-ncpa.git A Cross Platform Monitoring Agent
packages/httpie.git A Curl-like tool for humans
packages/python-sqlite1.git A DB API v1.0 compatible interface to SQLite
packages/python-sqlite.git A DB API v2.0 compatible interface to SQLite
packages/python-coherence.git A DLNA/UPnP MediaServer protocol implementation
packages/libdmapsharing.git A DMAP client and server library
packages/dosemu.git A DOS emulator
packages/dosnet.git A DOS emulator
packages/rednotebook.git A Desktop Diary
packages/ding.git A Dictionary Lookup program
packages/graphite-web.git A Django webapp for enterprise scalable realtime graphing
packages/wmrecord.git A Dockable General Purpose Recording Utility
packages/opendkim.git A DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) milter to sign...
packages/yadex.git A Doom level (wad) editor
packages/fileschanged.git A FAM (File Alteration Monitor) client
packages/faqprog.git A FAQ documentation compiler
packages/gnomeradio.git A FM-Tuner program for GNOME
packages/radioactive.git A FM-Tuner program for GNOME
packages/vdfuse.git A FUSE module for mounting VirtualBox disk images ...
packages/warsow.git A Fast Paced FPS Game
packages/crashmail.git A Fidonet *.JAM and MSG tosser
packages/postr.git A Flickr photo uploader
packages/psplot.git A Fortran-callable Postscript plotting library
packages/java-itext.git A Free Java-PDF library
packages/xine-lib.git A Free Video Player
packages/xine-ui.git A Free Video Player
packages/mpg321.git A Free command-line MP3 player based on smpeg
packages/scalpel.git A Frugal, High Performance File Carver
packages/libtelepathy.git A GLib library to ease writing telepathy clients
packages/telepathy-glib.git A GLib library to ease writing telepathy clients
packages/gnome-jabber.git A GNOME 2 Jabber client
packages/forcefield.git A GNOME GUI for TrueCrypt
packages/gabber.git A GNOME Jabber client
packages/gspy.git A GNOME Security Camera
packages/sodipodi.git A GNOME Vector Graphics Application
packages/gnome-commander.git A GNOME filemanager similar to the Midnight Commander
packages/firestarter.git A GNOME firewall tool
packages/gtoaster.git A GNOME frontend for cdrecord
packages/glms.git A GNOME hardware monitoring applet
packages/gnome-applet-sshmenu.git A GNOME panel applet for connecting to hosts using SSH
packages/sensor_sweep_applet.git A GNOME panel applet that allows to monitor a system...
packages/gnome-find.git A GNOME version of the GNU "find" utility
packages/gnome-applet-ticket-applet2.git A GNOME2 applet for managing Kerberos tickets
packages/emacs-psgml.git A GNU Emacs major mode for editing SGML documents
packages/cross-binutils.git A GNU collection of cross-compilation binary utilities
packages/diffutils.git A GNU collection of diff utilities
packages/tar.git A GNU file archiving program
packages/bison.git A GNU general-purpose parser generator
packages/commoncpp2.git A GNU package for creating portable C++ programs
packages/crossavr-gdb.git A GNU source-level debugger for C, C++ and Fortran
packages/gdb.git A GNU source-level debugger for C, C++ and Fortran
packages/sed.git A GNU stream text editor
packages/smurf.git A GPL sound font editor
packages/galculator.git A GTK+ 2 based scientific calculator
packages/althea.git A GTK+ IMAP mail client
packages/xchat.git A GTK+ IRC (chat) client
packages/gadmintools-gproftpd.git A GTK+ administation tool for the ProFTPD server
packages/gtkdbfeditor.git A GTK+ based DBF Editor
packages/hot-babe.git A GTK+ based monitoring application
packages/pidgin.git A GTK+ based multiprotocol instant messaging client
packages/spice-gtk.git A GTK+ client and libraries for SPICE remote desktop...
packages/qemu-launcher.git A GTK+ front-end for the Qemu x86 PC emulator
packages/gtklp.git A GTK+ frontend to CUPS
packages/at-spi2-atk.git A GTK+ module that bridges ATK to D-Bus at-spi
packages/gtk2-theme-engine-qt.git A GTK+ theme engine that uses Qt for drawing
packages/gtk2-theme-engine-qt4.git A GTK+ theme engine that uses Qt4 for drawing
packages/beryl-settings.git A GTK+ tool to configure beryl
packages/gset-compiz.git A GTK+ tool to configure compiz
packages/gcompizthemer.git A GTK+ tool to configure window decorations in compiz
packages/gtkmathview.git A GTK+ viewer to view MathML documents
packages/gtk-vnc.git A GTK+ widget for VNC clients (GTK+ 2.x version)
packages/gtkimageview.git A GTK+ widget providing zoomable and panable view of...
packages/pyNeighborhood.git A GTK+2 GUI for samba tools
packages/acovea-gtk.git A GTK-based User Interface for Acovea
packages/prozgui.git A GUI advanced Linux download manager
packages/everygui.git A GUI for everything
packages/xca.git A GUI for handling X509 certificates, RSA keys, PKCS...
packages/guitone.git A GUI frontend for monotone
packages/regedit.git A GUI to edit Elektra (a.k.a Linux Registry) keys
packages/gscan2pdf.git A GUI to produce PDFs from scanned documents
packages/cantus.git A GUI tool to rename and tag MP3 and Ogg/Vorbis files
packages/cantus_2.git A GUI tool to rename and tag MP3 and Ogg/Vorbis files
packages/kadu.git A Gadu-Gadu client for online messaging
packages/getdp.git A General environment for the treatment of Discrete...
packages/flatzebra.git A Generic Game Engine library for 2D double-buffering...
packages/gengameng.git A Generic Game Engine library for 2D double-buffering...
packages/python-geopy.git A Geocoding Toolbox for Python
packages/gtk2-theme-MurrinaChrome.git A Google Chrome inspired Murrina
packages/gofish.git A Gopher Server
packages/deadftp.git A Graphical FTP client
packages/psensor.git A Graphical Temperature Monitor
packages/dot2tex.git A Graphviz to LaTeX converter
packages/gtk2-theme-MurrinaLoveGray.git A Gray colorscheme, with elegant bright buttons
packages/ickle.git A Gtk-- ICQ2000 Client
packages/perl-Gtk2-Ex-PodViewer.git A Gtk2 widget for displaying Plain old Documentation...
packages/python-html2text.git A HTML to markdown-structured text converter
packages/python3-dugong.git A HTTP 1.1 client module
packages/ghc-void.git A Haskell 98 logically uninhabited data type
packages/gtk2hs.git A Haskell GUI library based on the GTK+ GUI toolkit
packages/ghc-X11.git A Haskell binding to the X11 graphics library
packages/ghc-X11-xft.git A Haskell binding to the X11-xft graphics library
packages/ghc-alsa-core.git A Haskell binding to the alsa-core graphics library
packages/ghc-alsa-mixer.git A Haskell binding to the alsa-mixer graphics library
packages/ghc-c2hs.git A Haskell binding to the c2hs graphics library
packages/ghc-cereal.git A Haskell binding to the cereal graphics library
packages/ghc-dbus.git A Haskell binding to the dbus graphics library
packages/ghc-hinotify.git A Haskell binding to the hinotify graphics library
packages/ghc-language-c.git A Haskell binding to the language-c graphics library
packages/ghc-libmpd.git A Haskell binding to the libmpd graphics library
packages/ghc-libxml-sax.git A Haskell binding to the libxml-sax graphics library
packages/ghc-mtl.git A Haskell binding to the mtl graphics library
packages/ghc-timezone-olson.git A Haskell binding to the timezone-olson graphics library
packages/ghc-timezone-series.git A Haskell binding to the timezone-series graphics library
packages/ghc-xml-types.git A Haskell binding to the xml-types graphics library
packages/ghc-text.git A Haskell library for manipulation of Unicode text
packages/libbrahe.git A Heterogenous C Library of Numeric Functions
packages/agg.git A High Quality Rendering Engine for C++
packages/json-c.git A JSON implementation in C
packages/konverse.git A Jabber (an XML-based open source IM system) client...
packages/gajim.git A Jabber client written in PyGTK
packages/anthy.git A Japanese character input system library (with dictionary)
packages/guavac.git A Java compiler written in C++ for high performance
packages/java-logback.git A Java logging library
packages/grendel.git A Java mail/news client
packages/java-jdom.git A Java representation of an XML document
packages/jikes.git A Java source file to bytecode compiler
packages/jstun.git A Java-based STUN server
packages/nodejs-which.git A JavaScript implementation of the 'which' command
packages/perl-Text-Kakasi.git A KAKASI library module for Perl
packages/kde4-cervisia.git A KDE CVS frontend
packages/kde4-kmplayer.git A KDE MPlayer/Xine/ffmpeg/ffserver/VDR frontend
packages/kmplayer.git A KDE MPlayer/Xine/ffmpeg/ffserver/VDR frontend
packages/amarok.git A KDE audio player
packages/knights.git A KDE based chess environment
packages/digikam.git A KDE frontend for gphoto2
packages/kcdspeed.git A KDE little Kicker applet that allows selecting CD...
packages/firefoxqs.git A KDE panel applet for quick access to Firefox
packages/mozillaqs.git A KDE panel applet for quick access to Mozilla
packages/konverter.git A KDE video conversion tool
packages/kups.git A KDE-based printer administration tool for CUPS
packages/kroneko.git A KDE3 tool for configuring cron and anacron
packages/kterm.git A Kanji (Japanese character set) terminal emulator...
packages/tastymenu.git A Kmenu replacement
packages/lv2-c++-tools.git A LV2 Development SDK
packages/tetex-latex-beamer.git A LaTeX class for producing beamer presentations
packages/rubber.git A LaTeX wrapper for automatically building documents
packages/jlex.git A Lexical Analyzer Generator for Java
packages/libnxcl.git A Library for building NoMachine (NX) clients
packages/drizzle.git A Lightweight SQL Database for Cloud and Web
packages/kalva.git A Lightweight Videorecorder Application
packages/pxe.git A Linux PXE (Preboot eXecution Environment) package
packages/gqcam.git A Linux clone of the QuickPict software that comes...
packages/compex-driver.git A Linux network adapter skeleton device driver for...
packages/ivcall.git A Linux tool for doing automated ISDN voice calls
packages/drivel.git A LiveJournal client for GNOME
packages/ghc-hslua.git A Lua language interpreter embedding in Haskell
packages/playmidi.git A MIDI sound file player
packages/mcl.git A MUD client for Unix
packages/amavis.git A Mail Virus Scanner
packages/amavisd.git A Mail Virus Scanner - Daemon
packages/amavisd-new.git A Mail Virus Scanner with SpamAssassin support - daemon
packages/xdemineur.git A Minesweeper game for the X Window System
packages/banshee.git A Mono/GStreamer Based Music Player
packages/browser-plugin-cult3d.git A Mozilla plug-in to view Cult3D objects
packages/mozilla-plugin-svg.git A Mozilla plug-in to view W3C's SVG (Scalable Vector...
packages/innotop.git A MySQL and InnoDB monitor program
packages/perl-DBD-mysql.git A MySQL interface for Perl
packages/tayga.git A NAT64 daemon
packages/gtkstep.git A NEXTSTEP(tm) theme for GTK
packages/lopster.git A Napster clone for Linux written using GTK+
packages/prelude-manager.git A Network Intrusion Detection System - events collector
packages/cnet.git A Network Simulator
packages/jude.git A New Java/UML Object-Oriented Design Tool
packages/afternoonstalker.git A Night Stalker(TM) clone
packages/openmovieeditor.git A Non Linear Movie Editor
packages/pam-pam_mount.git A PAM module that can mount remote volumes for a user...
packages/pam-pam_usb.git A PAM module that provides hardware authentication...
packages/pam-pam_sasl.git A PAM module to authenticate against a SASL mechanism
packages/pam-pam_dotfile.git A PAM module which allows users to have more than one...
packages/phpxpath.git A PHP Xpath library
packages/phpgacl.git A PHP class offering a simple and powerful "drop in...
packages/php-mpdf.git A PHP class to generate PDF files from HTML with Unicod...
packages/php-smushit.git A PHP client for the Yahoo! web service
packages/php-yui-css-compressor.git A PHP port of the YUI CSS compressor
packages/openmosixwebview.git A PHP script for monitoring an openMosix cluster via...
packages/gphpedit.git A PHP source editor for GNOME 2
packages/t0xirc.git A PHP to Eggdrop gateway class
packages/lua-posix.git A POSIX library for Lua
packages/xchomp.git A Pac-Man style game for the X Window System
packages/forgate.git A Packet Redirection Tool For Interception On Switched...
packages/apache-mod_perl.git A Perl interpreter for the Apache Web server
packages/apache1-mod_perl.git A Perl interpreter for the Apache Web server
packages/perl-HTML-Widgets-NavMenu.git A Perl module for generating HTML navigation menus
packages/perl-File-MMagic.git A Perl module that guesses file types based on their...
packages/kdoc.git A Perl program to produce html files from javadoc-style...
packages/dobackup.git A Perl script for performing unattended incremental...
packages/Zope-PloneExFile.git A Plone content type with an attachment
packages/sap.git A Polish-English-Polish dictionary
packages/xemacs-apel-pkg.git A Portable Emacs Library - used by XEmacs MIME support
packages/perl-DBD-Pg.git A PostgresSQL interface for Perl
packages/MathPlanner.git A Program for calculating many kind of things
packages/python-pyPdf.git A Pure-Python library built as a PDF toolkit
packages/qtorrent.git A PyQt GUI for BitTorrent
packages/python-pygpgme.git A Python 2 wrapper for the GPGME library
packages/deluge.git A Python BitTorrent client with support for UPnP and DHT
packages/python-mock.git A Python Mocking and Patching Library for Testing
packages/diveintopython.git A Python book
packages/python-cassandra.git A Python client driver for Apache Cassandra
packages/python-redis.git A Python client for redis
packages/python-pyorbited.git A Python client for the orbited (Orbit Event Daemon)
packages/python-pygimp.git A Python extension allowing you to write Gimp plugins...
packages/python-iwscan.git A Python extension for iwscan access
packages/python-wpactrl.git A Python extension for wpa_supplicant/hostapd control...
packages/python-dulwich.git A Python implementation of the Git file formats and...
packages/python-pymssql.git A Python interface to MSSQL
packages/python-MySQLdb.git A Python interface to MySQL
packages/python-mysqlclient.git A Python interface to MySQL (MySQLdb compatible)
packages/python-pyclamav.git A Python interface to libclamav
packages/python-pylibpcap.git A Python interface to libpcap
packages/python-Gnuplot.git A Python interface to the gnuplot plotting program
packages/python-PyRSS2Gen.git A Python library for generating RSS 2.0 feeds
packages/python-kickstart.git A Python library for manipulating kickstart files
packages/python-sympy.git A Python library for symbolic mathematics
packages/python-docker.git A Python library for the Docker Engine API
packages/python-openpyxl.git A Python library to read/write Excel 2007 xlsx/xlsm...
packages/python-xlsxwriter.git A Python module for creating Excel XLSX files
packages/python-pyid3lib.git A Python module for editing ID3v2 tags of MP3 audio...
packages/python-pylibacl.git A Python module for manipulating POSIX.1e ACLs
packages/python-blivet.git A Python module for system storage configuration
packages/python-flac.git A Python module for the FLAC library
packages/python-gnupg.git A Python module for the GnuPG
packages/python-gpg.git A Python module for the GnuPG
packages/python-mad.git A Python module for the MPEG Audio Decoder library
packages/python-musepack.git A Python module for the Musepack library
packages/python-pyogg.git A Python module for the Ogg library
packages/python-pyvorbis.git A Python module for the the Ogg/Vorbis library
packages/python-pyao.git A Python module for the the ao library
packages/python-cssmin.git A Python port of the YUI CSS compression algorithm
packages/python-pyRXP.git A Python wrapper for the RXP parser
packages/python-subvertpy.git A Pythonic binding for subversion
packages/rpmDirectoryCheck.git A QA tool to check a large set of RPM-packages for...
packages/aqemu.git A QEMU GUI with a user-friendly interface
packages/kf5-attica.git A Qt library that implements the Open Collaboration...
packages/museek+.git A Qt soulseek client for Linux
packages/crossvc.git A Qt-based tool for managing CVS
packages/lincvs.git A Qt-based tool for managing CVS
packages/authd.git A RFC 1413 ident protocol daemon
packages/liferea.git A RSS feed reader
packages/yarssr.git A RSS feed reader
packages/librsvg.git A Raph's Library for Rendering SVG Data
packages/librsvg-gtk.git A Raph's Library for Rendering SVG Data
packages/ruby-mail.git A Really Ruby Mail Library
packages/ruby-fosl.git A Ruby API for reading lsof(1) output
packages/ruby-lockfile.git A Ruby library for creating NFS safe lockfiles
packages/ruby-hike.git A Ruby library for finding files in a set of paths
packages/ruby-parser.git A Ruby parser written in pure Ruby
packages/ruby-text-format.git A Ruby port of Text::Format
packages/ruby-rb-inotify.git A Ruby wrapper for Linux's inotify, using FFI
packages/apache-mod_auth_mellon.git A SAML 2.0 authentication module for the Apache Httpd...
packages/tagsoup.git A SAX-compliant parser written in Java that parses...
packages/siproxd.git A SIP masquerading proxy with RTP support
packages/java-axis.git A SOAP implementation in Java
packages/python-SOAP.git A SOAP library for Python
packages/antinat.git A SOCKS server for SOCKS4 and SOCKS5
packages/jabber-proxy65.git A SOCKS5 Bytestreaming Component
packages/ruby-compass.git A Sass-based CSS Meta-Framework
packages/yabause.git A Sega Saturn emulator
packages/jena.git A Semantic Web Framework for Java
packages/sbagen.git A Sequenced Binaural Wave Generator
packages/fbzx.git A Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator
packages/snaresquid.git A Snare Log Forwarder for arbitrary text-based logs
packages/mlkit.git A Standard ML native compiler
packages/hdfmonkey.git A Swiss Army Knife for manipulating HDF disk images
packages/systemd.git A System and Service Manager
packages/supervisor.git A System for Allowing the Control of Process State...
packages/zapping.git A TV viewer for GNOME2
packages/trac-plugin-tags.git A Tagging System for Trac
packages/tkrat.git A Tcl/Tk Mail User Agent
packages/telepathy-mission-control.git A Telepathy account manager
packages/telepathy-ring.git A Telepathy connection manager for GSM and similar...
packages/telepathy-idle.git A Telepathy connection manager for IRC
packages/telepathy-gabble.git A Telepathy connection manager for Jabber/XMPP
packages/telepathy-butterfly.git A Telepathy connection manager for MSN
packages/telepathy-haze.git A Telepathy connection manager using libpurple
packages/tigervnc.git A TigerVNC remote display system
packages/blt.git A Tk toolkit extension, including widgets, geometry...
packages/armagetron.git A Tron lightcycle game with focus on multiplayer mode
packages/armagetronad.git A Tron lightcycle game with focus on multiplayer mode
packages/argouml.git A UML design tool with cognitive support
packages/runit.git A UNIX init scheme with service supervision
packages/urlview.git A URL extractor/viewer for use with Mutt
packages/pan.git A USENET newsreader for GNOME
packages/everybuddy.git A Universal Instant Messanging Client
packages/pwauth.git A Unix Web Authenticator
packages/xemacs-view-process-pkg.git A Unix process browsing tool
packages/x11vnc.git A VNC server for the current X11 session
packages/Maverik.git A VR micro-Kernel
packages/normalize.git A WAV and MP3 file volume adjuster
packages/wccpd.git A WCCP Server Daemon
packages/TeXmacs.git A WYSIWYG scientific text editor
packages/lyx.git A WYSIWYM frontend to LaTeX
packages/phpdc.git A Web frontend for the Direct Connect Text Client
packages/cvstrac.git A Web-Based Bug And Patch-Set Tracking System For CVS...
packages/ZoneAdmin.git A Web-based administration interface for powerDNS
packages/mojo.git A Web-based mailing list manager
packages/reportdhcp.git A Web-based monitor for ISC DHCP lease statistics
packages/PyFileServer.git A WebDAV server in Python
packages/chromium-browser.git A WebKit powered web browser
packages/chromium-browser-bin.git A WebKit powered web browser
packages/php-AutoIndex.git A Website Directory Indexer and File Manager (AutoIndex...
packages/php4-AutoIndex.git A Website Directory Indexer and File Manager (AutoIndex...
packages/ruwiki.git A Wiki written in Ruby
packages/mountapp.git A Window Maker dock app which simplies managing mountab...
packages/ A Window Maker dock app with mixer
packages/WMRack.git A WindowMaker Dock CD+Sound Applet
packages/eris.git A WorldForge client library
packages/mercator.git A WorldForge terrain library
packages/Zope-CMFQuickInstallerTool.git A Zope product independent from the former CMFQuickInst...
packages/Zope-ExternalEditor.git A Zope product integrating Zope more seamlessly with...
packages/Zope-CMFPhotoAlbum.git A Zope product providing Photo Album in your CMF
packages/Zope-CMFForum.git A Zope product that Anonymous can post by default
packages/Zope-CMFSin.git A Zope product that is a simple syndication client...
packages/Zope-Localizer.git A Zope product to develop multilingual web application
packages/Zope-CMFPhoto.git A Zope product with wrapper objects and a Plone skin...
packages/Zope-GroupUserFolder.git A Zope product, a convenient tool to manage groups...
packages/Zope-CMFVisualEditor.git A Zope product, a skin for Plone using the DHTML Editin...
packages/Zope-Silva.git A Zope-based web application
packages/cacti-spine.git A backend data gatherer for Cacti
packages/backup.git A backup strategy for Linux via CD-R
packages/jpilot-backup.git A backup-plugin for jpilot
packages/kbarcode.git A barcode and label printing application for KDE
packages/perl-AI-Gene-Sequence.git A base class for storing and mutating genetic sequences
packages/simsu.git A basic Sudoku game
packages/wmacpi.git A battery monitor dockapp for ACPI based systems
packages/hdbench.git A benchmark software like HDBENCH
packages/xqmixer.git A better soundmixer tool
packages/apache-mod_fcgid.git A binary compatibility alternative to Apache module...
packages/beav.git A binary editor with Emacs-like keybindings
packages/divxcalc.git A bitrate calculator for DivX ;-) movies
packages/ghc-blaze-html.git A blazingly fast HTML combinator library for Haskell
packages/ghc-blaze-markup.git A blazingly fast markup combinator library for Haskell
packages/claws-mail.git A bleeding edge branch of Sylpheed, a GTK2 based, light...
packages/aboot.git A bootloader which can be started from the SRM console
packages/tecnoballz.git A breakout clone with 50 levels of game and 11 special...
packages/kazehakase.git A browser with multiple rendering engines support
packages/gnats.git A bug tracking system
packages/python-wheel.git A built-package format for Python
packages/xut.git A button football simulation
packages/nodejs-lru-cache.git A cache object that deletes the least recently used...
packages/pdnsd.git A caching dns proxy for small networks or dialin accounts
packages/bongo.git A calendar and mail server
packages/hula.git A calendar and mail server
packages/hippo-canvas.git A canvas widget
packages/nmh.git A capable mail handling system with a command line...
packages/mobilizer.git A initiative to deliver a full-featured...
packages/xfce4-cellmodem-plugin.git A cellmodem plugin for the Xfce panel
packages/cheese.git A cheesy program to take pictures and videos from your...
packages/vulcan.git A chess variant
packages/micropolis.git A city simulation game
packages/ghc-hashable.git A class for types that can be converted to a hash value
packages/ghc-data-default.git A class for types with a default value
packages/ghc-data-default-class.git A class for types with a default value
packages/terminus-font.git A clean fixed width font
packages/ekg.git A client compatible with Gadu-Gadu
packages/apr_memcache.git A client for memcached
packages/python-recaptcha.git A client for reCAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA Mailhide
packages/kmldonkey.git A client for the mldonkey P2P network
packages/vstream-client.git A client library and example client for the Tivo vstrea...
packages/missile.git A clone of the Atari Missile Command
packages/gnurobbo.git A clone of the famous 8bit Atari game Robbo
packages/asm.git A code manipulation tool to implement adaptable systems
packages/asm2.git A code manipulation tool to implement adaptable systems
packages/pastebin.git A collaborative debugging tool
packages/tellico.git A collection manager
packages/bsd-games.git A collection of BSD (Berkeley Standard Distribution...
packages/gsettings-desktop-schemas.git A collection of GSettings schemas
packages/ladspa-cmt-plugins.git A collection of LADSPA plugins from Computer Music...
packages/scli.git A collection of SNMP command line management tools
packages/net-snmp.git A collection of SNMP protocol tools
packages/cwautomacros.git A collection of autoconf macros
packages/aisleriot.git A collection of card games
packages/kemistry.git A collection of chemical applications for KDE
packages/python-shiny.git A collection of decorators to make your programs more...
packages/python-setuptools.git A collection of enhancements to the Python distutils
packages/R-cran-polynom.git A collection of functions to implement a class for...
packages/python-encutils.git A collection of helper functions to detect encodings...
packages/amarok-script-wiki_lyrics.git A collection of lyrics scripts for amaroK
packages/mdds.git A collection of multi-dimensional data structures and...
packages/eog-plugins.git A collection of plugins for the EOG image viewer
packages/R-preprocessCore.git A collection of pre-processing functions
packages/tcputils.git A collection of programs to faciliate TCP programming...
packages/ext3undel.git A collection of scripts to help you recover files from...
packages/PySolFC.git A collection of solitare card games
packages/heirloom.git A collection of standard Unix utilities
packages/moreutils.git A collection of unix tools
packages/python-djblets.git A collection of useful classes and functions for Django
packages/elfutils.git A collection of utilities and DSOs to handle compiled...
packages/bzrtools.git A collection of utilities and plugins for Bazaar
packages/yum-utils.git A collection of utilities related to yum
packages/libview.git A collection of widgets for VMware (but not only)
packages/gtk2-theme-ColorBit.git A colorfull all-in-one theme that uses clearlooks and...
packages/cdrkit.git A command line CD/DVD-Recorder
packages/dvdrtools.git A command line CD/DVD-Recorder
packages/pal.git A command line calendar that displays holidays and...
packages/mbank-cli.git A command line interface to mBank
packages/herrie.git A command line music player
packages/html2text.git A command line utility to convert HTML document to...
packages/cadaver.git A command-line WebDAV client
packages/w3mir.git A command-line client to download WWW documents
packages/ghc-haskeline.git A command-line interface for user input, written in...
packages/discount.git A command-line utility for converting Markdown files...
packages/gflags.git A commandline flags library that allows for distributed...
packages/w2do.git A commandline todo manager
packages/compupic.git A commercial picture browsing tool
packages/cedega-commercial.git A commercial version of cedega WINE
packages/mingetty.git A compact, console-only getty
packages/apr-util.git A companion library to Apache Portable Runtime
packages/php-pecl-pthreads.git A compatible Threading API for PHP5.3+
packages/polyglot.git A compiler front end framework for building Java extensions
packages/seyon.git A complete full-featured telecommunications package...
packages/acetoneiso2.git A complete software to manage CD/DVD images rich of...
packages/python-httplib2.git A comprehensive HTTP client library
packages/nodejs-mime.git A comprehensive library for mime-type mapping
packages/varconf.git A config handling library
packages/python-alabaster.git A configurable sidebar-enabled Sphinx theme
packages/keeper.git A configuration reading and writing library
packages/shapecfg.git A configuration tool for setting traffic bandwidth...
packages/nload.git A console application which monitors network traffic...
packages/ocp.git A console music player
packages/lastbash.git A console player for
packages/squidview.git A console program to nicely view squid's log
packages/rsget.git A console-based RapidShare files downloader
packages/pfqueue.git A console-based tool for handling MTA queues
packages/basket.git A container for various types of data
packages/qemuctl.git A controller GUI for the run-time options of QEMU compu...
packages/Quotient.git A conversation server built using Twisted
packages/cytadela.git A conversion of an Amiga Doom clone "Cytadela"
packages/python-gevent.git A coroutine-based Python 2 networking library
packages/desktop-file-utils.git A couple of command line utilities for working with...
packages/xfce4-cpufreq-plugin.git A cpufreq plugin for the Xfce panel
packages/anacron.git A cron-like program that can run jobs lost during downtime
packages/supybot.git A cross-platform IRC bot written in Python
packages/vtcl.git A cross-platform application development environment
packages/kBuild.git A cross-platform build environment
packages/openbabel.git A cross-platform chemistry program and library designed...
packages/libquvi.git A cross-platform library for parsing flash media stream
packages/python-psutil.git A cross-platform process and system utilities module...
packages/qextserialport.git A cross-platform serial port class
packages/python-pyglet.git A cross-platform windowing and multimedia library for...
packages/ascii-invaders.git A curses clone of the classic video game Space Invaders
packages/rexima.git A curses-based (and command-line) mixer for Linux
packages/tetrix.git A curses-based clone of Tetris
packages/sntop.git A curses-based top-esque monitor of network host status
packages/barnowl.git A curses-based tty Jabber, IRC, AIM and Zephyr client
packages/XcursorTheme-Grounation.git A cursor theme Grounation
packages/XcursorTheme-CursorCraft.git A cursor theme based on cursors from Starcraft game
packages/XcursorTheme-Neverhood.git A cursor theme based on cursors from The Neverhood...
packages/XcursorTheme-Jimmac.git A cursor theme by Jimmac (GNOME's main artist)
packages/AnotherLevel.git A customized configuration of the fvwm2 window manager
packages/gDeskCal.git A cute little eye-candy and quite useful calendar
packages/msyslog.git A daemon for the syslog system log interface
packages/enlightenment-theme-grey.git A dark, light on resources, modified default E17 theme...
packages/R-ALL.git A data package
packages/kst.git A data viewing program for KDE
packages/xfce4-datetime-plugin.git A date and time plugin for the Xfce panel
packages/ElectricFence.git A debugger which detects memory allocation violations
packages/njamd.git A debugger which detects memory allocation violations
packages/monopd.git A dedicated game server daemon for playing Monopoly...
packages/kp5-milou.git A dedicated search application built on top of Baloo
packages/nodejs-rimraf.git A deep deletion module for node.js
packages/speech-dispatcher.git A device independent layer for speech synthesis
packages/gef.git A diagram editing framework
packages/rolldice.git A dice rolling software
packages/manadic.git A dictionary for Mana
packages/ooodi.git A dictionary installer for
packages/gtkdiff.git A diff front-end program using GTK+(GNOME)
packages/exiftags.git A digital camera image meta-data (Exif) parser
packages/bitkeeper.git A distributed concurent versioning system better than CVS
packages/fleet.git A distributed init system
packages/elasticsearch.git A distributed, highly available, RESTful search engine
packages/FinalSolution.git A distrubuted, multithreaded, multiprotocol password...
packages/wmdiskmon.git A dockapp to monitor disks usage
packages/wmmaiload.git A dockapp to monitor mailboxes
packages/wmnetload.git A dockapp to monitor network interface usage
packages/wmwifi.git A dockapp to monitor wireless network signal strength
packages/bubblefishymon.git A dockapp-style system load monitor
packages/wmdocker.git A docking application
packages/xmms-general-status.git A docklet for XMMS
packages/couchdb.git A document database server, accessible via a RESTful...
packages/groff.git A document formatting system
packages/jsdoc-toolkit.git A documentation generator for JavaScript
packages/haddock.git A documentation tool for annotated Haskell source code
packages/gwget.git A download manager for GNOME
packages/OffiX-Clipboard.git A drag and drop clipboard patch for xclipboard
packages/nodejs-graceful-fs.git A drop-in replacement for the fs module, making various...
packages/x2vnc.git A dual-screen hack for one keyboard and mouse on two...
packages/dynix.git A client for *x operating systems
packages/ddclient.git A dynamic IP address utility
packages/xfce4-eyes-plugin.git A eyes plugin for Xfce panel
packages/python-django-profiles.git A fairly simple user-profile management application...
packages/gDesklets-CornerXMMS.git A fancy desklet that allows you to control XMMS from...
packages/gDesklets-XMMS.git A fancy desklet that allows you to control XMMS from...
packages/js-respond.git A fast & lightweight polyfill for min/max-width CSS3...
packages/ruby-hpricot.git A fast and easy HTML parser
packages/fann.git A fast artificial neural network library
packages/ncompress.git A fast compress utility
packages/fastdep.git A fast dependency generator for C/C++ files
packages/vips.git A fast image processing library with low memory needs
packages/nodejs-fast-list.git A fast linked list
packages/muparser.git A fast math parser library
packages/yum-metadata-parser.git A fast metadata parser for yum
packages/kernel-char-frandom.git A fast random number generator as a kernel module for...
packages/resin.git A fast servlet and JSP engine
packages/resin-cmp.git A fast servlet and JSP engine
packages/ghc-snap-server.git A fast, iteratee-based, epoll-enabled web server for...
packages/mathopd.git A fast, lightweighte, non-forking HTTP server for UN...
packages/exact-image.git A fast, modern and generic image processing library
packages/XaoS.git A fast, portable real-time interactive fractal zoomer
packages/hoard.git A fast, scalable, and memory-efficient memory allocator
packages/xevil.git A fast-action violent game for the X Window System
packages/phpBB.git A feature-rich PHP discussion board
packages/ruby-powerpack.git A few useful extensions to core Ruby classes
packages/zip.git A file compression and packaging utility compatible...
packages/cook.git A file construction tool
packages/worker.git A file manager for X in AMIGA style
packages/clex.git A file mananger
packages/fuse-curlftpfs.git A filesystem for accessing FTP sites
packages/bfilter.git A filtering Web proxy
packages/fwhois.git A finger-style whois program
packages/python-wtforms.git A flexible forms validation and rendering library for...
packages/cronolog.git A flexible log file rotation program for Apache
packages/jquery-datepicker.git A flexible unobtrusive calendar component for jQuery
packages/jquery-sortable.git A flexible, opinionated sorting plugin for jQuery
packages/nagios-blosxom4nagios.git A flexible, powerful RSS/Atom notification handler...
packages/nodejs-slide.git A flow control lib small enough to fit on in a slide...
packages/nodejs-slide-flow-control.git A flow control library that fits in a slideshow
packages/gfontview.git A font viewer for Type 1 and TrueType fonts
packages/fatback.git A forensic tool for recovering files from FAT file...
packages/horde-ulaform.git A form generation/processing tool
packages/drzefko.git A fraktal tree
packages/python-repoguard.git A framework for Subversion commit hooks
packages/tapioca.git A framework for Voice over IP (VoIP) and Instant Messag...
packages/tapiocaui.git A framework for Voice over IP (VoIP) and Instant Messag...
packages/PolicyKit.git A framework for defining policy for system-wide components
packages/polkit.git A framework for defining policy for system-wide components
packages/pida.git A framework for integrated development
packages/kde4-baloo.git A framework for searching and managing metadata
packages/kde4-baloo-widgets.git A framework for searching and managing metadata - widgets
packages/freenx-server.git A free (GPL) implementation of the NX server
packages/warmux.git A free (libre) clone of Worms from Team17
packages/ac3dec.git A free AC-3 stream decoder
packages/sax.git A free API for event-based XML parsing
packages/jdkgcj.git A free Java SDK
packages/tmw.git A free Open Source 2D MMORPG
packages/foobillard.git A free OpenGL game of playing billard
packages/dante.git A free Socks v4/v5 client implementation
packages/QtCurve.git A free and corrected port of Red Hat's GTK+/Qt theme
packages/monotone.git A free distributed version control system
packages/vdrift.git A free drift racing simulator with excellent physics...
packages/pgaccess.git A free graphical database management tool for PostgreSQL
packages/libdvbcsa.git A free implementation of the DVB/CSA
packages/java-jessie.git A free implementation of the JSSE
packages/freemind.git A free mind-mapping software
packages/ldapexplorertool.git A free multi-platform LDAP client
packages/netris.git A free networked version of T*tris
packages/flaw.git A free top-down wizard fighting game
packages/kaffe.git A free virtual machine for running Java(TM) code
packages/libspnav.git A free, compatible alternative for 3Dconnexion's 3D...
packages/freeglut.git A freely licensed alternative to the GLUT library
packages/dejagnu.git A front end for testing other programs
packages/comanche.git A front-end for configuring the Apache Web server
packages/ntfs-config.git A front-end to Enable/disable NTFS write support
packages/gnome-art.git A frontend for
packages/kaconnect.git A frontend for the aconnect utility
packages/burncdda.git A frontend to cdrdao, cdrecord, mpg123, ogg123, and...
packages/xfce4-fsguard-plugin.git A fsguard plugin for the Xfce panel
packages/pysql.git A full (and much more) replacement for sqlplus
packages/podbrowser.git A full-featured Perl Documentation Browser
packages/dotnet-gnome-keyring-sharp.git A fully managed implementation of libgnome-keyring
packages/XcursorTheme-transparent.git A fully transparent (invisible) X cursor theme
packages/transconnect.git A function imposter to allow transparent connection...
packages/bumprace.git A funny action game written with SDL
packages/mirrormagic.git A game like "Deflektor" or "Mindbender"
packages/droidbattles.git A game of programming
packages/allegro.git A game programming library
packages/allegro5.git A game programming library
packages/crossmingw32-allegro.git A game programming library - Ming32 cross version
packages/cgiwrap.git A gateway for more secure user access to CGI scripts
packages/ruby-multi_json.git A gem to provide swappable JSON backends
packages/freecad.git A general purpose 3D CAD modeler
packages/vdkbuilder.git A general purpose ide for constructing gui applications...
packages/dzen2.git A general purpose messaging and notification program
packages/sox.git A general purpose sound file conversion tool
packages/boomerang.git A general, open source, retargetable decompiler of...
packages/mon.git A general-purpose resource monitoring system
packages/cstream.git A general-purpose streaming tool
packages/gmm.git A generic C++ template library for sparse, dense and...
packages/libsvg.git A generic SVG library
packages/python-pygments.git A generic syntax highlighter as Python 2.x module
packages/python-django_tagging.git A generic tagging application for Django projects
packages/xinput_calibrator.git A generic touchscreen calibration program for X.Org
packages/python-oauthlib.git A generic, spec-compliant, thorough implementation...
packages/mgetty.git A getty replacement for use with data and fax modems
packages/qgit.git A git GUI viewer built on Qt
packages/gngeo.git A good Neo-Geo emulator
packages/wrogue.git A gothic fantasy roguelike game
packages/asunder.git A graphical Audio CD ripper and encoder
packages/kasablanca.git A graphical FTP client for KDE
packages/kftpgrabber.git A graphical FTP client for KDE
packages/xfmpc.git A graphical GTK+ MPD client focusing on low footprint
packages/ups-monitor.git A graphical UPS monitor for the GNOME desktop
packages/convirt.git A graphical Xen management tool
packages/xenman.git A graphical Xen management tool
packages/gtkfind.git A graphical file finding program
packages/gnorpm.git A graphical front end to the Red Hat Package Manager...
packages/GNS3.git A graphical frontend for dynamips Cisco 7200 Simulator
packages/rpm-analyzer.git A graphical interface for RPM analyze
packages/system-config-users.git A graphical interface for administering users and groups
packages/system-config-firewall.git A graphical interface for basic firewall setup
packages/system-config-printer.git A graphical interface for configuring printers
packages/system-config-date.git A graphical interface for modifying system date and...
packages/system-config-keyboard.git A graphical interface for modifying the keyboard
packages/gregexp.git A graphical regular expression explorer
packages/cutecom.git A graphical serial terminal
packages/guarddog.git A graphical tool for configuration of firewall
packages/tora.git A graphical toolkit for database developers and adminis...
packages/gufw.git A graphical user interface for Ubuntu's Uncomplicated...
packages/dispcalGUI.git A graphical user interface for the Argyll CMS display...
packages/usernet.git A graphical utility for controlling network interfaces
packages/WebChess.git A great persistant online chess game
packages/gtk2-theme-Murrine-Grey-Blue.git A gtk2 theme with blue and grey colors
packages/wmmixer-alsa.git A hacked version of wmmixer to make it use ALSA
packages/logtool.git A handy syslog file(s) manipulation/monitoring/parsing...
packages/libx86.git A hardware-independent library for executing real-mode...
packages/varnish-libvmod-header.git A header-modification VMOD for Varnish
packages/heap-buddy.git A heap profiler for mono
packages/gimp-plugin-plasma2.git A heavily improved version of the old GIMP Plasma plug-in
packages/wvdial.git A heuristic autodialer for PPP connections
packages/crimsonfields.git A hex-based tactical war game
packages/libcassandra.git A high level C++ client for Cassandra
packages/python-geventhttpclient.git A high performance, concurrent HTTP client library
packages/qpid-proton.git A high performance, lightweight messaging library
packages/tvtime.git A high quality TV viewer
packages/python-urlgrabber.git A high-level cross-protocol url-grabber
packages/serf.git A high-performance asynchronous HTTP client library
packages/memcached.git A high-performance, distributed memory object caching...
packages/BackupPC.git A high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up
packages/libguess.git A high-speed character set detection library
packages/sawfish.git A highly configurable and extensible X11 window manager
packages/etcd.git A highly-available key value store for shared configuration
packages/turbovnc.git A highly-optimized version of VNC that can be used...
packages/snare.git A intrusion detection tool for GNOME
packages/jquery-select2.git A jQuery based replacement for select boxes
packages/jquery-touchswipe.git A jQuery plugin for touch devices
packages/js-hammer.git A javascript library for multi-touch gestures
packages/python-pyquery.git A jquery-like library for Python
packages/kde4-juk.git A jukebox like program
packages/smc.git A jump-and-run game similar to classic sidescroller...
packages/erlang-jungerl-pgsql.git A jungle of Erlang code: PostgreSQL library
packages/erlang-exmpp.git A jungle of Erlang code: XMPP library
packages/mana.git A kana(romaji)-kanji conversion engine using ChaSen...
packages/kcm_touchpad.git A kcontrol module to control Synaptics touchpad
packages/kcmclock.git A kcontrol modules to change the Date & Time of your...
packages/elektra.git A key/value pair database to store software configurations
packages/libgnomekbd.git A keyboard configuration library
packages/uzbl.git A keyboard controlled (modal vim-like bindings, or...
packages/R.git A language for data analysis and graphics
packages/gri.git A language for scientific illustration
packages/grap.git A language for typesetting graphs
packages/kthinkbat.git A laptop battery monitor for the KDE
packages/rzip.git A large-file compression program
packages/alex.git A lexical analyser generator for Haskell
packages/cpphs.git A liberalised re-implementation of cpp, the C pre-processor
packages/xorg-driver-input-libinput.git A libinput-based input driver
packages/libpcapnav.git A libpcap wrapper library
packages/dspam.git A library and Mail Delivery Agent for Bayesian spam...
packages/koha.git A library and collection management system
packages/libpsi.git A library containing Jabber functions
packages/libarcus.git A library designed to facilitate the communication...
packages/libmspack.git A library for Microsoft compression formats
packages/phplib.git A library for PHP development
packages/ghc-pcre-light.git A library for Perl 5 compatible regular expressions
packages/rox-CLib.git A library for ROX applications
packages/rox-CLib2.git A library for ROX applications
packages/rox-Lib.git A library for ROX applications
packages/rox-Lib2.git A library for ROX applications
packages/rest.git A library for access to RESTful web services
packages/herqq.git A library for building UPnP devices and control points
packages/t1lib.git A library for character- and string-glyphs from Adobe...
packages/ghc-HTTP.git A library for client-side HTTP
packages/dmalloc.git A library for controlling and tracing dynamic memory...
packages/mpatrol.git A library for controlling and tracing dynamic memory...
packages/python-peppercorn.git A library for converting a token stream into a data...
packages/canlock.git A library for creating and verifying cancel locks
packages/pong.git A library for creating configuration dialogs
packages/libopenraw.git A library for decoding RAW images
packages/python-venusian.git A library for deferring decorator actions
packages/libibverbs.git A library for direct userspace use of InfiniBand hardware
packages/lightning.git A library for dynamic code generation
packages/libchipcard.git A library for easy access to smart cards (chipcards)
packages/libchipcard2.git A library for easy access to smart cards (chipcards)
packages/libchipcard3.git A library for easy access to smart cards (chipcards)
packages/kde4-kfilemetadata.git A library for extracting file metadata
packages/libEMF.git A library for generating Enhanced Metafiles
packages/netpbm.git A library for handling different graphics file formats
packages/a52dec.git A library for handling encrypted DVDs
packages/libabw.git A library for import of AbiWord files
packages/libwps.git A library for importing MS Works documents
packages/libieee1284.git A library for interfacing IEEE 1284-compatible devices
packages/lockdev.git A library for locking devices
packages/libosinfo.git A library for managing OS information for virtualization
packages/vale.git A library for media streaming
packages/libdhcp.git A library for network interface configuration with...
packages/aqbanking.git A library for online banking functions and financial...
packages/libcmml.git A library for parsing CMML files
packages/libacpi.git A library for programs gathering ACPI data
packages/liboggz.git A library for reading and writing Ogg encapsulated...
packages/libannodex.git A library for reading and writing annodexed media
packages/libspectre.git A library for rendering PostScript documents
packages/mopac7.git A library for semi-empirical QM calculations
packages/cogl.git A library for using 3D graphics hardware to draw pretty...
packages/mash.git A library for using real 3D models within a Clutter...
packages/ruby-ast.git A library for working with Abstract Syntax Trees
packages/libstrlcpy.git A library implementing OpenBSD strlcpy/strlcat functions
packages/java-sat4j.git A library of SAT solvers written in Java
packages/libcdaudio.git A library of functions for controlling audio CD-ROM...
packages/libbpg.git A library of functions for manipulating BPG image forma...
packages/libmng.git A library of functions for manipulating MNG format...
packages/opencv.git A library of programming functions mainly aimed at...
packages/python-scipy.git A library of scientific tools
packages/sndlib.git A library of sound-related functions
packages/libcfu.git A library of useful tools when developing multi-threade...
packages/libcdr.git A library providing ability to interpret and import...
packages/libmspub.git A library providing ability to interpret and import...
packages/libvisio.git A library providing ability to interpret and import...
packages/c-ares.git A library that performs asynchronous DNS operations
packages/ruby-memcache-client.git A library to access memcache
packages/ruby-daemons.git A library to aid daemonizing Ruby programs
packages/ktoblzcheck.git A library to check account numbers and bank codes of...
packages/libfishsound.git A library to encode and decode Vorbis or Speex compress...
packages/pacparser.git A library to make your web software pac (proxy auto...
packages/ruby-duration.git A library to manage durations of time
packages/libsidplayfp.git A library to play Commodore 64 music
packages/pxlib.git A library to read Paradox DB files
packages/lib7zip.git A library using 7z.dll/ (from 7-Zip) to handle...
packages/libmal.git A library with the functions for malsync distribution
packages/libxslt-plugin-regexp.git A libxslt plugin providing regexp extension functions
packages/axel.git A light Linux download accelerator
packages/gtk2-theme-Murrine-Sky.git A light blue theme!
packages/conky.git A light-weight system monitor
packages/jquery-colorbox.git A light-weight, customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery
packages/trayer.git A lightweight GTK2-based systray for UNIX desktop
packages/trayer-srg.git A lightweight GTK2-based systray for UNIX desktop
packages/tuxaator.git A lightweight IRC bot/dictionary, easy to set up, easy...
packages/epdfview.git A lightweight PDF viewer for GNOME
packages/wmfs.git A lightweight and highly configurable tiling window...
packages/dnsmasq.git A lightweight caching server (DNS, DHCP)
packages/lightdm.git A lightweight display manager
packages/cgdb.git A lightweight, but fully functional curses frontend...
packages/acpi_call.git A linux kernel module that enables calls to ACPI method...
packages/faces.git A list monitor with a visual output
packages/ruby-di-ruby-lvm-attrib.git A list of attributes for LVM objects
packages/nodejs-proto-list.git A list of objects bound by prototype chain
packages/nodejs-glob.git A little globber
packages/kde4-kblackbox.git A little logical game for KDE
packages/gmonsters.git A little monster breeding for GNOME
packages/kde4-kjumpingcube.git A little tactical game for KDE
packages/mlocate.git A locate/updatedb implementation
packages/lslk.git A lock file lister
packages/withlock.git A locking wrapper script
packages/gnome-logs.git A log viewer for the systemd journal
packages/greed.git A logic game with curses-based interface
packages/ruby-DelimScanner.git A loose Ruby port of Text::Balanced
packages/comsat.git A mail checker client and comsat mail checking server
packages/Zope-WebMail.git A mail client for Zope
packages/bbmail.git A mail notification program designed for blackbox
packages/jpilot-Mail.git A mail-plugin for jpilot
packages/xmake.git A make designed for constructing multiple complex depen...
packages/smake.git A make replacement with Makefile hierarchy support...
packages/wfmath.git A math library
packages/gbox_applet.git A mbox mail checker applet for GNOME
packages/tinymail.git A memory-efficient mail access library
packages/cinnamon-menus.git A menu system for the Cinnamon desktop
packages/taper.git A menu-driven file backup system
packages/python-flask.git A microframework based on Werkzeug, Jinja2 and good...
packages/OpenThreads.git A minimal & complete Object-Oriented (OO) thread interface
packages/hiredis.git A minimalistic C client library for Redis
packages/libmnl.git A minimalistic user-space library oriented to Netlink...
packages/penguin-command.git A missile command clone
packages/wmmixer.git A mixer designed for WindowMaker
packages/ppplicznik.git A modem connection timer
packages/wrk.git A modern HTTP benchmarking tool
packages/libqalculate.git A modern multi-purpose calculator library
packages/partysip.git A modular SIP proxy server
packages/ghc-stm.git A modular composable concurrency abstraction
packages/geoclue.git A modular geoinformation service
packages/geoclue2.git A modular geoinformation service
packages/nodejs-couch-login.git A module for doing logged-in requests to a couchdb...
packages/pam-pam_login_alert.git A module that informs admin about logins into system
packages/passenger.git A module to bridge Ruby on Rails to Apache
packages/kde4-kgamma.git A monitor calibration tool
packages/god.git A monitoring system like Monit only awesome
packages/gmailfs.git A mountable Linux filesystem which uses Gmail account...
packages/xfce4-mpc-plugin.git A mpc plugin for the Xfce panel
packages/tintin.git A mud client that runs in console mode
packages/GXedit.git A multi-function text editor using GTK+
packages/4pane.git A multi-pane, detailed-list file manager
packages/xbomber.git A multi-player maze-style game
packages/delegate.git A multi-purpose application level gateway, or a proxy...
packages/qalculate-kde.git A multi-purpose desktop calculator for GNU/Linux
packages/mt-daapd.git A multi-threaded implementation of Apple's DAAP server
packages/m17n-lib.git A multilingual text processing library